Thursday, December 27, 2007

Petaluma’s state cross country team top sports story of 2007

The town known for chickens and arm wrestling can now add cross country to its ever growing list of claims to fame. Following their 2nd straight sweep at the SCL final, the Petaluma boys also won their 2nd straight NCS Division II title and then accomplished much more at the state meet. After their 5th place finish in the previous season ('06), the majority of the team returned this year to finish 2nd behind one of the top teams in the nation, Loyola. The following week, the team traveled north to the Nike Team Nationals in Portland, Oregon (picture of team above courtesy of Bill Yungert following their race) and in the tough conditions finished an impressive fourth in the open race.

With all those accomplishments, the Petaluma Argus Courier recognized the boys' cross country team as their top sports story of 2007.

Will Petaluma be known as the cross country capital of the world anytime soon???

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