Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Campolindo video featured on Flotrack.com

Flotrack.com is holding a contest with the best uploaded video winning a pair of flights, hotel accommodations and tickets to the track competitions at the 08 Beijing Games.

The following is the description of the video uploaded by Campolindo coach Chuck Woolridge. The link to the video is at the bottom of this article.

I am the xc and track coach at Campolindo High School. Each summer our varsity cross country athletes spend four days at a cabin in the Sierras. It is a chance for the kids to set goals for the approaching season and bond. It is also an opportunity to run on some beautiful trails. I've wanted to put together a film that would capture the spirit of high school running, and focus on the competitive anticipation that drives successful prep athletes for a while. I'm also a fan of "The Harriers", a film made in the 1960's featuring the Humboldt State cross country team, and more recently, of the various running movies like "Five-Thousand Meters" that are now celebrating the new generation of American distance talent. I asked one of our kids if I could borrow their video camera and took it with us on the trip. When I returned home I spent about 72 hours editing the footage with iMovie. The interviews with the athletes were a last minute idea we did as the kids were cleaning up the cabin and packing the vans for the return trip. They ended up being the anchor points of the film. We've had great response from those that have watched the movie on our web site: http://www.campotrack.com/xcPAGES/2007xcPAGES/2007movie.html Thanks to Flocasts for the opportunity to get this out there for more folks to see. And thanks for everything you guys are doing to promote the sport.

i am a runner<---video link


Anonymous said...

Wow Albert. Thanks so much for the recognition. The kids and I are really amazed by the enthusiastic response the film has generated. It's nice to see the local athletes supporting each other as well. We wanted the film to speak for all high school runners, rather than just be a Campo movie. Obviously, it would be very exciting for us to have the film make it to the final voting. And tickets to Beijing would be pretty sweet too!

Albert Caruana said...

No problem Chuck. It's very well made and best of luck with the contest.

Amy@RunnersLounge said...

Thanks for the link - the video and the spirit of the kids was a nice inspiration for today.


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