Saturday, September 15, 2007

New NCS and Norcal Rankings coming soon...

After the flurry of races this past week (including today), I will have newly updated rankings for both the NCS and Norcal (CCS, NCS, NO, OAK, SF and SJS) posted by early next week. Some teams are making early statements while some are still putting it together. It's still early but cross country is a short season so don't blink.

Any input on the coming rankings? Who belongs on the top 10 Norcal list? You can view the first edition at this link. Who are the new favorites for NCS titles? Who have been the most impressive runners so far?

Also, don't forget to vote in the poll to the right. How much mileage are you putting in at this point in the season?


Anonymous said...

For the boys team list, Petaluma was good, but not great at dls/chs. Davis looks better than 5th maybe. What was up with Jesuit at Yolo? Los Gatos got killed at dls/chs. Amador looks like they belong somewhere on there. Skyline too. Beach and Attarian probably go on the individual list. Viking opener didn't show much except Montgomery's frosh/soph is better than their senior group.

Albert Caruana said...

All good points.

Jesuit didn't have all their runners at Yolo. Not sure of the reason. ACT maybe?

Some teams are still keeping their younger runners in the F/S races as well.

Anonymous said...

I agree with your list, but a lot of your rankings of teams and/or individuals have to do with 2 mile courses. There's a big difference in that extra mile, especially for some of the girls at the dls/chs meet this weekend.

Albert Caruana said...

New Norcal rankings are posted above. I have looked at all the race results that I could get my hands on and while some are indeed, 2 mile races, the results are not very different when you extend to 3 mile races. A good runner or good team runs well no matter the length of the course.

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