Wednesday, September 19, 2007

NCS Rankings on the way...

I will post the top 3 teams in each division Thursday morning. If you have any last minute information of any teams, please feel free to comment below or email me at

Who are the season's biggest surprises so far? If you had to name the top 5 teams in NCS, regardless of division, who would they be? What NCS teams belong on the state's top 10 list?

Thank you to all of you that have expressed your opinion on this blog. It's important to get different perspectives for better rankings. Thank you also to all of you that posted your weekly mileage in the poll to the right. New poll will be posted shortly once this one closes in a few hours.


Anonymous said...

for d1 boys EBAL is leading the division. Amador Valley is doing incredibly well. Shawn Daut and Garrett Ward work great as a strong duo almost liek Castro Valley. San Ramon looks to be contending even though they lost a class of great senior runners. They have a strong trio of runners in teh front (Jason Silva, Keir Forster, and Sean Colaco) Monte Vista has yet to have their breakout race...Their number 1(Bhavik Kanzaria) just came back to play. He took Nike Invitational at a comfortable pace and still managed 23rd place, while theyre number 2(Harry Nunns who got 5th at MV invite and 18th at Ed Sias) sat out. When their number 1 and number 2 are in a race together I expect the team will impress.

Anonymous said...

Mv's 1 was injured and Nike was his first race back, he will probably improve.

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