Wednesday, September 30, 2009

NCS Rankings #3

Here is my best attempt to list the top 5 teams in each division in NCS as well as a wild card team(s). Feel free to chime in your thoughts in the comment section below.

Division I
1) San Ramon Valley
2) De La Salle
3) Castro Valley
4) Monte Vista
5) Amador Valley
Wild Card-Livermore

1) Castro Valley
2) Monte Vista
3) Amador Valley
4) San Ramon Valley
5) Livermore
Wild Card-Mission San Jose/Granada

Division II Boys
1) College Park
2) Alameda
3) Santa Rosa
4) Casa Grande
5) Montgomery
Wild Card-Arroyo

1) Casa Grande
2) College Park
3) Carondelet
4) Montgomery
5) Alameda
Wild Card-Clayton Valley/Santa Rosa

Division III Boys (UPDATED)
1) Las Lomas
2) Campolindo
3) Petaluma
4) Eureka
5) Maria Carrillo
Wild Card-Acalanes/Piner

1) Campolindo
2) Acalanes
3) Maria Carrillo
4) Petaluma
5) Miramonte
Wild Card-Las Lomas/Redwood

Division IV Boys
1) St. Mary's Berkeley
2) San Rafael
3) Tamalpais
4) Piedmont
5) Sir Francis Drake
Wild Card-Cardinal Newman

1) Piedmont
2) Sir Francis Drake
3) Dougherty Valley
4) Tamalpais
5) Moreau Catholic
Wild Card-St. Mary's Berkeley

Division V Boys (UPDATED)
1) Redwood Christian
2) University
3) College Prep
4) Urban
5) Marin Academy
Wild Card-Stuart Hall/Santa Rosa Christian

1) College Prep
2) University
3) Marin Academy
4) Lick Wilmerding
5) Urban
Wild Card-Sonoma Academy/Santa Rosa Christian

FIRE AWAY! Your thoughts are encouraged.


St3phan said...

I'd say these are accurate.... so far. But rumor has it that De La Salle is about to unleash a few secret weapons that they've been holding back.....

Unknown said...

Eureka beats Maria Carrillo twice (Viking and Stanford) and gets ranked two spots lower? What am I missing Albert?

Anonymous said...

Maria Carrillo girls have lost their top runner due to academic ineligibilty...

fueltank said...

st3phan, secret weapons? lol

Anonymous said...

once santa rosa gets their top girl runner back, they could be worth watching..

Albert Caruana said...

Thank you for your input with Division III.

I have updated the rankings to reflect recent results.

Keep your comments coming folks. With your help, we can figure out where everybody belongs at this point.

St3phan said...

Let's just say they're very "impactful".

Anonymous said...

Hey Albert, I have heard the Healdsburg from Sonoma County has fast runners that will all race at Crystal Springs.

Anonymous said...

In boys D5, Santa Rosa Christian has a dual meet win over Cardinal Newman(see wild card D4) and was missing their #3 runner at Stanford.

Albert Caruana said...

Just added, Piner in Division III boys and Santa Rosa Christian in Division V boys.

Who else is missing in any of the divisions?

Anonymous said...

Sonoma Academy girls might be one to look out for in DV. Their top 3 girls beat Santa Rosa Christian's first girl yesterday, with their top girl running just over 19:00.

Anonymous said...

SRV boys are still rolling like a freight train from Hell!

Anonymous said...

Go monte vista girls! They put on quite a show at their first center meet going 7-0.

dirtymeda said...

saint joseph notre dame beat redwood christian at the mariner invite and they are on the bubble? that doesn't seem right.

Albert Caruana said...

Clearly, Redwood Christian did not have their full team there. They are ranked in the top 3 in the state in Division V and are the best team in Division V in NCS.

Anonymous said...

Albert, what has happened to Redwood Christian's #3 runner, Mattson? I see his younger brother has moved into their top five, but I have not seen the older brother in their last few races, including the meet in Fremont last Wednesday.

Albert Caruana said...

I don't know. Wouldn't be surprising if he is sick.

Acalanes Pride said...

Campolindo boys beat Las Lomas in a duel meet on october 28th.

Albert Caruana said...

Yes, I did see that Campo beat LL in their final league meet. Should be interesting on the boys' side who wins DFAL.

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