Sunday, September 20, 2009

Lowell Invitational Course(s) Length

According to Bellarmine coach Patrick McCrystle who measured the courses out with his GPS watch following the meet, the Varsity course came out to 2.8 while the F/S course measured out to 2.07.

Results posted at at the following link. Please note that the pace per mile is based off the old courses (2.93 varsity and 2.13 F/S).

Anybody else measure out the course yesterday?


Anonymous said...

i heard it was 2.85

Albert Caruana said...


Andris Dimits (Livermore parent) said...

Great job with the blog!

Natalie D. jogged the varsity course with a GPS. It came out right on 2.8 mi., in agreement with coach McCrystle's measurement for that course.

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