Monday, September 28, 2009

CCS Rankings thanks to superxc...

As of 9/27/09

1. Mountain View 4392
2. Bellarmine 3575
3. Gunn 3565
4. Palo Alto 3405
5. Menlo Atherton 3070
6. St. Ignatius 2482
7. Pioneer 2475
8. Salinas 2367
9. Lynbrook 2255
10. St. Francis 2245

1. Gunn 3615
2. Mountain View 3369
3. Aptos 3200
4. Carlmont 2849
5. St. Francis 2594
6. Los Gatos 2465
7. St. Ignatius 2434
8. Gilroy 2374
9. Valley Christian 2232
10. Evergreen Valley 1972

Missing anybody? Who should be ranked higher? lower?

Norcal Rankings as well as the latest NCS rankings will be posted on Wednesday. Feel free to send me your thoughts on either to Your help will be appreciated with top 10 lists for teams and individuals (Norcal and/or NCS).


Anonymous said...

Some teams seem unfairly bumped up in the rankings like St. Francis and SI. What data / results are you using to put them ahead of teams like Gilroy?

Are these your CURRENT rankings (if CCS were held today) or your predictions? You mentioned on dyestat your rankings are used for things like the State meet right? Teams like Gilroy will do much better because while they may not have a superstar #1 runner they are so tightly packed together they will almost always come out on top. Gilroy beat both of these teams at Early Bird and Stanford and had an amazing state meet last year. I just don't see a strong #5 from either of the teams mentioned above.

Anonymous said...

Gilroy is getting a superstar in Athena Alarcon!

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