Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Carlmont Cross Country Situation continued...

In today's Daily News (Saturday, September 26th):
Gilkey tries to set record straight

One more article from John Reid and the Daily News Group (Posted 9/24/09):
Both sides should compromise at Carlmont

By Greg Frazier and the Daily News Group (Posted 9/23/09):
Ban on workouts riles Scots

As covered by the San Jose Mercury News (just updated):

Another coaching controversy at Carlmont

and the San Mateo County Times:
Carlmont cross country team caught in coach controversy

Picture above was taken following the '07 CCS race at the Crystal Springs Course.

As covered by the San Mateo Daily Journal and Emanuel Lee.
More Scots' Drama

Posted on September 1st by John Reid:
Prep notes: Randazzo gets chance at top cross country program

Posted on Friday, August 14th:
National success no fluke

Thoughts on this situation?


a1k said...

Wow... I wonder how this will affect the team this year. The Carlmont girls will be VERY closely challenged by Gunn and Gilroy...

Albert Caruana said...

Some coaches think Gunn is the best girl's team in all of CCS.

With only 2 teams qualifying for state from Division I, the margin of error is very small.

Anonymous said...

I would tell my son to go ahead and sign the contract...and then continue to do whatever we were doing before-since when is a contract signed by a child binding in any way? Sounds like the kids and parents are caught in the middle of a classic coach's ego pissing contest. The high school coach should be smart enough to realize that if his season goes well, he can take credit. If it doesn't, he has a scapegoat...

Coach Pup said...

Contract, no contract, whatever...

The bottom line is this--Gilkey is not the Carlmont HS coach. If the athletes want to wear a Carlmont HS uniform, they must be coached by the Carlmont HS coaching staff.

Otherwise, I say good luck to those athletes who choose not to commit and enjoy forming Club Gilkey and competing unattached at PAUSATF and JO meets.

There is no room for this separatist, elitist posturing by parents and athletes--let alone the chicken hawk approach of coaching one's former teenage athletes.

a1k said...

I think Gunn is the second best, right now Aptos seems very good.

It should be really close.

That reminds me, what happened to Hayley Pascale? Didn't she not run track (and later on xc) at Carlmont because of disagreements with the coach? Is she running in college?

Anonymous said...

i thought hayley got injured..

Peter Brewer said...

Coach Puppione is right. I happen to know both Jeff Gilkey and Jenn Randazzo and can say that both are excellent coaches with a very good understanding of the sport. It is unfortunate that Jeff was not retained by his school administration. It appears that they felt that he had embarrassed the school and so he was dismissed. It is also apparent that he feels that it was a decision that could have had a different outcome, since there doesn't seem to be any other allegations surfacing of some outrageous malfeasance or egregious ethical lapse. It also appears that he is continuing to provide coaching to his former athletes, even after the official season has started and the new coach has taken over the program.

This is where there is a line. Coach Randazzo is the coach Carlmont hired. She was in no way involved with anything between Coach Gilkey and the school. Coach Gilkey has not severed his ties to the school's athletes, so they have felt free to continue to work with him but then still wear the CArlmont uniform and compete with the other athletes who are working with Coach Randazzo.

AT the risk of being less than tactful, Coach Gilkey needs to hand over the program en toto to Coach Randazzo. He has his club and the the non-school season all to his own. Creating a confusing situation with the kids is not productive for anyone.

As someone who has had to involuntarily yield up a program that I had spent considerable time building, I can only sympathize with Jeff. It is hard, and painful, to be dismissed. But since we can't go back and change the past, it is necessary to step aside and let the administrators have the victory. It's a fight that can't ever be won by conflicting the kids.

Jeff, give me a buzz and we can commiserate over beers about how we were railroaded and tossed aside.

Peter Brewer
Northgate High School

Coach Pup said...

Mr. Brewer demonstrates once again in word (and in action) why he is one of the most respected coaches in our sport.

Brewer was at the helm of the Castro Valley High program for the better part of three decades, and despite being dismissed from his coaching duties under the most ridiculous terms and conditions, he stepped aside and has allowed the current coaching staff to do their job without impeding them in any way. His class extends even further as he continues to support the kids and the program and the current coaching staff.

Anonymous said...

I think a contract is ridiculous!! Let the kids that want to train with Jeff run.It is just like any other sport.Football,Baseball,Basketball etc...Some kids always have outside training all year!!I have known Jeff for some time now and his training is really good.Look at the top teams and tell me if they are doing low easy mileage?? I know a lot of coaches that do slow and easy and have compared results the last 8 years and their is no comparison.I had a child that ran for Jeff and did very well!! My other children are running at a different high school since we moved and to tell you the truth my kids are a slower!!! Some coaches are just there.It also sucks when they have a power trip!! My kids may not run next year.If I had a choice and still in the area Jeff would be the coach!!

Anonymous said...

To Coaches!! Ask yourself this? If your children were in this situation? What would you do if the results were not the same as yours??

Anonymous said...

Hey Albert,

Bellarmine was favored last year!! Then they lost at CCS. They also have a lot more kids. So,don't jump the gun on Bellarmine.With limited runners Carlmont has done very well!!When my son was a freshman they only had 12 boys and we won CCS and the girls only had 8 and won CCS.

Anonymous said...

I would not sign the contract. As mentioned, other HS sports have outside coaches working with individual athletes, in and out of season. Banning such acivity can limit the development and success of elite athletes, which can have implications for college scholarships and pro careers. This restriction on future earnings potential is likely illegal and certainly actionable.

Coach Pup said...

Dear Anonymous-

No one has commented on Jeff's training program or knowledge.

Again, the kids who want to continue to work with Jeff should go right ahead. However, they should also accept the fact that they will do so separate from a team that is coached by someone else.

It is that simple.

Even if the Raiders want to be coached by Mike Singletary because his 49ers are 2-0, the fact is that they compete in a Raider uniform and must therefore be coached by the Raiders' coaching staff.

As for what I would do with my kids (if and when I dare to have any and do so choose to unleash them upon the world), I would help educate them about the importance of committing to a team and expect them to act accordingly.


Coach Pup

Coach Pup said...

I need to say a few more things after seeing one of the posts after I submitted my last post...

"Future earning potential"...really? In running? Again, really?

Also, please consider this, parents and athletes--if these kids are really potential collegiate athletes, how many college coaches would want an athlete that was unwilling to be a part of a team and follow the program? Also, what happens when these kids go to college? Will Jeff still be their coach then?

Have you considered that perhaps the collegiate coaches will have a training program that differs from Jeff's? What then?

Having coached and recruited for 4 years at the D-I level, I can tell you that I would have serious reservations about any athlete that did not sign-on to run under the direction of Coach Randazzo and trained subversively under Jeff Gilkey or any other coach for that matter.

Anonymous said...

This has nothing to do about making money!! It's the kids choices.The Carlmont runners are not elite in anyway.They are just very good.They want to enjoy there high school just like any other kid.This also has nothing to do about college running or coaching.Jeff has sent numerous kids that are running in college has not interfered in anyway. Also,some chose not to run to get an education.

Coach Pup said...

I was responding to Anonymous who wrote about college scholarships and earning potential. Perhaps you are a different Anonymous.

I can never tell you two apart.

Kinda like Milli and Vanilli.

Or Donnie and Marie.

Anonymous said...

There are many private coaches that take over a high school program, track is even worse. Unfortunately you need to take a stance which can get ugly for a while but in the long run will help the program over-all.

Anonymous said...

Many of Coach Gilkey's former runners have received college scholarships. Several on the current team will be receiving offers. This represents real money for the families involved. Such awards are included in the legal definition of "future earnings potential", thus making the contract a illegally restrictive agreement.

Coach Pup said...

The contract is not "illegally restrictive" at all. No one has to sign it. It is the choice of the parents and the athletes involved. By all means, roll the dice and do not sign it.

Participation in school sports is a privilege, not a right. If an athlete cannot follow the rules, they should not be on the team.

(This was written to Anonymous. No, not that one. That one. NO--not you. The other one. Yes, now you got it.)

Anonymous said...

Yea and Carlmont runners haven't gone on to do much in college. Mary Rhoades, Brad Surh, etc. Fedronic was constantly injured. Shackletons were before Gilkey's time weren't they? I believe there was a different coach back then...

Carlmont Parent said...

Not signing this contract is the only form of protest these kids have. Remember, their beloved coach was ripped from the program for reasons they were never told and still don't understand. Shouldn't they have a voice? Kudos to them for taking a principled stand.

Coach Pup said...


I believe the reason for Gilkey's dismissal is public knowledge. In fact, it is in the linked newspaper article on this site.

Also, if protest is their valued principle and not commitment to a team, then yes, kudos on your stand.

Standing--that is--separate from the true team concept that is the basis of this sport.

Anonymous said...

This situation is absolutely ridiculous!! Let a coach be a coach.All coaches are different.Jeff would not want anyone interfering with his coaching? I believe a couple of parents a few years back tried giving him advice and he was upset.

I am a Carlmont Parent

Anonymous said...

There has to be a commitment to a team regardless who the coach is!! If the coach is vulgar and abusive then it would be understandable.

Anonymous said...

As much as the publicity has focused on the relationship between the runners and their current coach, it is really a clash of training ideologies.

Anonymous said...

All the top teams do a lot of mileage.Most coaches adjust to each individuals talent.Jeff has done a great job doing that.I know some schools who just run and there is no real plan.I have two children in this very same situation and it is frustrating but,I am staying out of the coaches way.I have also coached cross country over 7 years.My kids went to summer practice all summer at there school and it was a waste of time.Under 15 miles a week and they had to take the bus!!
So far 2 races for both of them!!

My Junior avg pace 5:54 Last year at this time 5:38.
My soph avg pace 6:00 last year

Last year they were at a different high school.Summer practice was 30 miles a week,which is still below avg when trying to get a base.

This is just my real experience as a parent and coach.Also note that I still had my children go to summer practice. Next year??

Carlmont Parent said...

Yes, the initial incident that led to CCS probation is public knowledge. He deserved suspension (not termination, IMHO). However, the second "incident" that banished him from the program entirely was never explained. This has led to the current situation. These poor kids are now paying the price for a Carlmont administration that went too far and overreacted, instead of taking a measured response where the punishment fit the crime.

Anonymous said...

The sad part of all of this is that ADULTS are making all of these decisions and the ones that are hurt in the end are? The KIDS...
Not knowing ALL of the details and maybe oversimplifying something that is very complex, I would advise the ADULTS to stay out of the way and let the KIDS and their TEAM be...
The Carlmont administration dismissed the coach. Right or wrong, it's over. Everyone needs to move on...
The Carlmont administration hired a new coach. Right or wrong, it's over. Everyone needs to move on...
The new coach is now coaching the athletes that SIGN UP for the TEAM...
The new coach has every right to run his/her program as he/she wishes within the rules...
If any athlete is not willing to do what the new coach expects, that athlete has the right to quit the team...
For the sake of the kids, everyone else (including any former coaches) just need to SUPPORT the new coach and the kids, regardless of coaching/training philosophies...
Don't like it? Go run for a club team...
Oh, it's quite upsetting to see the titles that such and such team won or what such and such kid did being thrown around... Winning is not everything folks... Give the new coach a chance and you may think she's the greatest thing since sliced bread and team may be LAST in CCS...
My 2 cents...
Coach Ibarra
North Monterey County XC

Anonymous said...

Could someone please enlighten me? Are the runners skipping school-sanctioned practices in order to train with Gilkey, or are they going to him in addition to the 'regular' practice? I wouldn't sign off on the former, but the latter seems fine, as long as the athlete is getting sufficient rest and is performing well. Our CC coach is a great guy, and has sound coaching skills. What he can't do, even for his top runners, is spend enough time with individuals on things like stride mechanics. We get one-on-one coaching elsewhere, and it works well. Because of our team's miss-a-practice-miss-a-meet policy, we work in the extra sessions when we can, but never at the expense of missing a team practice...

Gilkey's Friend said...

Let me clear this up! Jeff Gilkey encourages ALL his former runners to stay on the Carlmont HS XC team. Anybody that says otherwise is outright lying or is completely misinformed.

Anonymous said...

Well said Coach Ibarra!!

fhunt said...

Now for my 2 cents... When an employee is removed from their job , public or private, the employer does not state a reason publicly. This is done purposefully to avoid among other things embarrassing the person, lawsuits, etc. For whatever reason the school administration made the change it should remain private. However, the person removed has the right to reveal the cause should they choose to do so.

That said a change has been made at Carlmont. The new staff was hired, they have a job to do and they have the right implement training procedures they believe will benefit their athletes. They did not create the problems that led to the change in the previous coaching staff.
The new coaches deserve their time without outside interference. If the new coaches are not successful then the school administration can make a decision to retain them or remove them. Time will tell.

All coaches can and do establish team rules and/or required commitments from their athletes. The athletes then have to make their own decisions as to whether they wish to comply with these to be part of a team. This is not complex. No coach can force a athlete to be on their team. The coach can however decide who is on their team. Its just the nature of the "beast".

And yes the athletes are caught in the midst of this controversy. In a strange way it is an issue that allows them to make a choice for themselves. They can either stay on the team with rules they may not like. Or they can continue to work with their former coach outside of school. It is one of those life lesson of "sometimes we can not do everything we may want to do". Either way the athletes have a chance to can make a responsible decision which satisfies their needs.

Sometimes lost in the dialogue many of us forget these are Student-Athletes. The Student part is the priority.
As far as the aspect of earning an athletic scholarship,which has been mentioned by some, there is far more money available for academic excellence than sports excellence.

Carlmont has had a tradition of success in a variety sports over many years. Coaches and athletes have come and gone...this too shall pass.

Coach Hunt

Anonymous said...

It is not just the $$ for college that is missed when an elite athlete doesn't perform their best because of missed expertise in training; but, more importantly, it is "door opening" to those colleges. My elite XC runner is hoping to get into some pretty elite colleges, money or no money it really doesn't matter (although we wouldn't turn it down!). It is more the advantage of the college coach walking the application into admissions and saying "I want this kid!" that we don't want to miss out on.

I think it is VERY important to be a part of your team in every aspect: from cooperating with your coach, bonding with your team, attending all practices, and going to all the race (even if you are resting out of one). HOWEVER, when you are not in school NO ONE has the right to say what you can and can't do!! Just like you would not tell a student not to get a tutor if they want to do better in a subject, why would you tell an athlete not to get a trainer - especially if it is producing good results?!?

I know all you coaches think you know everything there is about running, but keep in mind that not all high schools hire a coach because he/she is an excellent coach or runner. A lot of high school coaches are there because they are teachers at the school, or the best the school can get. Sometimes that person ends up being a great coach, sometimes a good coach, and sometimes a joke. Athletes should have the RIGHT to do whatever they want to supplement their school training (as long as it is legal and it doesn't interfere with their school training), whether it be eating a certain diet, getting a certain amount of sleep, cross training on their own - OR WITH ANOTHER TRAINER. It is their right!

If a coach thinks a runner is getting too much training, they should talk to the athlete...just like they would with a runner who was slacking and not preparing well for the season. But talk is all they can do, they can't, and shouldn't try, CONTROL what these athletes do AFTER they leave school for the day.

Also, keep in mind that no matter how good the coach is, it is VERY difficult to provide elite coaching to an elite runner when you have 30, 50, 100+ other runners to deal with.

As long as the Carlmont runners are participating with the current coach's program and being a "team player" is no ones business what they do after school! PERIOD!

Albert Caruana said...

I just want to point out that this matter could have been handled internally but the minute the parents and students ran to the newspapers, the whole situation was open for public scrutiny.

Anonymous said...

It is my understanding that athletes may not participate on a club team (of that same sport) while that season is currently in.

If the kids go to practice every day and run in the meets, it should be a non-issue. I consider myself a good coach, I have coached athletes to footlocker and many to section championships but still club coaches get a parents ear and the next thing you know they are paying for outside coaching. When you have two coaches telling similar, but different ideologies on training it creates this mess.

Gilkey's Friend said...

Here's the rule: i>A student on a high school team becomes ineligible if the student competes in a contest on an “outside” team,
in the same sport, during the student’s high school season of sport.i>

Runners are allowed to receive outside help. They want to run for Carlmont and not a track club. They just want outside assistance, which is not illegal under CIF rules.

Anonymous said...

The points about the athletes having the "right" to receive outside coaching after their team practice is ABSOLUTELY CORRECT!! BUT, and it's a HUGE BUT, the coach has the RIGHT to dismiss any athlete from his/her team if they receive outside help and the coach has asked them NOT TO, contract or no contract...
Does this make sense?
I have removed kids from my teams over the years for a TON of REASONS! I've removed kids for missing practice, not following team policies, etc.. And, I almost removed a kid that ended up being a CCS Champion and placed 5th in the country when the athlete was running a good amount of mileage with our TEAM and then he would run on his own after practice. The result? He almost burned out and dealt with many injuries. After I threatened to remove him, he quit running on his own, got healthy, and the rest is history...
Every coach has the right to make policy based on what he/she feels is in the best interest of their TEAM....
If it is within the rules, and I really do believe this is, there should be no question in this case...
The point that people are making about the new coach not working the kids enough, well, welcome to high school sports! Every coach and every team is different and you all have the right to CHOOSE what school and what TEAM you participate on... Don't like it? Go to a school and coach down the road... It's reality folks...
I feel very sorry for the new coach right now, and the KIDS...
Coach Ibarra

Anonymous said...

"Gilkey has connections to colleges. He's a nationally known coach."

I would disagree with this statement in the article posted above. Jesse's scholarships would not be in jeopardy based on who is her coach but on how she performs. If she makes footlocker or not, that is the difference.

Anonymous said...

As someone pointed out earlier, many upper-level baseball players have supplemental coaching, be it pitching, batting, whatever. That's rarely an issue with their high school coaches, UNLESS (and this is a big unless) the outside coach is a hack, OR the HS coach has a fragile ego/personal conflict with him/her. It seems that Gilkey is NOT a hack, judging from his past results. What it DOES seem, is that the problem with the outside trainer is that it's Gilkey. I doubt the new coach really has issues with the kids having outside training-I think the issues are higher up the school's administrative food chain and it's being crammed down her throat.

Just my $.02 worth...and worth every penny :)

A former high school runner's parent said...

As a parent of a runner who is now in college, my child would NOT have gotten into the elite college that s/he is now at without all the extra workouts and training s/he did on his/her own with the help of outside coaching. When everyone else had just about perfect GPAs and SAT scores, his/her running was the tie breaker that got her/him in. His/her high school coach had 85 kids to deal with who ranged from very serious all the way down to “only there for the social aspects”.

The high school coach had one helper and got paid a token amount. It is impossible for one person to have everyone train differently like they do in college and so there was and still is a “one size fits all” approach. If the coach hadn’t been wise enough to realize that he couldn’t do it all – coach 85 kids, fill out all the paperwork, go to every practice and every meet – then my child would have had no other recourse for trying to get noticed and to run in college.

Just because my son/daughter did extra training did not mean that s/he didn’t bond with the team and the coach. Being on the team and getting to know the coach was the highlight of her/his high school years. S/he wanted to win team championships just as much as the coach did. Matter of fact, s/he liked cross country much better than track because of the team aspect.

Unlike almost every other sport that has club teams --most kids in soccer, basketball, swimming, volleyball, tennis, gymnastics, field hockey get noticed through their club teams – the high school track and country teams are the only game in town. At our high school, the swim team practices exclusively with their club teams and only show up to meets. At many other high schools, the kids don’t even go out for the high school teams anymore because it interferes with the higher quality of competition of the club season. How many kids get recruited from running solely from club running teams? Any?

So for a coach to limit how a kid can practice is extremely limiting to that kids future. Yes, I know that my daughter/son will not make a living out of running. But s/he is now getting a wonderful education at an elite college because of her/his running in high school and s/he will have a great start to her/his career because of that.

Anonymous said...

The coach may have the "right" to kick off a runner for many reasons, in terms of the school rules, but that doesn't make it "right"! It's called "trying to control people" and no coach or school has the RIGHT to control what my child does outside of school. So a coach or school that imposes a rule like this, is crossing the line.

Instead of trying to control an athlete (who by the way, just wants to get better by doing more 1:1 training - geez it's not like they are out drinking and doing drugs!!) by creating these stupid rules, why not sit down with them and help them work out a good plan for them to follow with the team AND trainer.

And by the way, not EVERY athlete has the right to CHOOSE a school/coach. A lot of areas dictate where you go to public school, and you don't have a choice unless you move - it's not like college where the coach is one of your many decisions in picking a school. So if you can't afford to pay for private school, there is no choice in the matter.

A private trainer is a great way to get supplemental training (not just more milage, that can be done on your own) where a trained runner (who knows your child's running style 1:1) can review their stride, see if they seem strong or tired, compare to old training times (assuming they have worked with them awhile), provide some great motivation, etc, etc. Our school coach doesn't even have time for all the admin work, forget about trying to get some 1:1 eyes on my runner's stride, etc (and this has helped us avoid injury a few times, when the coach would have never noticed it...nor would I have expected him to.)

Can a coach put in any rule, no matter how stupid - probably. Should they - NO! Everything in life is a learning experience. Work with the runner, talk with them, tell them you are concerned about them doing to much. Let them make their own decision (which they are going to do with or without an outside anyway!)...who knows they may just get BETTER for the team - and if not, then they will learn a lesson about what their body can handle and adjust for next season.

Coaches who are against outside training - stop trying to control something you have no right to. Instead, if you see an issue try and help the runner come up with a different plan. Do you think just cutting a top runner (again, just because they want to train more!) is "doing what is best for the team"!?!??!?! Absolutely not - it's not what is best for the team or the runner. It just helps the coaches ego and feel in control.

Anonymous said...

Let me see if I understand this correctly:

A group of TEENAGERS wanted to WORK HARDER so they could be BETTER at their sport, to help them GET INTO COLLEGE...And the coach's/school's solution to the issue was to CUT THEM from the team!?!?!??!?!

Ok, so I know that was simplifying it a bit. But at this point isn't that what we should do?

Just let them run.

Anonymous said...

Wow, hot fire issue...
Those of you making points about kids receiving extra help are making great points but it WILL ALWAYS BOIL DOWN TO THIS...
If the coach ALLOWS his/her athletes to be trained by other people during the season, FINE. Go ahead and do it and the coach has every right to do that...
If the coach DOES NOT ALLOW his/her athletes to be trained by other people during the season, FINE. That coach has the right to take that stance wether some folks may like it or not...
Again, if your kid runs for a coach that doesn't allow them to train more than they get at practice and you don't like it, take them to a private school or something or have them run for your favorite club coach down the road and run all the club races and get into college and get lots of money and be in the paper and satisfy parents' egos and be the star and be "elite" and do what they want and run a thousand miles a week and forget about teamwork and toss out loyalty and divide the team and create friction among coaches and athletes and make the administration take steps we would rather not and....
Oh man, did I just go on and on?
Sorry about that...
Coach Ibarra

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Coach Ibarra needs attention too!

You are bordering on personal attacks and this is a bad enough issue as it is; please keep it civilized.

Anonymous said...

Coach Ibarra -

You are right that a coach CAN CHOOSE to apply the rule of no outside training, but that doesn't make it right, and that is our point. To some of your other statements, we (those of us who believe in extra training) pretty much addressed them...but point-for-point:

YOU: "and get lots of money"
ME: A lot of us don't care so much about the money as we do for our kids to be as successful as THEY want to be, and to help them get in the college THEY want. I know there are people out there, seeing $$...but not all of us using trainers are.

YOU: "and be in the paper and satisfy parents' egos"
ME: This is usually NOT why our kids are putting in HOURS of WORK and why we parents are spending HOURS of our lives getting them back and forth to school, training, races, etc. If you want to talk about "egos" talk about the coaches who are so worried about their athlete being trained by someone else, they won't let the runner put in some extra work. As mentioned many times before, it is done in EVERY OTHER SPORT. In fact other coaches of other sports request your child get outside training to hone their skills - running should be no different.

YOU: "do what they want and run a thousand miles a week and forget about teamwork and toss out loyalty and divide the team and create friction among coaches and athletes and make the administration take steps we would rather not"
ME: No one MADE the coach/school to "do something they would rather not", they made that stupid CHOICE on their own! And to all that other stuff you wrote...we already said that extra training should be considered OK as long as the athlete is not missing anything team related and is being a team player while at school.

You: "take them to a private school or something"
ME: Not everyone can afford a private school, and that still doesn't solve the issue of wanting an outside trainer.

You: "have them run for your favorite club coach down the road and run all the club races and get into college."
ME: Running with their favorite club coach down the road is exactly what we want to do!!! We want to use that excellent club coach, as our outside trainer when we are in season and maybe run in some races with them when we are out of season. It abides by the rules, helps make the runners stronger (if done correctly) - there isn't any reason why they can't do BOTH. Those of you that follow the "no outside training" mentality have yet to give a good reason. The "they will run too much and get hurt" argument is flimsy at best - I know MANY runners who have been injured withOUT doing any outside work. It is part of the sport, part of every sport. Additional training (IF DONE RIGHT) makes a runner stronger, not weaker.

Look at one of the last posts prior to this one, the person who simplified it REALLY makes it CLEAR - it was a bad decision that only hurt the runners and the team. It didn't do anything good for anyone!

Anonymous said...

One more thought:

At my son's school, the fastest 7 runners run varsity. Period. If they're the fastest because of genetics, diet, rest, or outside training-it doesn't matter. The fastest runners run varsity.

If Gilkey is truly damaging these kids (I don't think he is, by the way), they're going to slow down, and at some point, cease to be the top runners. At that point, the new coach will be able to look the [sarcasm on] horrible, overbearing, I-want-my-child-to-win-races-because-I'm-an-attention-whore/I-wasn't-held-enough-as-a-child/insert-other-degrading-stereotypes-for-parents-here[sarcasm off] parents squarely in the eye and tell them, "I told you so." Barring that, the kids who are willing to work harder get faster, and pull the remainder of the team up with them.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to ruffle some feathers...
I was being sarcastic. If you didn't pick that up I'm sorry. If I've offended you, I'm sorry.
You all have great intentions and I admire you for your passion and love for your kids and the sport we all love. I just feel like we should all let the new coach coach her team as she wishes as long as she follows the rules her school and the CCS/CIF have...
My 2 cents have come and gone and this will be my last post on the subject.
My best to Carlmont and the kids. And, my best to Coach Gilkey in all his future endevours...
PS FYI, I haven't even taken a stand myself on outside training. I personally use a case by case basis (as some have mentioned a a good way of doing it) and then I make decisions accordingly. Not that that fact makes any difference.... I am not the Carlmont coach...
Coach Ibarra

Anonymous said...

I ran for Carlmont, my brother still runs for Carlmont, and I was around this summer. Gilkey only wants the best for the athletes.

Coach Gilkey had a meeting after track season and told all the runners to stay on the Carlmont team because there are no real opportunities for high school runners if they don't compete for their team.

When they let Gilkey go in track Carlmont didn't give the distance runners any workouts - just told us to go run on our own. Gilkey was still willing to work out with us even though he lost his coaching job.

Carlmont did not hire the new Cross Country coach until the middle of August. There was no workout plan at all for the summer? Gilkey only formed a running club so the Carlmont kids could run together in the summer.

I don't see any quotes from Coach Gilkey in the newspaper articles. The runners haven't seen Coach Gilkey in over 2 weeks because he told them he had to stay away because of the "contract". My Mom gave me a copy and it says that runners can't even run on their own on the weekends. If they do go on a Sunday run alone they get kicked off the team. When my Mom asked if my brother could go on a run with her the new coach said no.

They even asked Gilkey to stay away from meets so the new coaches wouldn't take it out on the team. I didn't know someone can't just go to a race?!?

Stay tuned...

Anonymous said...

Those are blatant lies. The contract does not prevent runners from going on runs on their own. And coach Randazzo has never said to anyone that they could not go on a run wih their parents outside of school. This in not even close to what the first contratc or the revised contract state. Coach Gilkey was secretly coaching runners at the meets without the new coach being aware of this. He would meet them in the parking lot and then hide in the bushes, literally during the race, running off if someone saw him. If he had been caught coaching any of these runners by a league offical Carlmont would have to forfiet their entire cross country season and their athletic program would be in dange rof leaguee sanctions. This is FACT.

Anonymous said...

Think how much faster Jessie Petersen could have run then, if the coaching really was that messed up at the end of track season... considering how fast she DID run...

Anonymous said...

It wasn't that messed up.Check all results.

Gilkey's Friend said...

The person who posted at 5:08 pm is a liar and a coward! Jeff Gilkey has too much dignity and pride to be sneaking around like a weasel.

The person posting at 4:26 pm has the facts correct!

Coach Joseph said...

Ron Warhurst, University of Michigan Men's coach, had to deal with Alan Webb's attachment (co-dependency?) to his high school coach. Ron is a coach I know and trust, and in Chris Lear's book "Sub 4", he had this to say on the coaching dilemma:

"You cannot serve two masters."

Webb ended up leaving Michigan after his freshman year. (Nick Willis comes to Michigan the next year and the rest is history...)

No coach should let another coach subvert their team, philosophy, plan, etc. A former coach should know better too... teenagers need guidance and support that is unified, coherent, unmuddled, and firm. Subversion only creates a mess (as evidenced by the length of this thread...)

PS. Pup -- love the "anonymous" disses! :-)

The REAL story said...

The person who posted at 8:01 PM is a liar and has no idea what they are talking about. The person who posted at 5:08 PM is completely right!

Evan Smith said...

The passion is fantastic. But everyone please remember the expression "too many cooks spoil the broth". This expression applies at so many levels of the situation with which Carlmont is dealing.

I saw one of my previous parents in a post above. How far reaching this has quickly become. In case she is reading, I am very excited that her daughter is having success at the college level.

I really like Gilkey. I've only spoken to/emailed with him a few times, and that was only briefly (when Justine and Garrett were both heading to Portland last December), but it's obvious to me that all of the good things that people have written about him above are true.

I don't know Randazzo ... but please give her a chance (not just a couple days though ... she deserves at least a couple seasons). For all we know she is even better than Gilkey. I know what it's like for her ... I also replaced a very popular coach. BUT, my parents gave me a chance. She deserves the same.

And once again, I want to reiterate, "too many cooks spoil the broth". Don't attack me, as I am not attacking you. Just take a deep breath and remember Flavor Flav's advice ... "if it don't apply, let it fly."

It is what it is.


Evan Smith
Mountain View

Anonymous said...

I posted at 5:08 and don't consider myself a "coward". I am just reporting the FACTS that I have seen with my own two eyes as I have seen the contract and the behavior at the meets first hand. As I stated before neither the contract or coach Randazzo have ever said a runner cannot do a run on their own or with a family memeber. The people who are saying this are not correct. But you know, the many coaches who have posted on this topic are right. This needs ot stop and everyone needs to move on and show the new coach support. This is only hurting the kids. All of them, not just varsity. I am just tired of the lies and smear campaign that is being run. The lies about the contract and coach Randazzo need to stop so she can get back to work helping these runners be the elite team they can be. She has the experience and the skill, look at her background as a runner at Carndolet and her father's coaching experience at American in Fremont, but now she needs everones support. Stop the anger and lies and move on. The team needs this and the destructive media coverage to end. I wish the Scot's runners the best of luck in being successful this season!

Anonymous said...

Is there a link to the actual contract somewhere? That would clear up a lot of conjecture...

Anonymous said...

The kids can talk to who ever they want at meets.They could be on there warm up or cool down or just walking around.Can they not socialize?

Anonymous said...

Of course they can socialize. This has nothing to do with preventing the runners from having contact with other people or "controlling" them as some have suggetsed. But when runners are SECRETly meeting with an outside coach to get contrary coaching from the running program that the current HEAD coach of Carlmont has given them, then that is not only detremental to the runners but to the team. This was going on without the runners informing coach Randazzo of these meeting sor workouts and occurred away from league officalsin parking lots. The kids can socialize with whoever they want and should, UNLESS it is detremental to the team, which these "coaching" sessions were.

Gilkey's Friend said...

The "Coward" is a coward and a liar. He posts completely anonimously because he is ashamed that people will know who he is because everything he has said has been lies.

At least put a moniker up to distinguish your lies.

The fact is Jeff has been working a lot lately and has not seen the kids for at least two weeks and that's including meets.

Anonymous said...

Dear Carlmont Administration: congratulations on the mess you created by your short-sighted, ill-advised overreaction that led to firing Coach Gilkey last spring. According to the Daily News, Gilkey's offense was that he "chewed out one of his runners". Really? Is that the new standard for coaching these days? Don't raise your voice or say a bad word to our precious little children? I wonder if that same standard applies to coaches in all, basketball, etc.? Give me a break.

Anonymous said...


Even though this thread is mired down in a $hitstorm of controversy, I wanted to take a minute to thank you for providing a forum for all these people-even us 'anonymous' types. Passions are obviously running high on this subject, and it's important that people have a sounding board. Kudos.

Not that 'Anonymous'-the other one.

Albert Caruana said...

No problem.

I think the majority of the posters on this board have made same valid points while sticking with the facts as they have been presented in the local papers.

Considering there have been over 60 posts on this heated topic, I think it's pretty impressive that I had to only delete one post.

Lastly, I think everybody can all agree that no matter which side you support, in the end, we hope this can all be worked out in a fair manner for everybody involved.

Anonymous said...

"Gilkey's Friend" I don't put up a name for my on reasons, none of them being that I am ashamed of what I have posted. It has all been the truth. You are a hundred percent correct that Gilkey has remained away from the team, only after the pleaded of some of the parents who believe they have his ear. He was NOT at the last meet in Concord, but he WAS at the meet before that. That is FACT! I hope he has moved on for the sake of the kids, because I do believe he cares about them, in his own way. My observation is that coach Randazzo also cares about these kids. If you care about these kids then stop bashing the new coach. And to the person who blames the administration, the reason for Gilkey's firing was for entering a runner illegally. This has been well documented. In the spirit of putting the kids first and moving on, it is best not to dwell on the other circumstances.
Albert, thank you for keeping a level head and for a great site.

Gilkey's friend said...

I've never bashed on the new coach, in fact, she has a difficult job ahead of her. For the sake of the kids, the parents, the program and Jeff; I wish her luck and hope she can find a better way to deal with the current situation.

By the way Anonymous, you are still a coward and a liar. Hopefully you can stop making false remarks about Jeff.

Another Gilkey Friend said...

Coach Gilkey was fired for entering an illegal runner, that is true. If his violation was so bad why did they let him come back and coach in track? If he had committed such a sin shouldn't they have severed ties with Coach Gilkey after Cross Country last season?

Why can you find no one from the Carlmont Administration who will tell you what actually happened in track? There are many of us parents who were present at the time when Coach Gilkey allegedly yelled at a track athlete. I along with 3 other parents personally wrote the Athletic Director and Vice Principal at Carlmont and told them nothing happened. We have never been asked our version of what happened.

Finally, can a former coach and running fan not go to a race? I spoke with Coach Gilkey at both of the races he attended, one race was only 3 miles from his home. Coach Gilkey was not hiding or running from anyone. Coach Gilkey was cheering on the Carlmont team. If you look at the Carlmont Running website there were pictures of him taken watching the races. He isn't running away or talking to any Carlmont runners. He also did not meet or talk secretly to my child or any other Carlmont runner. Coach Gilkey was very rudely confronted by the new coaches at the Ed Sias Invitational, they came up and confronted him when he was out on the course watching the meet. Coach Gilkey was not talking to or even near any Carlmont runners when approached. Against my advice, Coach Gilkey then left the meet so there wouldn't be any other confrontations or problems.

Coach Gilkey is staying away from the runners at Carlmont because he does care for the athletes. My child has not talked with Coach Gilkey since practice with Carlmont began. I think Anonymous is trying to poison people's thinking of Coach Gilkey just like the new coaches and the Carlmont Administration has done to the athletes and parents.

Anonymous said...

A little off-topic, but has anyone else here noticed the tone in one of the articles in regard to running as a sport?

The article "Both Sides Should Compromise..." by John Reid, linked from this blog, says. "Why do you need Gilkey's coaching? Didn't you learn everything there is to know from Gilkey about cross country running the past year, two or three? How much more do you need to know? If this is merely about more fitness training like you claim, can't you just run on your own? Just run, Forrest, run."

I think this guy's a 'running-isn't-a-real-sport' type, through and through. Following his train of thought (or perhaps his 'short' bus of thought), Why on earth are there coaches in ANY sports beyond the high school level? What a tool.

Anyway, this is an unfortunate by-product of this controversy-the pundits are portraying us (runner's parents) and the kids as whiny primadonnas, and not as what we really are. I'm in no way connected to this mess, but as the parent of a pretty damn good runner in his own regard, it pains me to see our sport, which normally gets NO news coverage, getting NEGATIVE coverage...

Coach Pup said...

I think it is important to note that coaching contracts are of the at-will variety, meaning that you are not entitled to a reason for dismissal. It also means that you can be dismissed at any time. Just a point of order amidst the maelstrom.

And I do find it interesting that the term "coward" is being tossed about by people who do not provide their real names.

Toil on, faceless masses.

Gilkey's Friend said...

My name is Wally and everybody who is part of the program knows who I am.

I believe I can toss around the word coward all I want now!

Coach Pup said...


Sky said...

If Gilkey knowingly entered and ran a student athlete under another student-athlete's name I certainly feel his dismissal on that alone would be justified. I would imagine it's a violoation of a CIF rule and casts the school and the program in a negative light. More importantly it sets a terrible example of appropriate adult behavior regardless of the circumstances.

The only relevant issue is how this affects the kids. I think Randazzo missed a golden opportunity to get these great kids to buy into her as the coach with a little open mindedness and dialogue. Instead she's compromised the program's development and her authority.

Carlmont Parent said...

Thanks, Gilkey's Friend, for the details on the original incident. Context is important. Also important to know that Jeff's well-intentioned (but misguided) action happened at a pre-season JV meet and gave Carlmont no competitive advantage. His only motivation was for the well-being of the kid involved. These facts should've been taken into account when the punishment was decided. Carlmont Administration blew the call and everyone is paying for it now.

Coach Pup said...

Next thing you know, people on here are going to start blaming the CCS for this whole thing because they didn't take Gilkey's intent into account when they put Carlmont on probation...

Are you kidding me?

It is of little wonder why the children today have such a skewed perception as it pertains to responsibility.

Intent--whether good or bad--is irrelevant when the CONSCIOUS decision was made to break a rule.

Does it make Gilkey a bad guy? No. However, he broke a rule and the school was subject to penalty because of his actions. There is no need for further discussion.

"The call" that was blown was Gilkey's when he willingly and knowingly broke the rules.

Curious said...

Gilkey has admitted he did wrong and accepted the punishment. I have never seen him say otherwise.

Carlmont let Gilkey come back to coach track. Why did they do that? Let's hear your comment on that.

Either fire him straight out or let him coach again. It sounds like Carlmont didn't know what they were doing! This whole mess could have been avoided.

Can someone answer why Gilkey coached track? It sounds to me like he was forgiven by someone at Carlmont.

Anonymous said...

Gilkey asked the interim track coach, who knew nothing about his firing, if he could help out with the track team as a volunteer. The administration claims they did not have any knowledge of him being out on the track or they would have asked him to leave.

Anonymous said...

Wally, I appreciate your dedication to your friend and your willingness to show your identity. I have my own reasons for not doing the same and if that makes me a coward then it is well within your rights to call me one. What I most definitley am not is a liar and have only tried to put out a point a of view that has not really been represented on this board. I have no desire to slam Jeff and if you read my other posts you should know that I do not doubt his sincerity in his caring for the runners. I also know he is a well respect coach, which is well deserved, and if he chooses to coiach again I wish him all the luck and success as his passion and knowledge for the sport is evident. What I am tired of is the lies and smearing of a brand new coach that has never been given a chance. And no Wally, I am not accussing you of doing this. But the lies that have been spread about a coach who is only trying to do her job and cares about these kids just as much as Jeff does is truley disturbing. It is in the best interest of the KIDS that all sides move on. I believe that is what coach Gilkey and coach Randazzo are doing and I think this is good advice for everyone. If given the proper support the cross country program at Carlmont will continue to thrive but these negative attacks need to stop. Again, Wally, I respect your caring and defense of your friend and I think all of us on this board can help to turn this situation around so the the Carlmont runners can get the best benefit and be successful.

Anonymous said...


You deleted my post?? I will say it this way. Have all the schools check rosters at all sports and I bet you will find someone under a different name. Why not ask Nick Carr on his intentions? I know a lot of coaches and over half said that was a cheap shot towards Gilkey!!No cuss word this time, even though it is true!!

The Truth said...

Coach Gilkey was told in a meeting with Principal Andrea Jenoff and Assistant Principal Ralph Crame that he could be the distance assistant coach on the track team.

The head coach of track last year was Dylan Shelley whose best friend was Athletic Director Pat Smith.

Are you telling me Gilkey was at Carlmont from January to April without the Administrations knowledge. I was at the first 2 home track meets and Coach Gilkey was the Starter for the meets. I saw some of the Carlmont Administration at these meets and no on asked Coach Gilkey to leave.

Do you know that Coach Gilkey took Justine and Jessie to Arcadia. He had to turn in field trip paperwork so they could go on this trip - how did that get past the Administration since they had to sign off on it?

Who are you talking to that is telling you this information. Are you telling me that Gilkey got away with working some of the best runners in CCS during track right under Carlmont's nose without their knowledge. He couldn't even work out with a few athletes a couple mornings a week without all this controversy - how did he do it in track?

Whoever is giving you your information is playing you for a fool. Please check your facts!

Anonymous said...

In my opinion they should compromise.
I am sure this same situation happened back in 1997-1999 at Los Altos High.A runner by the name of Andrew Hill.The coach there didn't want any extra running and outside training.As I remember Andrews parents kept complaining to the district.Well,Andrew still ended up running for the school and had outside training to better himself.Take a look at this Ran Crystal Springs at 14:52,Won Mt Sac at 15:20 and Stanford at 15:28.
He also had a good career at Stanford. The kids at Carlmont just want to better themselves. They are in no means elite runners but, Jeff Gilkey has done a great job! Some teams already get the fast runners like Loyola,McFarland,St.John Bosco,Buchanan,Arcadia,Jesuit,Bellarmine etc..When Jeff coached their were always very limited runners and he made the not even average runner very good!! A lot of teams have a lot more talent.I have been around running over 20 years and follow high school and college running as much as time permits.I also have 2 children running. I am also the 6:16 AM comment. I am surprised that I didn't get any comments on that situation? Does that mean there is something wrong?

Anonymous said...

All of this bickering seems very unlike a bunch of distance runners. I'll admit that this is a firery topic,one where both side could have valid arguments, but I'd think it would be much easier to solve.
I ran 4 (2.96) laps at Crystal on Sunday with the fog rolling in. Absolute Heaven! Hope you get theese kids back out there soon. I'd do anything to go back to where theese kids are. Hurry Times a wasting. Lifes too short.

Albert Caruana said...

Addressing one of the earlier posts about John Reid's comments. I too was taken aback by the following:

"Why do you need Gilkey's coaching? Didn't you learn everything there is to know from Gilkey about cross country running the past year, two or three? How much more do you need to know? If this is merely about more fitness training like you claim, can't you just run on your own? Just run, Forrest, run."


I am sorry John had to take this situation in that direction since he has actually done a nice job of covering our sports.

Peter Brewer said...


This has really taken off. Not wanting to add fuel to the fire, but one of the anonymii mentioned that a high school coach is incapable of providing individual running instruction to each of his or her athletes, take care of administrative details, keep track of statistics, and make the connections and contacts to help get the kids into colleges.

I don't think that is true. I have been awed by the diligence and intensity of many high school coaches who do all of that, and more, with very large teams of 50, 60, 70, 80 and more athletes. My only hope is that I can in some small way replicate their efforts. As it is, I can still keep track of years of race statistics, write running resum├ęs and send them to colleges, attend clinics to sharpen my running knowledge, and have enough time left over to tell Lottie Leadfoot to stop crossing her arms over her body, lift her knees, and keep her eyes up. And I am not alone in doing this.

My experience with outside coaches has been mostly negative. These are the vultures who single out the gifted athlete, blow smoke up the parents' skirts about the Olympic potential of the athlete, and try to insinuate themselves into their attention as the expert who can deliver the kid to "the next level." In short, I have no respect nor any patience with that at all. The workouts I administer are hard enough, the top athletes I have who want to do more are given instructions on what else to do, and I cannot tolerate them taking advice from someone else who does not have complete knowledge of the kids, the workouts, or the coaching philosophy.

This is not the case at all with Jeff. I just wanted to enter this opinion into the discussion to counter what seems to be an unspoken agreement that outside coaching is a preferred and acceptable practice in all sports. There are almost no successful high school cross country coaches that would even begin to tolerate an outside coach.

I have to agree with Coach Ibarra, and tell him that he was just warming up with his rant and he should have unleashed himself and really preached the true word. The essence of a team is that it is a team. Not that it is a fast team, or a small team, or that it is a dominant team, but that the members of that group have worked together towards a common goal. Once outside elements are allowed to intrude, that common experience is compromised and the team element is diminished.

No football coach allows another coach unbeknownst to coach a kid. No basketball coach during the season allows a kid to train elsewhere. Why should cross country be different? And don't preach that "individual sport" nonsense either, since the team has to wear matching uniforms and the places add up to a team score.

I have to comment like this, because the very disturbing gist of this thread is that many observers of high school cross country, at least the ones who have latched onto this commentary, are not seeing this larger sport issue. We take the essential core of the sport and give it no dignity. Where cross country excels beyond any other sports endeavor available to high school kids is that when it is all said and done, each athlete has learned that they have no limits to themselves. When a sport demands at the very entry level a commitment to self-induced prolonged discomfort, and then goes from there to higher levels of effort, that athlete has undergone a shared experience that transcends any other in sport. Football might come close, and water polo is tough too, but to have no other recourse to success but the daily sacrifice of convenience and comfort and indulgence shapes young people dramatically and profoundly. Anything that detracts from that as the core and essential experience of high school cross country is anathematic.

The squabbling about Jeff is immaterial. The qualifications of Jennifer are not our concern. The disrupted unity of the Carlmont team is the tragedy, and the sooner that can be mended and reformed into a team, the better.

Peter Brewer
Northgate High School

Jeff Deuel said...

Very well put, Peter.

Quick, Albert-delete THIS post and lock the thread. It needs to end on Peter's comments.

Anonymous said...

I promised not to comment on this topic any longer, and I wont.
I just want to say it was a great pleasure meeting you at the clinic up north.
Best to you and your team,
Coach Ibarra

Anonymous said...

Carlmont has some seniors with recurring injuries who have experienced major physical problems after switching programs, while running only Coach Randazzo's workouts. For an injured runner to return mid-season, it takes some serious guidance not just for physical recovery, but also to get the body back into running safely. As for workout plans, it is the coach's prerogative, but should runners' last season disappear due to a decision to abide by the contract?

Anonymous said...

That is a lie. Many Seniors and varisty runners came into the season already injured. I think we all need to listen to coach Brewer, with his very wise words and move on.

Anonymous said...

How I wish that my daughter had Coach Brewer or Coach Caruana or Coach Ibarra or Coach Pup or some of the other very knowledgable coaches posting here. However not every high school team is so lucky.

A kid cannot switch high school teams any where as easily as switching club teams in another sport. If my daughter had done soccer or gymnastics, she could have just gone to another club if she disagreed with the coaches training methods. But not so for high school running. We would either have had to buy a new house somewhere else with all the expenses involved in California (pay off half our house equity in taxes) or pay for a private school which we can't afford. Besides my daughter likes the academics and all her friends are at the current high school.

So if a coach is new and has a great attitude but very little experience, what do you do? We don't have four to ten years to wait around for that coach to become great. We only have now.

And what if my daughter is not allowed to run more than 25 miles per week or just jogs many days very slowly with the others on the team because that's what they do? Should she give up her dreams of running in college so the coach can learn her craft at my daughters expense?

If my daughter had a coach like those mentioned above we would love it! We would be very happy to never have to learn anything about running and to not have to pay someone else to teach us. But we are not so lucky.

So for this specific situation, should everyone support Coach Randazzo? Absolutely! Should everyone want to make the team as good as possible? Absolutely! Should Jessie follow the new coaches lowered miles of running if that's not what she is used to doing so that the coach can learn how to be a better coach? Ab...

If the coach can explain WHY she is taking the approach that she is taking and how she will get the same strength and endurance in a different way -- then maybe.

But if she can't explain why what she is doing is better, should Jessie give up her dreams of running at a div I school so that the new coach can learn to become a great coach? What about all those other kids who have the potential to become great runners, should they give up their hopes of running someday in college over the next four years so that the new coach can hone her skills on them?

I wish Coach Randazzo all the best and hope that in time she becomes a great coach, but I also wish the kids to have the best four years of running that they can have in the four short years that they are there.

Anonymous said...

We'll see how the teams do today at Stanford...

Anonymous said...

So did the coach and students work out an agreement or something? Because Carlmont boys ran today.

Anonymous said...

The news articles were not entirely correct in stating that the Carlmont boys were forbidden to compete at Stanford. That being said, the Stanford results are rather telling of the consequences of the contract in question.

kdog said...

Anonymous, you have zero credibility.
Do you really need attention that bad? REALLY?
And Gilkey was the best coach I've ever had. And I've played pretty much every sport there is: baseball, football, basketball, you name it. Gilkey's pride would never allow him to "hide in the bushes". He genuinely cares for the Carlmont athletes that ran for him, and the new coaches have blown everything way out of proportion.

kdog said...

That was directed at whoever wrote "How I wish that my daughter had Coach Brewer or Coach Caruana or Coach Ibarra or Coach Pup..."

chris said...

Alot of the people posting on this thread need to get all the facts straight. For instance, have any of you actually read the contract in question or spoken with either the Randazzos or Gilkey on the subject?
I didn't think so

LA coach said...

Didn't catch the boys race, but seems like a lot of the Carlmont girls had a hard time finishing... they were struggling the last part of the race.

Anonymous said...

For those who say everything was blown way up by the new coaches, try and see it from their perspective. For those worried about their kids succeeding, sometimes results aren't instantaneous. How do you know that a slow build up of indurance can't work if you've never tried it? Give the coaches a chance to prove themselves. I'm also curious why the parents think its no big deal that Gilkey cheated. Yes, everyone makes mistakes but what kind of messege does this send to the kids? Mabye his intentions were good but as an adult, this is big no no. I've heard other rumors out there about the old coach but I know there are two sides to everything.

Anonymous said...

Sure, there are indeed some on this blog who have themselves heard Coach Randazzo state her no compromise policy in person, have themselves talked with Jeff Gilkey, and have signed the contract.
And yes, it has been a year and there has been ample time for us to talk with our children about Jeff's rules infraction and for us to hear Jeff apologize to us and also publicly. Organizations such as CCS find it difficult to forgive and we understand this. We also reserve the right to assess and to forgive as we see appropriate, and Jeff's clear cognizance and regret have allowed us to do so.

Now on to the real problem - what this is actually about. You are 15, 16, 17 years old. You come into the XC training season at a certain level of endurance. Your new coach cuts your training and with that your endurance. As you watch your ability go away - even showing way down in 2 weeks - you are hearing no plans from the coach to get it back. You know what you and your teammates are capable of, based on your previous stats. You are also a year older now, which often means your time could well improve. Except your training has been cut now - from e.g. 50-60 mpw to 25 - 30-ish mpw. You are not allowed to supplement in any way. You are required to be far less than you are capable of, as a condition of competing in CCS.
And all the well-meaning coaches from other schools, who ask you to support your new coach, cannot give you or your school's team this season back or this year of your life.

Anonymous said...

Well said last comment!!

Anonymous said...

If you had given the new coach a chance from the beginning and had worked with her on developing a plan for your athlete then this would not have happened. Two weeks is not an ample amount of time to see results from an athlete who is not committed to a a training program. Coach Randazzo may be lowering the miles but she is increasing the intensity of the workouts. You choose to not give her a chance and complain when results aren't instantanious. If you had been following the regimine from the beginning and at the end of the season you still did not see results that would be a different matter. Your mind set is that she doesn't know what she is doing or talking about and therefore to you her methods will never be successful. Which is sad and unfortunate for your athlete. get over your grudge, work with the new coach instead of attacking her and there is still a chance for success for all sides.

Anonymous said...

Race results currently display a negative trend in the Carlmont runners' performance, as individuals and as a team. When the runners "peak," is it going to be above, or below their performance entering the season? The word "peak" implies which of these is the universal goal.

Anonymous said...

Keep in mind Justine Fedronic was running a minute slower last year in September than what she ended up running in November (and thereby qualified to NXN). Somewhat the same with Jessie Petersen too. So let's at least wait a few more weeks to see how this goes...

Anonymous said...

If anybody thinks that running 25-30 miles a week at this point of the season with higher intensity is an idiot and knows nothing about running!

Any good coach will tell you that this is bad. Coach Brewer, Ibarra, Pup and Caruano would rather not say anything but I'm sure they would have to agree!

Anonymous said...

In my opinion the Carlmont staff made a mistake by dismissing Jeff Gilkey.
I have to think it was political in nature, because what he did was not a big deal.
The school does not really care about running, even though they have received a lot of good press as a result of the Cross Country and Track teams results.
He has a deep passion for running and coaching and spends an enormous amount of time preparing workouts, racing schedules, and individualized workouts.
He does not coach by the "one size fits all" method. He tailors the workouts for the runners fitness level.
He is not motivated by money and coaches for the pure love of the sport, which I am sure the athletes on his team realize.
His success over the past 4-5 years speaks for itself.
The initial issue which got him into hot water was a non-issue.
We are not talking about a Championship event where the entering of an illegal runner took place. It was an insignificant XC meet and the results were of no consequence. Let's get real here.
The other issue this past Spring, perhaps he used language that he should not have. However have you ever been around a group of High School kids and heard the language they use. Sometimes a Coach has to get in an athletes face to get the point across.
Just my two cents.

Syl Pascale

Keith Reyen said...

I covered cross country for the San Mateo Times back in the 1970s when I was in high school. I participated in the sport myself in the old MPL. My son is on the Carlmont cross country team. I think I know more about the situation than most of the comment I have seen out there. The number 1 fact that has not been reported, was that I personally communicated the fact that private training was being conducted to both the incoming principal Raul Zamora and the AD Pat Smith. I have e-mails confirming these communications, including one where Mr. Smith agreed that private training is permitted by both PAL and CCS rules. Lots and lots and lots of athletes do this, including I am told a good portion of the Carlmont swim team. The school was fully informed that the training was to take place, but failed to inform the incoming coaches although I had encouraged the administration to do so. A litte less than 3 weeks ago Coach Randazzo reported in an article in the Merc that everything was going smoothly. The students had signed participation contracts that did not contain the no outside training provision.

The prohibition on outside training did not come up as an issue until Jeff started being seen at meets as an observer. After that the school and its representatives ran through a series of at least 4 rationales for the prohibition, including 1. it was illegal (not true) 2. It violates the terms of Carlmont's athletic probation (not true, Carlmont is no longer on probation and that never was a restriction or Jeff would not have been coaching track 3. Athletes were getting injured from overtraining (not true) and finally 4. The school wants the athletes to cut the cord with Jeff. (True and against constitutional rights to free association.)

Coach Pup and other hardliners are right when they say the coach gets to make the rules. School Districts have a Doomsday machine in a California Appellate decision that says students have no constitutionally protected right to participate in sports. Prisoners have more constitutional rights than high school athletes. Having the right to act arbitrarily does not mean you should. Last Spring the coach of the Carlmont track team held my son out of the CCS simply because he did the same workouts every other distance runner at the school did. The school's apology: none. Just a recitation of the tired old bs about sports being a privilege not a right.

Jeff is more of a proponent of the Lydiard philosophy than Jennifer Randazzo to be sure, but he is hardly a max distance coach. If you want long distance watch the Long Green Line about the most succesful cross country program in this nation and the 22 mile runs the team members take every Sunday.

I would be shocked if Eric Olsen or any top distance runner in the state or even the section has the restrictions placed on them that the Carlmont team now does. The best runner on my high school team trained extra. It is shocking to me that Carlmont would call in County Counsel to draft up a document restricting the rights of self improvement of a student athlete and then print it on district letterhead. That's what they did.

As far as running to the press, I did not. I did inform the press that nobody had quit the team and what got printed was that numerous members had quit the team. As noted at the outset I did handle things internally long before the season started and the school simply flipped its position 3 weeks into the year, creating a lot of hard feelings on both sides of the fence.

The bright side is that now that all of the cards are on the table, things are stabilizing.

Keith Reyen

Anonymous said...

I'd just like to respond to a post a little while up saying that most seniors with recurring injuries had come into the season already injured. Number one, isn't that a bit of a circular argument? Recurring injuries suggest that the runner had the injury prior to the season, does it not?

Number two, most of the 'seniors and varsity' runners who had come into the season with their injuries basically healed are trying to reenter the season with workouts that are inhibitive to their progress. The coaches are taking, as stated earlier, a 'one size fits all approach', assuming that even injured athletes can complete workouts such as fourteen 200m hill repeats up concrete.

While arguing is fine, is it really necessary to be calling the opposition liars? To me, ost of this is all just a matter of perception, not who is 'lying' or telling the 'truth'.

Peter Brewer said...

I want to thank Keith Reyen for giving us all a report on the facts as he knows them, being so close to the situation. Transitions are always tough, and it is good to hear from a parent that the situation is stablizing.

In response to the dad who is wondering how this all will affect his daughter's current year, and perhaps her college prospects, I really cannot in all honesty offer anything on that. All I can do is recount what I have seen in the last three decades of coaching.

First, a talented athlete is a talented athlete. Yes, there are some coaches who apparently coax excellence out of anybody, but a quality athlete who has a good level of fitness can do wonders in a race.

Second, college coaches do not always rely on just the latest results when they go shopping for athletes. The ones who are looking for the athletes that will give them 4 or 5 years of solid running can see past injuries and coaching situations. I don't think your daughter will be overlooked completely at the college level. I'm sure that just in Northern California places like Sac State, Chico State, USF, and UC Davis would be vitally interested in a girl with the Carlmont pedigree.

Peter Brewer
Northgate High

Anonymous said...

I, for one, am glad that there is no contract prohibiting Carlmont athletes from seeking counsel elsewhere regarding college running.

Anonymous said...

Coach Pup, define "chicken hawk approach" and how that term is relevant to this conversation. (RE: post @ 1:28am)

Anonymous said...

Chickenhawk (politics)
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

"Chickenhawk" (also chicken hawk and chicken-hawk) is a political epithet used in the United States to criticize a politician, bureaucrat, or commentator who strongly supports a war or other military action, yet who actively avoided military service when of age.

The term is meant to indicate that the person in question is cowardly or hypocritical for personally avoiding combat in the past while advocating that others go to war in the present. Generally, the implication is that "chickenhawks" lack the experience, judgment, or moral standing to make decisions about going to war.

Anonymous said...

Coach Pup has been bad-mouthing Jeff directly and indirectly throughout these comments. He has been very classless and rude to Jeff, the parents and the athletes of Carlmont.

Albert Caruana said...

First of all, if you want to call someone out for what they had to say, identify yourself first.

Personally, I think Coach Pup has been pretty straight forward with how he feels about the whole situation.

Just because he doesn't agree with some of the events that have taken place doesn't mean he is slamming the Carlmont community.

We have all made errors in the past (including me) and learned some tough lessons. I think that everybody involved with this situation will learn something as well and as Mr. Reyen said, things are stabilizing and we can hopefully all move on and focus on our great sport.

Anonymous said...

Coach Pup has done nothing of the sort. He may disagree with the position of the parents but I haven't seen anywhere that he has attacked coach Gilkey other than agreeing that the there should have been consequences for his illegally entering a runner under a different name. It is obvious tyhat Jeff has a lot of passionate supporters. You need to deal with the fact that there are just as many people who do not share your views on him. It is not as one sided as it may seem. Besides, coaches and the public can comment on this as they choose, and I think most have been respectful and shown that the kids are the number one priority here, since the parents decided to bair their differences in the press. If you want to support Jeff, instead of attacking people who do not see eye to eye with your views, why don't you put your passion into reccomendations for him to be hires as the cross country coach at other schools in the areas. that way, his expertise can be put to good use and the negativity can stop.

Anonymous said...

Well said again Albert. You are very level headed and do this sport a great justice with your site. It really is well run and moderated and great way to enhance this sport. Excellent work!

Coach Pup said...

Reaching deep into the thread to keep this going, I see...I was hoping this was a dead thread--for everyone's benefit.

Chickenhawk, or Chicken-Hawk, or Chicken Hawk...

See the old Loony Tunes and the character Henery Hawk who is always on the prowl for the "next big chicken"--arriving at trying to bag Foghorn Leghorn.

The idea is this--sometimes, you just have to let things go and not be out hunting or "hawking" for the next big thing.

Jeff had a good thing going at Carlmont, but due to his own choices (admittedly, mind you), he jeopardized the entire Carlmont athletics program, and was subsequently dismissed.

To keep "circling" about the athletes at this school (in any way, shape, or form) is to be "hawking," in my opinion.

Find a new pen of hens is all I am saying.

As for the political definition, it is only applicable in that it is very easy for another coach who IS not or SHOULD not be involved with a program to comment on what may or may not be going on from the safety of their armchair at home.

That is all.

Anonymous said...

This is to the one that said put recommendations for Jeff to coach.A lot of CCS Schools have already decided if there is an opening of a coaching job Jeff will not ever get it.That is very unfair because all they are looking at is what Jeff did!! It was a mistake for him just trying to help a kid?? How will Jeff get a chance if schools have already decided for him? Also,coaches in the area have never really liked Jeff since he came here from Los Angeles.

Albert Caruana said...

If any coaches didn't like Jeff, my guess is that it was because he was highly successful.

Anonymous said...

Albert, thanks for your good comments and good blogsmanship.

That coach Pup and others have generalized support for the freedom of coaches, and for any new coach, is normal and I don't think we need to really dwell on those aspects. Words like chicken hawk, however, are inflammatory. One really does not know if the shoe fits unless one is wearing it.

It appears to some that the school's intent in making this contract under these coaching conditions was that the runners and parents would not feel able sign it. This also jibes with the school's high hostility to the XC team for some years, having ramped up to epoch proportions last spring.

These runners have stayed with the school competition. Where else could they have participated with top teams like the Bells and have been a part of the whole spirit of high school XC? I don't see that any of them have forgotten that.

When athletes commit to a team, they do not publish things that coaches say, even when they appear to clearly violate the CIF rules of conduct for coaches. These varsity runners are real troopers.

Carlmont parent

Anonymous said...

Why was the post about Coach Pup lowering himself deleted? There were no expletives or threats.

Does Albert feel that Coach Pup can't defend himself. Coach Pup is the one name-calling Jeff. It's sad that both of you cannot be more mature.

Albert Caruana said...

Excuse me?

For this thread, anonymous posts will no longer by allowed.

I also believe this thread has run it's course. Unless you have some update on the situation, please refrain from posting disparaging remarks about people who have posted on here.

For the most part, this has been civilized. I don't want that to change.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I think I am more than capable of "defending" myself, Anonymous #472 (or are you #473?). However, to defend oneself, you must know what or whom you are defending yourself against. Also, if I felt I was being attacked rather than moderately pestered, I would take a defensive standpoint.

Instead, I will clarify (yet again) what I wrote for your edification.

In my initial post, I was not "name-calling Jeff" (quite the illustrious turn of a phrase, I must say). I wrote that he should not engage in the "chicken hawk approach of coaching one's former teenage athletes." I was describing the approach--the action--not the person.

In my follow-up post, I wrote the following:

"The idea is this--sometimes, you just have to let things go and not be out hunting or 'hawking' for the next big thing."

Again, my commentary relates to the action, not the person.

And yet another snippet for your further comprehension:

"To keep 'circling' about the athletes at this school (in any way, shape, or form) is to be 'hawking,' in my opinion.

Find a new pen of hens is all I am saying."

Again, I am discussing the action or behavior, not scorning the person involved by disparaging them directly.

As for me "lowering myself" in some way, there is no chance of that. With my bad knees and history of shin splints, I am destined to carry the weight of a linebacker for the rest of my life.

Stumble, big man, stumble...

Marci Surh said...

Those of us who were "in the arena" for the entirety of Coach Gilkey's inaugural years at Carlmont and were fortunate to have had athletes mentored and trained by him, will be forever indebted.

The loyalities of past and current Carlmont athletes and respect that Jeff has garnered from them speaks for itself.

The team's successes were earned by a dedicated core of hardworking kids and an equally dedicated, "no nonsense" coach.

Kudos to the current parents/athletes who chose not to sign this contract. If that is the best solution the current "powers that be" could come up with, I would have done the same.

In response to a comment under a prior blog article which was "conveniently" posted by a misinformed individual without the courage to leave his or her name.

It stated that the initial infraction leading to Jeff's dismissal was that he "cheated at CCS finals" and the second was that he "verbally abused" an athlete.

The fact is.. he did allow an academically ineligible runner to run at a early season meet, NOT CCS finals. We parents who know Coach Gilkey and were present, are aware of the reason Jeff did what he did, by allowing this student to run and post a time. As expected, the time was a non-factor in the scoring and overall results that day. A good intention turned bad decision, yes. Egregious, no.

Unfortunately, Jeff's "intentions" were/are irrelevant, as I am sure he is now painfully aware. I'm reminded of the old adage which warns, "No good deed goes unpunished."

Secondly, during the Track season, Jeff did in fact confront an athlete who disregarded his instructions and proper post-work out procedures. Not so unusual for a coach to do. This was the incident that led to the eventual dismissal of Jeff.

Had Coach Gilkey trained athletes in my era, and as Syl alluded to in an earlier post, these would be non-issues.

Fast forward thirty years to the "entitlement" generation where fear of lawsuits, coddling parents, fragile egos and "political correctness" in education and athletics is now the norm, albeit to our youth's disservice, in my opinion.

Yes, "it is very easy for others NEVER involved with a program to comment on what may or may not be going on from the safety of their armchair at home." It brings to mind this quote:

"It is not the critic who counts, not the one who points out how the strong man stumbled or how the doer of deeds might have done better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred with sweat and dust and blood; who strives valiantly; who errs and comes short again and again; who knows the great enthusiasms, the great devotions, and spends himself in a worthy cause; who, if he wins, knows the triumph of high achievement; and who, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who know neither victory or defeat.".....Theodore Roosevelt

Thank you, Jeff, for your untiring service and dedication to the youth of this generation. Your place will most certainly never be with those cold and timid souls who know neither victory or defeat.

Marci Surh

Anonymous said...

Well done Ms. Surh. Nice to hear from someone who has been there from the beginning.

Albert Caruana said...

Well put Marci.

I don't think that anybody here has ever questioned Jeff's dedication and accomplishments during his time with the Carlmont Cross Country and Track and Field teams.

"It is not the same to talk of the bulls as it is to be in the bull ring." Old Spanish Proverb

Jeff Gilkey said...

I'm going to do this in parts because it is long.

Enough Already!

I wasn’t going to comment on this until I saw that an amazing person like Marci Surh is even having to deal with this and being bothered by it. I’ll address this situation once and hopefully everyone will get over this. I’m going to use names so that there is no confusion and anyone can check with these people to see if what I said is accurate. Once you’ve read this mini-novel please move on to something else in life. It’s endless threads like this that is keeping the situation going and is messing with the kids even further.

The first thing I want to say is that I completely screwed up in Cross Country and have never denied that fact. Even though I thought I was helping a kid, I immediately knew what I had done was wrong. I was the one that went in to the Principal and Vice Principal and reported what I had done the Monday after the race. I was prepared to be “fired” that very day, but the Principal told me I could still coach the team. The Monday after the State Meet I was told I was no longer the coach and turned in my keys, etc.

I’ve seen people on this thread ask why the parents and kids just let me get away with cheating. You are completely wrong about this. The parents and athletes were extremely angry and hurt by what I had done. I met with the current parents, kids, and even alumni both in groups and individually to explain what I did wrong and apologize. It was there choice to forgive me.

I was called in at the end of December and met with the Principal, Mrs. Jenoff and VP, Mr. Crame. At this meeting they told me I would be allowed to be a ‘volunteer assistant’ with the track team and I could reapply for the XC job when it came open. The person who posted that the administration had no clue I was out there is making things up to make the situation against me look worse that it was. Even though I was a volunteer assistant I made up all race schedules, did all meet entry, provided all information to parents and kids, made all travel plans and was even the Starter for the first 2 meets at Carlmont. The worst part was Carlmont Administration cared so little about track that they hired someone who had never competed or been to a track meet. Before the first meet of the season Coach Shelley said to me, “I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s track meet, I’ve never seen one before.” In fact, as stated in one of the posts above, I took athletes down to Arcadia. I turned in reimbursement requests and was paid by a check from CARLMONT. The only thing I didn’t have was the title Head Coach.

Jeff Gilkey said...

Part 2:

The Thursday after the Arcadia Invitational, 4/16/09, the Carlmont XC job was posted. On Friday, 4/17/09 I asked Athletic Director Pat Smith when I could interview for the job. I went to the Serra Invitational on 4/18/09 and I did talk to a pole vaulter who I saw leaving immediately after completing his event with no cool down. I told the athlete that he would get injured if he didn’t cool down and stretch. The athlete told me, “your not my real coach, I don’t have to listen to you.” I told the athlete, “I’m not your event coach, but I can talk to your event coach and have you taken off the team.” I did not yell at the kid, in fact when the confrontation happened I was sitting with a group of parents. The next Monday, 4/19/09 I was called in the office with Mr. Crame and Athletic Director Pat Smith. They told me they had a complaint from a parent in which I had said I was going to remove the athlete from the team, cursed at the athlete. I was then told by Mr. Crame I was “no longer welcome at Carlmont.” When I asked what happened they replied, “we don’t comment on personnel matters.” I spoke with many people present at the meet who were there when the supposed incident happened and they all sent letters and email to the Carlmont Administration saying I wasn’t wrong. I provided a copy to Greg Frazier of the Daily News of a letter from a parent who was present saying I had not yelled or done anything inappropriate. If needed, I will forward a copy of that letter to Albert Caruana if anyone wants to ask Albert for verification. Does anyone else find the timing a little too convenient?

TO CLARIFY – I was wrong in XC and broke the rules. The punishment of me losing my Head Cross Country and Track positions was justified by my actions. My problem is the Carlmont Administration and Athletic Director allowed me to be a coach in track – it’s pretty obvious now they needed someone to enter meets and do all the work. The problem I have is I was told I could apply for the XC job again, nothing had happened in track and when that time came for me to get my XC job back all of a sudden I supposedly did something to get banned from Carlmont forever.

Jeff Gilkey said...

Part 3

Now on to the present Cross Country situation…

The only reason I started a club team this summer was because the kids did not have a coach and they did not have a plan for any summer running. When school ended there was no information given to them regarding what will be happening in Cross Country. I felt it was unfair for the kids to have absolutely no guidance during the summer. I know John Reid from the Daily News thinks all you have to do is just go out and run which is awesome – according to even sports reporters no coaches are even needed for this minor sport?!?

When they finally hired a new XC coach at the beginning of August I was the one who told the kids they had to go to the first meeting with the new coach. I disbanded the club team and sent a letter to all club members and their parents stating that the kids must compete for Carlmont. I explained that there is absolutely no completion for runners outside of High School competition. In fact, when the boys (and girls) team were going to quit because of the contract, I sent an email to parents telling them to please not let their kids quit the team. If you want to check on this you can ask Keith Reyen who has posted above.

I never asked any runners to work out with me on their own. I never tried to coach the Carlmont XC team. I never told them to miss one day of Carlmont XC practice with their new coaches. When Carlmont began official practice I was receiving calls daily from athletes who were literally crying and asking how I can help them. I was receiving phone calls from parents saying their kids were depressed and didn’t want to run anymore, could I help? I guess I should have been as tough as all you other ‘perfect’ coaches out there and just ignored the phone calls from kids, some I had worked with for 3+ years. After hearing about the drastic cut in workouts and much internal debate I decided to offer a few kids (6 total) the chance to meet 1 or 2 days a week to go on runs. We never had a real practice, how can you get in a real practice when you only have an hour?

I want it made clear that I had no grudge with the Randazzo’s. I was not trying to undermine their program. I even emailed Coach Randazzo when I was contacted in August regarding the girls injury study at Stanford and gave her all the contact information. Alex Bunk, the father of one of the runners, told me he suggested Coach Randazzo meet with me and her reply to Mr. Bunk was “I’m not allowed to talk to him.” Again, check with Mr. Bunk if you don’t believe me.

I did go to the first 2 Carlmont meets to watch. I drove all the way to Vacaville for the first meet. The second meet was at Half Moon Bay High School. I live in Half Moon Bay. I did not have any secret meeting with the kids at these races. I never approached the Carlmont athletes or the area where Carlmont was sitting. I cheered for the athletes and then left the meet after races were over – I didn’t even hang around to congratulate the athletes after the race because I didn’t want any problems. I never once hid from anyone or anything. If you go to you can see pictures of me watching the races – in none of the pictures am I running away and hiding or talking to athletes. Alex Bunk who was mentioned above runs the Carlmont website so you can check with him and contact him on the website.

Jeff Gilkey said...

Part 4:

At the Ed Sias Invitational in Martinez on 9/12/09 Coach Jennifer Randazzo and Coach Michael Randazzo came and confronted me when I was out on the course talking with Darrell Rhoades and Paul Scardina, father of Ethan Scardina. I was told “they were going to cancel the Carlmont season because of me.” After the confrontation I decided to leave the meet – it was the next Monday or Tuesday that the contract came into being.

The first thing I did when I heard of the contract was tell the small group of kids I still communicated with that I could have nothing to do with them or they wouldn’t even have a season. I have stayed away since that time because the last thing I would want is any more problems for the kids.

A few comments I’ve heard the new coaches made to the athletes about me after the confrontation. Again I heard these from kids and from their parents. The kids and parents call me upset because they hear these things said about me. I have emails that confirm all of this.

“You know Gilkey called every school in the East Bay looking for a job” – Please send an email in if you are an East Bay school that got a call from me. I wonder if I called American High School in Fremont? After this experience at this moment I don’t want to coach at a high school again.

“Gilkey isn’t here to cheer you on, he just wants to get revenge on Carlmont.” Why would I want anything bad for the kids? If I did want revenge wouldn’t I try to help out another school to beat Carlmont?

One athlete was accused and told, “You were seen working out with Gilkey alone on a trail and it was reported to us by another PAL Coach.” The only problem with that is the weekend they claimed I was working out with an athlete on a trail I was at my Father-In-Laws FUNERAL in Laugna Hills. This athletes mother would be happy to confirm this story, I spoke with her today and she said it would be no problem. No one likes people making up stories and calling their kid a liar.

Jeff Gilkey said...

Final Installment:

Thank you to all the people who have supported me. To all those who don’t support me you are right also. My mistake is the cause of all of this and something I deeply regret. It is also something that is over with and it is time to move forward.

Finally to address some individuals:

Pete Brewer – You are an awesome dude. I met Pete the first time on a Cross Country course in Hawaii and have valued knowing him since that time. Pete, you are one of the few people whose opinion I truly value and it is important to me what you think.

Albert Caruana – Thank you for being very objective about a tough subject. I always wanted Cross Country in the press daily – just never like this.

Evan Smith – I think you are a great coach and motivator of the athletes. I wish you all the success in taking a CCS team to the level they belong. I hope everyone is healthy. Best of luck in November, you deserve it.

Syl Pascale – You have a great passion for running. I miss talking with you about the love for the sport. Thank You.

Coach Puppione – Your views about why I should be gone are completely accurate. I agree that if we just can’t have an excuse, no matter how good someone thinks reason is, or the lines get blurred. I never taught my kids to cheat and I shouldn’t be given a reprieve. The thing is you are very condescending, both to me and to my friend Wally. You sound like you will make a great administrator – when asked the question why they let me back for track you just didn’t answer. You answer the questions you want and forget to ask what really happened. You will make a great principal someday.

Coach Ibarra – After the homophobic, insensitive email you sent to me last fall regarding a political view, I don’t think you have any right to say anything. Don’t worry about the things I vote Yes or No on. The funny thing is you had to send out an apology email and it seems like people forgave you for ignorance. I sure hope your not preaching those religious views to kids at a public school.

Over the last month I’ve been working 50+ hours per week. After the confrontation with the Carlmont coaches I’ve even stayed away from races. I’ve stayed away from the athletes and have even turned off my phone so I can completely ignore them like everyone suggests. I even stayed away from Stanford when there were some great races and athletes to watch. The most depressing part of having to miss Stanford was because I was looking forward to seeing Justine Fedronic for the first time since she left for running camp with Stanford. I also missed seeing Brad Surh, Nick Palladino, Caitlin Roake and other alumni at the meet. It is nice to see your former athletes – just ask Andy Chan!

Finally, if anyone doubts anything ask the kids, ask the parents, just ask the questions. I beg you to find out from the sources what the truth is – not things anonymous people make up.

So, does anyone have any more questions or comments? Does anyone want to keep spreading false information about me? I don’t mind being blackballed, but at least get the facts straight when trying so hard to do it.

I look forward to seeing everyone at the races!

Jeff Gilkey

Coach Pup said...

Lots of lucid thoughts shared...

Mrs. Surh brings to light something very important--the "'entitlement' generation"--no kidding. The face of education and athletics have been forever altered.

And Jeff--it is good to hear something from you, even if you took a shot at me.

I don't see where I dodged a direct question in this thread. If you are asking me why they asked you back for track, I could only speculate. I can say that this sends a very inconsistent message from the administration, but I feel that that is a separate issue from the one that stirred up this whole mess.

As for me being condescending...perhaps. I simply see this as a clear-cut situation where one person needs to move on so another can do her job. All of the drama surrounding it is nothing but an unfortunate tapestry in a room of half-truths, rumors, and impassioned please. I see it as tiresome and detracting from the need for progress, hence the curtness of my commentary. If you take that as an attack on your person, do know that this was not the intent.

As a side note, it is pretty cool that you think I would make a good administrator. I am sitting in a master's class right now, pursuing a second post-grad degree in education! My parents were both high school administrators, and perhaps one day, I will be as well.

But enough about me...

Keith Reyen said...

I can read a tea leaf as good as the next fellow, so I get Coach Pup's drift when he references the "entitlement generation". It fits right in with the high school sports is a gift from the all knowing men behind the screen and not a right that kids that have...oh say 4.0 or better GPAs like the ones we are talking about here have. Pardon me if that is an elitist statement. I am guilty of confusing such things with the qualities of dedication, commitment and hard work.

I am sorry if I have taken statements made on this board as ill informed personal attacks on me and my friends. Loyalty is another weakness I have. I have felt the sting of the comment "There is no room for this separatist, elitist posturing by parents..." on this board. I never met coach Pup in my life so I have no way to know how he could reach such a conclusion about me and my friends. I can tell you that the Carlmont distance running family was one of the closest, together groups I have had a pleasure to know. I don't know many groups of people I feel less separate from.

I also am a big believer in transparency and accountability, which is why I went overboard communicating the private training issue to the Carlmont administrators in charge. For this my son was accused of being one who "trained subversively". Like Jeff I will provide transparency to anyone who asks for a copy of my e-mails on the subject. Would anybody else like to share their e-mails on the subjects raised in Jeff's entry?

The truth is the outside commentators really do not have enough information to support 90% of what got printed. It is an old school maxim in sports that you don't tell stories out of school about what goes on in your own locker room. It really is nobody else's business.

Gilkey's Friend said...

As a person that feels insulted by the comments of Coach Pup("WALLY IS ON THE BOARD"), I would appreciate an apology because you were completely condescending. I'm also sure that an elitist parent like Keith Reyen would also appreciate one.

I don't expect you to do it but sometimes people can surprise me.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous, because the kids have to live with this coaching situation or be barred from CCS competition, but how sure are we where the locker room is, when repeated violation of CIF coaching rules of conduct occur, in terms of whose business it is? Since the school does not correct when we request correction, as far as we are seeing, then ultimately it is up to the greater XC community. They in turn have no direct way to help anyone at our school, but it seems fair that the community at least be somewhat informed of how it is at Carlmont for the older kids now.

Just one view, as I do not know the answer for these kids. I do know that without information such has been provided in this blog, and all the back up documentation we have to support what we say, the world may make comments such as coach Pup has done. Information is key to understanding.

Carlmont Parent too said...

Thanks to Gilkey for getting some facts out there for others to read.

One thing still remains...the contract stands restricting any outside training not just training with Gilkey. Randazzo needs to approve a Sunday run!
Why would the runners who have previously worked with Gilkey have any faith in Randazzoo's coaching ability when she made the comment to 2 parents that she did not have a long term plan for the varsity runners. She adjusts practice week to week!

Shame on the Carlmont administration for placing a young, inexperienced coach in such a hard situation.

Anonymous said...

Will you please stop the lies about coach Randazzo. She adjusts practices according to the needs of the runners. You can say she doesn't have a plan all you want but that is not true. You can go and ask her yourself instead of continuing to bash her on this forum. She is the coach and shame on YOU for trying to undermine her authority! Is she young? Yes! Is she inexperienced as a head coach? Yes! Does she know anything about cross country, have experience as an assistant coach, have experience as a full time physical education teacher, come from a family of runners and a father who is a successful head coach, and experience as a runner who ran at a high level at a respected high school and college? YES! She knows what she is doing and I am sorry it is not what you are used to but you have to get over it. If you put your support behind her instead of trying to insult her and make up lies, which I have seen too many to recount on this forum, you will see success in your individual child and the Carlmont runners as a team. How is that you think you can bad mouth coach Randazzo as much as you want? Are you kidding me? Stop this destructive and pointless smear campaign. Show her some support. She knows how to be a successful runner, she has the experience and pedigree and her methods work, now just let her coach! And she has a plan for the runners, all of them! I have heard it with my own two ears. You want to know the plan for your child, then go up to her and ask, stop making YOUR problems public! I believe Keith was right when he said that this business is best handled internally.

Albert Caruana said...


I think it's time to shut this thread down. Both sides have been given an opportunity to speak.

It's now time to move on and make the best of this situation.

I have been on both sides of the fence on this one so can relate and empathize with all those affected.

My first coaching job was at San Mateo HS as a 21 year old kid, taking over for Don Dooley who has passed away very unfortunately following a heart attack. I was hired in August taking over a group of 60 devastated runners who had just lost their legendary coach. It was not easy but I was very fortunate to have a great group of seniors who helped me immensely.

Two years later, on the same day that I was going to meet the kids to discuss summer running, I received a call in the am from the then SMHS vice principal. She told me I was no longer the coach as they were hiring an on campus coach. It was quite a shock. Tearfully I told the kids that day that I was no longer their coach.

As tough as that was, I was able to move on and coach with Obbie for a year at Burlingame. He has always been a great mentor and friend. I then spent the next seven years with coach DiMaggio at Westmoor who has also been a big influence for me as a coach and person.

I didn't really get to choose my path but looking back, I made the best of every situation and learned every step of the way.

Feel free to email me at if you need to get something off your chest.

And now back to our regularly scheduled program...

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