Sunday, September 13, 2009

2009 Norcal Girls' Pre-Season Rankings

Here is my best attempt to rank the top girls' teams in Northern California. It's very difficult to rank teams at this point as you could imagine. Regardless, here they are for your viewing pleasure. Feel free to comment below on teams that you feel should be ranked lower or higher or are not listed at all.

1) Oak Ridge SJS Division I
2) Mt. View CCS Division II
3) Davis Sr. SJS Division I
4) Aptos CCS Division III
5) Gunn CCS Division I
6) Carlmont CCS Division I
7) Castro Valley NCS Division I
8) Campolindo NCS Division III
9) Casa Grande NCS Division II
10) Monte Vista NCS Division I

Honorable Mention (15 teams in alphabetical order)
Acalanes NCS Division III
Bret Harte SJS Division IV
Del Oro SJS Division III
Evergreen Valley CCS Division I
Gilroy CCS Division I
Granite Bay SJS Division II
Livermore NCS Division I
Los Gatos CCS Division II
Maria Carrillo NCS Division III
Montgomery NCS Division II
St. Francis, Mountain View CCS Division III
St. Francis, Sacramento SJS Divsision II
St. Ignatius CCS Davision III
University HS NCS Division V
Woodcreek SJS Division II

Please include your name and team you are most closely associated with this coming season with your posts.


Anonymous said...

Aptos is better than Mountain View. Arguably the best team in Northern CA even. They have a great group and ran very well at the Earlybird Invitational without Marissa Ferrante. Kim McMullen, Linnea Biddick, and Nikki Hiltz are all up there.

Even Gunn HS could be ranked higher because they have runners like Erin Robinson (track state qualifier) doing xc this year.

Albert Caruana said...

Sadly you didn't identify yourself but I do agree that Aptos and Gunn are two of the top teams in Northern California and will be dangerous at state.

As I said, it's very hard to rank teams right now because so many teams are at different fitness levels and not quite at full strength yet.

After the Stanford Invitational, I will be much smarter.

Thanks for your comment.

Anonymous said...

Considering it is early season I agree. The question is why did Ferrante not run? Is she hurt? Without inside info it is very difficult to do rankings. And they are exactly that, rankings. The great thing with our sport is that it all gets sorted out come race day and your rankings don't mean anything!

Ruben DiRado said...

here is a partial ordering based on the composite performances of all girls' races at Ed Sias Invite this past weekend (no adjustments made for any missing athletes, and there were a few)

1. Monte Vista High School
2. Acalanes High School
3. Campolindo High School
4. Maria Carrillo High School
5. St. Francis High School
6. College Park High School
7. Petaluma High School
8. Amador Valley High School
9. Montgomery High School
10.Miramonte High School

a1k said...

Ferrante is also a very accomplished triathlete and was at the World Junior Triathlon Championships.

a1k said...

By the way, could Gilroy possibly beat Carlmont? They had a pretty strong showing at Earlybird though Carlmont has been running well too (and apparently have a new freshman to help them out).

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