Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Excellent blog entry about Grace Upshaw...

Grace Upshaw is the former Acalanes HS athlete who went on to compete in college at Oregon and later at California, Berkeley. She has been one of the most consistent long jumpers for the US in the past decade, qualifying for two Olympic teams ('04 and '08). She is also the younger sister of Joy Upshaw who coaches at Gunn HS and is still quite a competitor in the masters division. Joy's daughter (Sunny Margerum) is entering her senior year at Gunn HS as one of the top track and field athletes in CCS. Needless to say, quite the talented family.

The following is a blog post about Grace Upshaw by one of her competitors, Brianna Glenn. Very well written and hearthfelt piece.


I think it will hit home to many of you as your greatest competitor can eventually turn into a great friend.


Anonymous said...

Sunny Margerum is Joyce Upshaw's daughter?? I had no idea... one of the few hurdlers I have heard of (someone like Katie Nelms as well being one of the other hurdlers I've heard of).

Albert Caruana said...

Yes...Ken Margerum is the dad...former wide receiver for the Stanford Cardinal, Chicago Bears and San Francisco 49ers.


Anonymous said...

Don't forget the Joy and Grace's father, Monte Upshaw, was a former high school record holder in the long jump (broke Jesse Owens' previous record).

Albert Caruana said...

Article in SF Chronicle about Upshaw family and the long jump:


Kevin Liao said...

How about Darius Terry?

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