Saturday, August 01, 2009

CCS Comparisons - 2009 by Walt Van Zant

Walt Van Zant (Wilcox HS Coach seen here on the left) has once again done amazing work collecting the times from the '08 cross country and '09 track and field seasons of every team participating in the Central Coast Section. You can take a look at the following link and find out where your team belongs as of this point in CCS.

Walt will update the following lists as the season progresses.

CCS Comparisons - 2009

Any feedback? Any corrections? Who are the fastest incoming freshmen in CCS?


Anonymous said...

Fastest incoming freshmen are..

David Zarrin - Saratoga 4:56 mile
Aaron Walker - Los Gatos 4:57 mile

Greg Brock said...

Santa Cruz changes, Juan Salina 4:55 and Elle Sanders ran 5:16

Anonymous said...

Saratoga Changes-

Harry Curtis- 4:50
Garrick Chan- 5:07

No Nick Olsen, Kyle Borch, and Kyle Fukui.

Anonymous said...

Elle Sanders also has a fast 800 PR doesn't she/or focuses on that?

By the way, is that the real Greg Brock? Vessey's coach?

Anonymous said...

Isn't Mountain View getting yet another fast girl?

Coach Small said...

to the "real" Greg Brock (lol),

This is Josh Small. Can you email me at I lost your e-mail... I have a question for you.

Anonymous said...

Here are some more decent freshman from the East Side. I am not sure where they will be going though...

R. Ho - 4:50 (Bret Harte)
R. Romero - 4:52 (Ocala)
Aguilar - 5:01 (Davis)
Herrmann - 5:03 (Britton)

Anonymous said...

Walt did a great job as always with the times from last year...

Just an observation: There are 4 spots for State in D3 this year. It seems like making the 86:22 (17:16 avg) at Crystal Springs could be harder than making State.

Anonymous said...

What the heck is the water in eastern Los Altos that makes them girls so fast? I hear MVHS is getting the VJHSAL 800 & 1600m champion. I predict that some of the four girls who went to State last year for MVHS will be replaced by some sophomores and freshmen this year.

Anonymous said...

Carlmont has a couple of freshman that ran 2:18,2:19 and 2:22 800. Also ran 5:00,5:03 and 5:10.I know one that ran the Crystal Springs course 1.8 at 9:47.The other ran the full course in 17:40.

Anonymous said...

Lindsay Arigalla(something like that,can't spell last name)-anyways in the VHJSAL crosscountry meets shes gotten 2nd every time except 4 leauge meet(3rd)
another fast girl-Medora McCarthy(alwats makes it to the top 20s, girl with LOTs of potential!!!
Two fast boys: Blake Moran and Kyle Bystrom-always make it to top 10!! :) ALL OF THESE KIDS R IN 7th grade

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