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Monday, August 10, 2009

2009 Track and Field World Championships Previews...

Want to know who are all the favorites that will be competing next week at the '09 version of the Track and Field World Championships in Berlin? Check out the following link courtesy of the IAAF website:

Looking forward to the Tyson Gay/Usain Bolt showdown we missed in Beijing. Let's see how the young American distance runners fare against the best in the world. What match-ups are you looking forward to seeing?


CCS represent said...

Maggie Vessey in the 800.

Willard, Wurth, Rowbury in the 1500.

Albert Caruana said...

Vessey is going to be an interesting entry for the US. She is inexperienced in this kind of meet so I have no idea how she will do. She could possibly win or not get out of the first round. We'll just have to see.

Willard, Wurth-Thomas and Rowbury could be the best group of females we have sent to the World Championships in the 1500.

Has Willard committed to running the 1500 or is doing just the steeple or both races?

a1k said...

Willard said in a Flotrack interview that she was just doing the 1500. With her speed as well as her strength, she could be a serious medal contender. Also, watch out for Jenny B in that steeple...

Albert Caruana said...

Realistically, Willard is the 3rd member of the team which means that's solid. She is a fearless runner who finishes well.

I am curious as to how Barringer will do in the steeple. She has definitely shown a great range so far between the 1500 (Sub 4) and the 5K (Low 15).

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