Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Nice article about Moreau Catholic's Phil Wilder...

As some of you may know, Phil Wilder of Moreau Catholic is stepping down as the school's cross country coach. He will continue to teach at the school but this past cross country season (his 28th season) was his last. Check out the following article to learn a little more about this outstanding person and coach.

Steward: Moreau Catholic's Wilder a coach who knew how to run things (Contra Costa Times)

Here is an interview I did with Phil at the end of this past cross country season:
Catching up with Moreau Catholic coach Phil Wilder

Peter Brewer beat me to the punch with his comment below but I would love to hear from fellow coaches or past Wilder athletes about their interaction with him. My contact with him has always been very positive and I have always been impressed with the size and sportsmanship of all his teams.


Peter Brewer said...

Phil has always been a class act, and a model for athletes and coaches alike. I'll miss seeing at the helm of the Moreau Catholic program.

Enrique Henriquez is an outstanding choice for a replacement. Moreau will continue to have excellent leadership.

Peter Brewer
Northgate High School

Anonymous said...

There's not enough space on the internet to praise the work Phil Wilder has been able to do with the Moreau track and cross country programmes, but more importantly, with the individual student-athletes who have participated on those teams.

Moreau lept into the spotlight in the mid-80's, with the 1984 boys cross country team placing fourth at the Northern California Cross Country Championships, and the 1985 team placing runner-up (missing the title by six points to San Jose Bellarmine).

Phil Wilder guided those special teams, and led a star runner who had achieved 1.55,2/4.23,8/6'5" the spring of 1985 to a mentorship role which yielded tremendous dividends for the 1985 cross country team and the athletes who would face the challenge of leadership the ensuing years.

Thousands of Moreau track and cross country athletes have come and gone since Mr. Wilder first helped Moreau to earn respect over the hills, and, eventually, on the track.

However, one common bond which has tied each and every one of us together has been his philosophy of ensuring that we each had fun at what we were doing and instilling in us a culture which praised the work every athlete put in. I cheered as loudly for a girl attempting to break 6.00 in the mile as I did for a guy attempting to break the eventual school record in the 1.600m.

Though Moreau is long behind me, the memories of training, racing, ice cream runs, Garin Park, Half Moon Bay and a whole lot of other things remain.

Phil Wilder was at the centre of all of them, and I owe him a tremendous amount of gratitude for knowing how to steer, guide, mentor and discipline a student to achieve good marks in the classroom and even better ones outside of it.

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