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Divisions for 2009 NCS Cross Country posted...

2009 NCS Cross Country Divisions

The most prominent teams that have switched divisions are De La Salle HS which moves up to Division I, College Park HS which drops down to Division II, and Livermore and Washington HS which move up to Division I.

Not sure if those changes affect the divisions other than College Park is now in Division II minus three of the better teams, DLS, Livermore and Washington. If I missed any other teams that have moved divisions, please mension them in the comment box below.

Pre-season rankings will come out in June. If you have any information that may be helpful in ranking the teams going into the '09 season, please send it to

Anybody want to throw out there the top 3 teams in each division for next year (boys and girls)? Who are going to be the surprise teams? What teams have improved the most since last cross country season and are really tearing it up on the track? What teams lost the most talent with graduating runners? Who are the hot shot 8th graders coming up?


Anonymous said...

Div 1 Girls:
-Castro Valley
-Monte Vista
Livermore has 3 top runners graduating this year but it seems like they have good lower classmen talent, as seen in track results. SRV is constantly improving; they could be a factor.

Div. 2 Girls:
-College Park
-Casa Grande

Div. 3 Girls:
-Las Lomas
-Maria Carrillo (quite a few graduating seniors)

Div. 4 Girls:
-Piedmont (top 5 all back)
(I'm not sure about St. Mary's since I haven't heard about incoming freshmen that could replace the couple of seniors from this year's squad)
-Terra Linda

Div. 5 Girls:
-Marin Academy
-College Prep
-San Francisco Univ HS
All of these three teams are only losing one senior each.

Boys are harder to predict since the graduating seniors usually make up more than half the team.

Albert Caruana said...

That is a very good start.


Anonymous said...

instead of casa grande, just put jacque taylor :P

Albert Caruana said...

Casa Grande is more than Jacque Taylor. While she is unquestionably their #1 runner, her teammates have joined her as a team at the XC state meet the past two years and have set her up for some victorious anchor legs during this current track season.

Anonymous said...

DIII boys should be interesting. petaluma and campo graduating a bunch of top runners. both teams should both come back strong though.

Anonymous said...

d3 boys will be good. i would look for carrillo to come back stronger after a slight off year. i think las lomas could be very strong, it'll be interesting to see how they shape out during track and the summer. unfortunately, i pretty much only pay attention to d3... boys...

Albert Caruana said...

Petaluma and Campolindo lose some of the best runners in NCS as part of their graduating seniors. However, both programs are well established and while they may take a dip next year, I am sure that they will still be competitive in Division III.

Anonymous said...

I'll take a stab at some boys' rankings. I'll start with the lower divisions. I'll post a new division every few days or so hopefully (I've been pretty busy lately)

div. V boys:

1. Redwood Christian - No one will even come close. Returning 6/7 runners after 5th place state finish. Josh MacDonald will win NCS individually as well.

After that it gets tricky. Santa Rosa Christian returns 6/7, but their 3-5 runners need to improve. Marin Academy could be in the mix as well.

College Prep takes some big hits but their program is usually deep enough to fill voids easily.

University is losing its entire varsity save for sophomore Ned Tennenbaum, who will be one of the individual front runners (after Josh MacDonald of course). However, they should never be counted out, simply because they have been so great every year.

So that's division V. More to come soon.

- Jacob Roth, Berean Christian High School

(by the way we're graduating our entire varsity except me so I doubt we'll challenge for a team title).

Chris Ofstad said...

Girls Division One

1. Castro Valley
2. Monte Vista
3. Deer Valley

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