Wednesday, May 17, 2023

NorCal Section Finals prediction post

With the upcoming section finals coming up this weekend, this is your chance to show your prediction prowess by selecting winners in events in any section that you would like to choose. Feel free to comment below in the section below. Who are the absolute locks to win their event? Who is going to be the biggest surprise? Who is ready to shock the world (at least the NorCal T & F world)? What will be the most competitive event at any of the 6 NorCal sections? Who are the NorCal athletes that will be favored to win at the state meet?


bhc3 said...

NCS MOC. Hanne Thomsen is a lock to advance in 1600 and 3200. Bay School girls 4x800 gets 3rd place. Bay's Elsa Krummel advances to state in the 800. And 7 MOC boys will advance in the 3200.

Blaise Lamoureux said...

NCS MOC in Dublin. Boys 1600 is stacked. Gonna be exciting!!

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