Thursday, October 06, 2022

Northern California results

SCVAL #2 at the Crystal Springs Course:

WBAL #1 at the Crystal Springs Course:

Mountain Valley XC Meet #1 (SJS)

Any other results? Post link in comment section.


Unknown said...

Hi Albert-

Rumor through the local running grapevine is that St. Mary's College in Moraga has hired local running legend and Olympian, Matt Giusto, as an assistant coach. Is this true? If in fact true, what an amazing opportunity for any local athletes thinking about attending St. Mary's to run. Not very often does the opportunity come around to be coached by an Olympian and multiple-time USA National Champion.

Go Gaels!

Ron Ernst said...

It is true. He is a great guy and has always open to share his knowledge. Great point about the Gaels being very fortunate.

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