Friday, September 09, 2022

Invitationals this weekend (result links)

Ed Sias Invitational


bhc3 said...

Quick word about the times at Lowell Invitational this year. The course changed a bit just for this year, and it appears it shortened. This year's course lengths are shorter than 2.93 mi and 2.13 mi. FYI, when you see some eye-popping race times.

Albert Caruana said...

The distances that were shared with me by Bellarmine coach Patrick McCrystle were 2.08 and 2.78. The courses were indeed a bit shorter and I believe had better footing than previous seasons which resulted in some very FAST TIMES!

J.Chen said...

All courses have been shorter than 2.93 since they removed the around the tree portion of the race...I believe the "tree change" was made in 2018 or 2019. And since then the course was 2.80 I believe people said that was a consistent reading on their gps watches...and yesterday's change as Patrick mentioned made it 2.78.

Regardless there were impressive performances by both Thomsen & Soobrian & Pretres bros and typical Granada dominance everywhere, esp on the boys' side, as the article accurately mentioned.

pmccrystle said...

Hello wonderful Cross Country community! I did indeed run the full course twice yesterday with GPS. Both times I came up with measurements of 2.78 and 2.08, which was very close to what most athletes came up with. The shorter distance is due to the sandy single track along Chain of Lakes Drive being closed, replaced with a much straighter course running along Chain of Lakes. I believe the fast times are because of the shorter course, faster paved section of the aforementioned portion of the race, and the incredibly stacked fields of the meet! I also did not run the tangents, and cut no corners on the 3 90 degree turns...which might also explain the slightly longer course I ran twice compared with some athletes running 2.7ish vs. 2.78.

Thanks to Andy Leong and all his staff/team for the great meet...what a field!!!

pmccrystle said...

Also, I am curious about the changes at Toro; is the 2.9ish course length due to changes at the start? Anybody who ran at MBI able to elaborate? Thanks!

Elmo said...

Anyone know if
Olivia Williams is running for Acalanes this season?

Viking Nation said...

@ Patrick

A bit late on this... but the course was 98% the same using the traditional start and finish. We cut up the hill right before the finish to eliminate the cross over in the gully. It was a steeper climb up to the first "camel hump" but slightly shorter. The "classic" course is 3.02 miles, this course was measured at 2.91 miles.

- Coach Small

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