Thursday, May 05, 2022

NorCal Cross Country and Track and Field College Commitments

Jeremy Kain Scotts Valley (CCS) Duke University
Riley Chamberlain Del Oro (SJS) BYU
Braden King Jesuit (SJS) Yale University
Alex Mader Lick-Wilmerding (NCS) Yale University
Daniel Winter St. Mary's Stockton (SJS) Wake Forest
Caden Carney Tamalpais (NCS) UC Berkeley
Madison Chavez California (NCS) University of Colorado at Colorado Springs
Jacob Donohue Maria Carrillo (NCS) Cal Poly SLO
Noe Vieyra Maria Carrillo (NCS) CSU Long Beach
Kayla Rutz Oak Ridge (SJS) UC Davis
Cate Joaquin St. Francis, Sacramento (SJS) Georgetown
Ava Maier Oak Ridge (SJS) UC Santa Barbara
Jadyn Marshall St. Mary's Stockton (SJS) UCLA
Bella Peretti Pioneer (CCS) San Diego State
Tanish Chettiar Bellarmine (CCS) Yale University
Grace McGuckin Granite Bay (SJS) Lipscomb University
Sophia Nordenholz Albany (NCS) University of Washington
Kate Riley Miramonte (NCS) American University
Allison Sahaida Oak Ridge (SJS) University of California
Tommy Rogers Serra (CCS) Santa Clara University
Zachary Ayers Davis (SJS) United States Air Force Academy
Sofia Tavella San Ramon Valley (NCS) Boston College
Jack Stein Piedmont (NCS) Pomona College
Kassidy Schroth Santa Rosa (NCS) Sacramento State
Harrison Dance Saratoga (CCS) UCLA
Nathan Kent Rocklin (SJS) US Naval Academy at Annapolis
Riley Capuano Los Altos (CCS) Claremont McKenna College
James Miller Palo Alto (CCS) Occidental College
John (JT) Bard Palo Alto (CCS) Pomona-Pitzer
Kenji Tella Palo Alto (CCS) Carnegie Mellon
John Miller Palo Alto (CCS) Grinnell College
Kinsey Pogue Monte Vista (NCS) Villanova
Oscar Gomes De La Salle (NCS) Cal Poly SLO
Emily Castle Davis (SJS) NYU
Dom Depeiro Heritage (NCS) Humboldt University
James Woolery Heritage (NCS) Humboldt University
Kylee Denver Freedom (NCS) Coast Carolina University
Andy Taylor Hillsdale (CCS) NYU
Mateo Fessimeier Palo Alto (CCS) Santa Clara University
Ryan Dube California (NCS) Humboldt University
Tyler Eakin Monte Vista (NCS) Whitworth University
Jack Loughery Monte Vista (NCS) RPI
Yutaka Roberts El Camino (CCS) University of Portland
Jonah Grubbs Archie Williams (NCS) Humboldt Univerity
Julian Vargas St. Francis Salesian College Prep (CCS) Xavier University
Jack Loughery Monte Vista (NCS) RPI
Ryan Dube California (NCS) Humboldt University

If you know of others, leave a comment below and I will add them to the list.


Unknown said...

Caden Carney to UC Berkeley

Unknown said...

Madison Chavez to University of Colorado at Colorado Springs.

Patrick D said...

Jacob Donohue to Cal Poly SLO

Patrick D said...

Noe Vieyra to CSU Long Beach

40th bdy girl said...

Sofia Tavella to Boston College

C Lucey San Mateo TC said...

FYI: NorCal alum Maddie Denner leads the Notre Dame Fighting Irish to the NCAAs with her first place finish at the Midwest Regionals today...

Unknown said...
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FormerXC said...

"Allison Sahaida Oak Ridge (SJS) University of California". There are 10 UC schools. Be more specific. I believe it is UC Berkeley.

Unknown said...

Mateo Fesslmeier to Loyola Marymount University

Carrie Joseph said...

Kassidy Schroth (Santa Rosa HS) to Sacramento State

Unknown said...

Harry Dance to UCLA

Daniel James said...

Nathan Kent of Rocklin, a highly recruited football player and sprinter announced his commitment to the US Naval Academy at Annapolis yesterday.

Unknown said...
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Tyler Jorgens said...

Chance Tokubo (Newark) - UC Davis

Unknown said...

James Miller (Palo Alto) to Occidental College
John [JT] Bard (Palo Alto) to Pomona-Pitzer
Kenji Tella (Palo Alto) to Carnegie Mellon university
John Miller (Palo Alto) to Grinnell College

Anonymous said...

Dom Depeiro and James Woolery from Heritage to Cal Poly Humboldt

Unknown said...

Emily Castles (Davis) to NYU

John Pelster said...

Oscar Gomez to Cal Poly SLO

Valley Coach said...

Kinsey Pogue to Villanova

Anonymous said...

Humboldt got be scary next year

mdube said...

Ryan Dube (California HS NCS) to Humboldt

Unknown said...

Mateo Fesslmeier (Palo Alto) Recommitted to Santa Clara University

Valley Coach said...

Tyler Eakin (Monte Vista) Whitworth University

C Lucey San Mateo TC said...

Andy Taylor (Hillsdale) NYU

Valley Coach said...

Jack Loughery is running for RPI next fall

Avid Running Fan said...

Julian Vargas (St Francis Salesian College Prep) Xavier University

Unknown said...

Ryan Dube (Cal High) Humbolt State

Dan Steplight said...

Kellen Steplight will be attending Saint Mary’s College.

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