Saturday, July 04, 2020

Results of Independence Day Show Down Sub-4

John Lester now has 1:48.26/4:05.46 PRs. Here is a comparison to some of the all-time greats in California as far as their 800 and 1600 PRs.

Jon Stevens Mission SJ 1:48.56/4:07.19
Dennis Carr Lowell, Whittier 1:48.6c/4:07.3c
Michael Stember Jesuit 1:49.29/4:04.00
Isaac Cortes Great Oak 1:50.20/4:04.01
Brian Wilkinson Merced 1:49.50/4:08.13
Jantzen Oshier Trabuco Hills 1:51.3/4:00.83
Louie Quintana Arroyo Grande 1:50.2/4:06.1
Coley Candaele Carpenteria 1:50.87/4:06.26
Mac Fleet University City, S.D. 1:50.31/4:02.90y
David Mack Locke, L.A. 1:50.2y/3:50.8i (1500)
Jeff West Crenshaw, L.A. 1:48.2/3:50.9i (1500)


Menlo XC/Track Coach said...

Great job again John & Ozzie!!! This is so exciting...I almost commented on the tweet: "It was all his coach Ozzie!!!" #toosoon? LOL

Can't wait to follow his Senior year Track and XC season.

Have a great summer!

Anonymous said...

Is Lester's 1:48.2 & 4:06.9 season bests for the 800/1600 the fastest in Bay Area history?

Albert Caruana said...

Good question. Jon Stevens of Mission SJ won the state meet 1600 and 800 races in 1998 and had PRs of 1:48.65 and 4:07.19. I think he is the closest Bay Area runner close to what Lester has done this spring. I don't think anybody else comes close to Lester's PRs but will do some digging to see if I missed anybody.

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