Saturday, June 01, 2019

2019 Cross Country Schedule (Preliminary)

August 30 Serra Jamboree at Hallmark Park

September 3 Monte Vista Invitational at Oak Hill Park
September 7 Lowell Invitational at Golden Gate Park
September 7 Lagoon Valley Classic at Lagoon Valley Park
September 7 Stevenson XC Invitational at Robert Louis Stevenson HS
September 10 Lynbrook Center Meet at Lynbrook HS
September 14 Jackie Henderson Memorial XC Invitational at North Monterey County School
September 14 Viking Opener at Montgomery HS (NEW)
September 14 Ed Sias Invitational at Hidden Valley Park (NEW)
September 19 Lou Vasquez Memorial Invitational at Golden Gate Park (NEW)
September 21 Pacific Tiger Invitational at Elkhorn Golf Course
September 21 De La Salle Invitational at Newhall Park
September 21 Woodbridge Invitational at TBA
September 21 Gilroy Mustang Invitational
September 21 Farmer Invitational at Hayward HS (NEW)
September 28 Ram Invitational at Westmoor HS
September 28 Scott Bauhs Invitational at Shadow Cliffs
September 28 Capital Cross at Arcade Creek Golf Course
September 28 Eye Opener Invitational at Shellenberger Park
Stanford Invitational RIP (1974-2018)

October 5 Artichoke Invitational at Half Moon Bay HS
October 9 Aragon Center Meet at Hallmark Park
October 12 Serra Crystal Springs Invitational at Hallmark Park
October 12 Clovis Invitational at Woodward Park
October 12 Del Oro Invitational at TBA
October 12 Pacific Grove Invitational
October 18 Rough Rider Invitational at Woodward Park
October 19 Bella Vista Bronco Invitational at Johnson Springview Park in Rocklin
October 19 Monterey Bay Invitational at Toro Park
October 19 Soquel HS/Ken Thomas Memorial XC Invitational at Soquel HS
October 19 Phil Wilder Mariner Invitational at Hayward HS
October 25/26 Mt. SAC at Mt. SAC College
October 31 Lynbrook Invitational at Lynbrook HS

Additional meets thanks to Foothill Tech coach Ken Reeves:

More will be added but please feel free to add dates of meets that you have confirmed in the comment section below.


Anonymous said...

With no Earlybird and no Chieftain this year, is Monterey Bay the only Toro Park invitational (10/19/19)?

Anonymous said...

Crystal springs is 10/12 on the CCS list of sanctioned meets:

Has Lowell confirmed for the first weekend of September? It's usually the second.

Anonymous said...

Yes, only one. Toro Park charges more that $5,000 yo rent the park, won’t let you use the bathrooms and still charges an entrance fee. Then you bring in $3,000 of mandated ports-potties (remember no bethrooms and potapotties are charged for an entire month even if used for one day) you can easily get upwards of 10k just to host a meet.

Essentially the park system seems to not want people to use them and it is a shame. Cross Country is running out of places to compete.

Anonymous said...

Interesting about the difficulty of hosting at Toro Park. Maybe sanity will prevail and we'll get back to Crystal Springs for CCS every year. Yeah, yeah, the long-suffering schools down south have to travel a ways but it's once a year on a historic, better and more spectator-friendly course (plus the overwhelming bulk of CCS population is closer to Crystal Springs than it is to Toro).

Anonymous said...

Agreed. Having multiple cross country courses that play to different strengths is absurd. I mean schools are happy to travel to SoCal but Toro is just way too far. Everyone over an hour from Crystal doesn’t matter anyways. Do they even make CCS better anyways? Yeah your busses are expensive and 2 hour drive time is nothing to the torture WCAL schools face have when they have to run that horrible course. What not to love of a monster downhill start, eating dust, no shade and howling wings. Make XC great again and drop Toro!

Anonymous said...

@7:32pm. Little bit of a chip on your shoulder? And what does the WCAL have to do with it? The main comment was that Crystal Springs is "historic, better and more spectator-friendly". And then an aside that a lot more of the CCS is closer to Crystal Springs. You can dispute that Crystal is "better", though that's ignorant, but there's no disputing that it's more historic, more spectator-friendly, and much closer to where most of the CCS population is. But, sure, 90% of the CCS can drive 1-2 hours to an inferior course for meets that the park authorities don't want and that also sucks by comparison for spectators so that 10% of the CCS can avoid the drive. Seems fair.

Anonymous said...

Even if you believe that Crystal Springs is one of the best courses anywhere--and I agree--the entire cross country community does benefit from having multiple courses available. After Crystal, try putting together a list of your next most preferred courses in list of courses that are interesting to run on, can accommodate a lot of athletes, is close to three miles, and still exists is a pretty short list. Crystal is number one on my list, but Toro is on that list too.

Crystal is a high bar too compare other courses. While we might love Crystal, it's OK to appreciate other courses too. I'd be perfectly happy with the CCS Championships being at Crystal every year, but I don't want Toro to go away completely and I will miss Earlybird. You can think Crystal is the best and still appreciate racing at Toro.

And if you love Crystal, you can help out too. Bob Rush can always use help with maintenance and he periodically asks for help with trail days. Crystal is not universally loved by the neighborhood in Belmont. It is not a given that Crystal will always be there without support of the cross country community. Anyone can help out the cross country community, and part of that is the opportunity to help maintain Crystal Springs and also the existence of other courses, like Toro, I think. Having multiple, good courses to run on is part of what makes our XC community so vibrant (I think).

Unknown said...

The Mt SAC XC Invitational will be back to full operation and on the original course and open to ALL teams that register and pay their entry fees on time. Registration will open on September 1 at

Anonymous said...

I am sensing sarcasm in the 7:32 post but could be wrong. I too am with 11:10. I love Crystal, it is my top course to race on but as stated running different courses are good for the sport. And it is good to support the entire section.

Most of the section is 60 minutes away from both Crystal and Toro so that’s not a great argument.

Toro will be the only course left. CSM is looking to rezone and sell the land. I am sure after Bob Rush retires the city quickly makes racing there so difficult the venue eventually becomes residential. Similarly Toro Park is likely driving out XC to bring in the soccer and softball fields they really want.

Harold Kuphaldt said...

Bella Vista Bronco Inv October 19th in Rocklin at Johnson Springview park

Albert Caruana said...

I will double check on the date of the Crystal Springs Invitational. Getting conflicting dates.

Anonymous said...

P-Wilder Mariner October 19th per Coach Enrique Hernandez

Albert Caruana said...

Everything should be updated now.

Anonymous said...

Stanford Invite?

Garrett MacQuiddy said...

11:47 -- Stanford invitational 2019 is not happening. I think there was a post about it

Carrie Joseph said...

Viking Opener (Montgomery High School) is 9/14.

Anonymous said...

Ed Sias Invitational - September 14

Castro Valley Invitational - October 12

Anonymous said...

What a sad site at the Golden West Invitational.
The majority of the heats had only 3 or 4 runners, some only 2. So many scratches.
No timing clock and officials are drinking slurpees.

Anonymous said...

You can’t condense heats?

Good call on the no finish line clock. No one wants a rerun at this point in the season.

Anonymous said...

I remember when Golden West and Keebler where the two premier post season meets in the country. What happened, lack of sponsorship?

Anonymous said...

Ed Sias Invite is September 14

Shannon Lowe said...

Lou Vasquez Memorial Cross County for the Second Year will feature a high school race on Thursday September 19,2019 at the Polo Fields in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco

Anonymous said...

Have the Section Allocations to the State meet been published for the 2019 season?

Albert Caruana said...

They have not. I was told it will come out in September which seems late to me.

Chad Raugewitz said...

Please add 10/19 Yoshaany Rahm Invite hosted by Ukiah High

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