Tuesday, August 01, 2017

2017/2018 NorCal's top freshmen

Started by a comment in a previous post. If you have other freshmen to add to the list, please add them and their times in the comment section below.

Isabelle Cairns is from Woodside and had a good track season. She ran a 2:16 800 and 4:56 1500. The club girls run 1500 so that needs to be converted. I get 5:17 for 1600. She ran XC last year but in track she focused on the 400 and 800 so it's unclear if she will run XC in HS. I also don't know what HS she is going to. (believed to be going to St. Francis, MV)

Natalie Harper is headed to Cosumnes Oaks. She ran 5:11 at Halden for 1600 and also ran 4:50 for 1500. She also ran a 10:36 3000. She will certainly be a big factor for CO.

Madison Denny is headed to Armijo. She ran a 4:47 1500 which converts to a 5:08 for 1600. She also ran a 2:20 800 and a 10:32 3000. She has the fastest 1500 and 3000 times for Northern California middle school girls and the 2nd fastest 800 to Isabelle Cairns. I also heard that Luis Grijalva's coach is staying on with Armijo to coach her. Not sure if that's true but if so, that could be huge. Times courtesy of athletic.net

Collin Peattie RJ Fisher MS in Los Gatos, PRs that I could find for him are 2:04.46 and 4:37.32. Believed to be going to Bellarmine.

Maya Lacamp Lick-Wilmerding 4:59.01 1500m

Dylan Gunn Campolindo 4:25 1500, 9:33 3000m

Chloe Decker Christian Brothers (SJS) 12.64 (100m), 26.21 (200m)

Teia Chou Sunnyvale MS now going to Homestead HS (CCS) 2:24 (800m), 5:28 (1600m)

Others? Sprinters? Jumpers? Throwers? 


Anonymous said...

Cairns is definitely going to St. Francis MV next year and is another product of the great Pinewood MS running program! Once again the WBAL is proven to be the true training ground for elite runners.

Anonymous said...

Maya Lacamp, headed to Lick Wilmerding—not sure if she raced this past season, but she ran some killer times as a 7th grader.

Anonymous said...

Dylan Gunn 4:25 1500, 9:33 3000. Going to Campolindo, the rich get richer so it seems.

Anonymous said...

Chloe Decker Sprinter - 12.64 100, 26.21 200. Going To Christian Brothers.

Anonymous said...

Why do these kids not stay at Woodside?

Anonymous said...

Teia Chou, Sunnyvale MS - not quite as fast as those listed already, but a solid addition to Homestead girls. Undefeated in XC against same grade competition for 3 years in Valley AL (Public Middle Schools of Sunnyvale, Cupertino, Los Altos, and MV) 2:24 800, 5:28 1600.

Menlo XC/Track Coach said...

Azalea Groleau - 2:21 800, 5:12 1600, & 11:05 3200 (SLV) from Rob Collins
Luci Lambert - 2:21 800 & 4:56 1500 (SHP)
Anna Weirich - 2:27 800 & 4:55 1500 (Harker)

Calvin Katz - 2:09 800 & 4:29 1500 (SHP)
Kamran Murray - 4:52 Mile (Menlo)

Anonymous said...

For a jumper - Briana Fedkiw, Sunnyvale MS going to Fremont HS: LJ 16' 8.75"

Anonymous said...

Saw this results from the Oakland Diocese Championship meet.

Sophia Pardo -Walnut Creek 27.59 200 & 59.45 400.

Anonymous said...

Hope Bergmark will be going to Amador Valley. She didn't run track in 2017 but she's a beast on the grass & dirt.

Anonymous said...

Anna Vogtmann going to Vista Del Lago (SJS). 2:27 800, 5:26 1600. She decided against St Francis so VDL will benefit.

Anonymous said...

Anyone know where Natalie Harper from Sac Elite junior running club is going to HS? She ran 5:19 1600M and 2:27 800M as an 8th Grader.

Rob Collins said...

SLV has a very promising incoming freshman from the middle school! Azalea Groleau has ran 5:17 1600m and 2:24 800m.

Anonymous said...

Maya Liu. 2:21 800m. 5:11 1500m. She's not quite prodigy, but solid runner with large room for improvement heading to Del Mar High.
Kentaro Lawrence. Can't find times but his best mile is around 5minutes. around 2:15 800m. He's headed to Adrian Wilcox High, with some solid 5K's in the upper 18's. He's on Varsity as of now.

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