Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Fiona O’Keefe National distance star from Davis High School – her next stop is Stanford!


Anonymous said...

As a cross country fan and father of a fellow Delta League runner, being able to see Fiona run these last 3 years has been an incredible thrill. She was head and shoulders above everybody else, but you could still see her pushing herself to improve in a way that many have hard time with. Despite her many accomplishments and good coaching, I believe she has just scratched the surface of what she can do. I think the depth she'll face at Stanford will help her develop in ways that most of her high school races could not. Either way, I wish her well and look forward to following her further development.

Anonymous said...

more rankings coming soon for NCS???

Anonymous said...

Walt started the CCS rankings at Lynbrook site. When will we get CCS rankings here so we can comment?

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