Sunday, August 30, 2015

Castro Valley, De La Salle, Northgate and Heritage scrimmage results

From Northgate coach, Peter Brewer
Thursday 8/27
Castro Valley hosted a scrimmage with De La Salle, Heritage, and Northgate at Canyon Middle School in Castro Valley.  This early season "friendly" was more of a time trial than a competition.  Teams were sorting out their squads, athletes were held out, uniforms were optional . . . so these results are not truly representational of team strength.   There were still some nice times, and coaches and athletes found out a little bit more about their teams this year. 

2.1 miles
Results can be found at this LINK

Boys' picture -- Benry Sheehan of Heritage stretches out his lead over Laurence Seabrook of Northgate at the halfway point.
Girl's picture -- Jessie Boucher of Northgate leads a trio of teammates early in the race.


John Pelster said...

Always a pleasure to join in the fun at Canyon Middle School, Peter.

Anonymous said...

Anyone know what course they ran? From what I remember, there are several different versions.

Albert Caruana said...

I am assuming they ran the same course as the F/S course at the Castro Valley Invitational.

Anonymous said...

There are three versions of the courses on the Canyon MIddle School course. The 1.5 mile version is for junior high runners. The 2.1 mile version is the FS and JV course, and the 3.0 course is for varsity and those not for the faint of heart. In this particular instance, we use the 2.1 course so coaches can use this early season event to sort out the team for workouts and later competitions.

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