Monday, February 22, 2010

NCS Meet of Champions predictions for 800, 1600 and 3200...

The top 4 athletes in each event at the North Coast Section Meet of Champions will automatically qualify for the 2010 California State meet. Any athletes that fail to finish in the top 4 but run faster than the At-Large times listed below will also qualify to the state meet.

The following is a list of the top returning athletes from the '09 NCS MOC as well as athletes who just missed making the MOC finals and/or ran extremely well this past Cross Country season.

Keep in mind that some athletes will not choose their primary event until April/May. Freshmen (especially girls) who will be possible contenders will be added later in the season.


2009 Champion: Lia Rivers Birt Bishop O'Dowd 12 2:14.49

At-Large Time: 2:13.96

Fastest Returning runner from '09 MOC: Mikaela Hammitt Monte Vista 9 2:15.93 (4th place).

Returning State Meet Competitors: Mikaela Hammitt Monte Vista.

Contenders (qualified for '09 MOC finals): Katie Berge Acalanes, Olivia Warren Campolindo, Chelsea Schneider Castro Valley.

Wild cards: Thandi Stewart James Logan, Margaret Wehner University, Dominique Ratto Casa Grande, Kai Wilson College Prep.

2009 Champion: Jacque Taylor Casa Grande 11 4:50.56

At-Large Time: 4:57.44

Fastest Returning runner from '09 MOC: Jacque Taylor Casa Grande 11 4:50.56 (1st place).

Returning State Meet Competitors: Jacque Taylor CG, Lucy McCullough Marin Academy, Isabel Andrade Petaluma.

Contenders (also qualified for '09 MOC finals): Emily Shearer Acalanes, Alycia Cridebring College Park, Heather Cerney Carondelet, Natalie Dimits Livermore, Lauren Curtin Maria Carrillo.
Wild cards: Madison Hirsch Mission San Jose, Holland Reynolds University, Jennie Callan University.

2009 Champion: Colleen Lillig California 11 10:43.95

At-Large Time: 10:45.62

Fastest Returning runner from '09 MOC:Colleen Lillig California 11 10:43.95 (1st place).

Returning State Meet Competitors: Colleen Lillig Cal., Jacque Taylor CG, Theresa Devine Marin Catholic.

Contenders (also qualified for '09 MOC finals and finished top 12): Carrie Verdon Campolindo, Grace Orders Campolindo, Elaine McVay California, Julie Nacouzi Montgomery, Kelsey Santisteban Castro Valley.

Wild Cards: Isabel Andrade Petaluma, Nicole Aha Monte Vista, Holland Reynolds University, Jennie Callan University.


2009 Champion: Nathanael Litwiller Clayton Valley 12 1:53.15

At-Large Time: 1:55.02

Fastest Returning runner from '09 MOC: Kevin Griffith San Ramon Valley 11 1:54.02 (2nd place)

Returning State Meet Competitors: Kevin Griffith SRV, Nick Vedovi Miramonte

Contenders (qualified for '09 MOC finals): John Weber Piedmont.

Wild card: Elliot Killick Monte Vista, Toshi Kellogg Acalanes, Anthony Ortolon College Park.

2009 Champion: Danny Thomas Arroyo 11 4:16.08

At-Large Time: 4:14.49

Fastest Returning runner from '09 MOC:Danny Thomas Arroyo 11 4:16.08 (1st place)

Returning State Meet Competitors: Danny Thomas Arroyo, Dan Milechman Tamalpais.

Contenders (also qualified for '09 MOC finals): Ben Eversole Castro Valley, Sean Colaco San Ramon Valley, Simon Graves San Ramon Valley, Norman Weeks, Castro Valley, Charles Perkins Alameda.

Wild cards: Jeff Bickert College Park, Toshi Kellogg Acalanes, Andrew Zellman Ukiah, Zach Perkins Alamada.

2009 Champion: Erik Olson Novato 11 8:55.06

At-Large Time: 9:10.47

Fastest Returning runner from '09 MOC: Erik Olson Novato 11 8:55.06 (1st place).

Returning State Meet Competitors: Erik Olson Novato, Reesey Byers Santa Rosa.

Contenders (also qualified for '09 MOC finals and finished top 12): Dan Maxwell St. Mary's Berkeley, Alex Summers Granada, Chris Gioia Albany.

Wild Cards: Luis Luna Piner, Hugh Dowdy Petaluma, Josh MacDonald Redwood Christian.

You can find the state wide pre-season previews for most events on at the following link:
2010 Preseason Event Previews

Feel free to mention athletes who you think also belong on the above lists by using the comment section below. Please list the athlete, their school, grade as well as their achievements and what events they will potentially run at the NCS MOC.

Stay tuned for additional NCS previews as well as previews of other NorCal sections.


Anonymous said...

800- Lia Rivers Birt graduated. She's running for Cal Poly-SLO.

Albert Caruana said...

That's correct. She is listed as the '09 champion.

Anonymous said...

Call me crazy but I think Lizzie Poisson from St. Helena could be a contender in the girls 800. Out last year with injury she can bounce back to make it to the MOC like she did Sophomore year

Albert Caruana said...

Lizzie Poisson ran 2:27.96 to finish 3rd at the '08 NCS Class A Meet. She ran 2:31.15 at the NCS MOC in her next race.

It usually takes a time in the low 2:20s to qualify for the MOC final and 2:16 or faster to qualify to the state meet out of NCS.

Anonymous said...

there's another kid at SR-Parker something who is prob going to tear up the mile this year. I think he went sub-4:30 as a freshman last year and was top 5 in NCS for XC.

Andris Dimits said...

Yes - Parker Deuel. The fastest mile time I could find for him was 4:34.18 last year. He is already right back there - ran 4:35.12 on 2/6/10. Perhaps more significantly, he came second at the second EBAL XC center meet in late October. (He was sick at the EBAL XC championships, but then pretty much recovered and ran out a solid season.) It's hard to document exactly how much he improved between the last two XC seasons, because SR did not run him in varsity much in 2008, but I think he will tear it up in either the 1600 or the 3200 or both.

Anonymous said...

Reesey Byers from Santa Rosa High should also be a contender for the boys 1600. That kid has speed, he's practically a sub 9 3200 m runner

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