Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Additional NCS previews...

Thanks to Northgate HS Track and Field coach, Peter Brewer...the High Jump

Girls’ High Jump
2009 Champion: Adrienne Johnson, Carondelet 5-07

State At-Large mark: 5-05

Returning State Meet competitiors:
Adrienne Johnson, Carondelet 5-08 1st
Celeste Rietvald, Lievrmore 5-03 13th

Best 2009 Returnees:
Adrienne Johnson, Carondelet (12) 5-08
Celeste Rietvald, LIvermore (11) 5-09 EBAL Finals
Ciarra Brewer, Logan (11) 5-08 MVAL Finals
Luisa McInnis, Montgomery (11) 5-04 Redwood Empire

other 2009 MOC competitors:
Julia Krickl, Maria Carillo (12) 5-02
Clara Davis, Piedmont (12) 5-01

Boys’ High Jump
2009 Champion: Maurice Spikes, St. Mary’s 6-07

State At-Large mark: 6-06

Returning State Meet competitors:
Maurice Spikes, St. Mary’s n.h.

Best 2009 returnees:
Maurice Spikes, St. Mary’s 6-07 NCS MOC
Ryan Healy, Redwood 6-06 MCAL Finals
Jonte Grant, Moreau Catholic 6-04 Logan Top 8
Andre Rawls, California 6-04 St. Francis Invite
Iadarre Coles, Redwood 6-04 Stanford
Spencer Sharpe, Las Lomas 6-03 4/19 Dual

Thanks to Amador Valley HS coach, Jason Oswalt...the Distance Races

These are mostly based on the returning times, so probably won't be much different than anyone else's. Only differences would be in places where someone like Olson (after running 4:09 and 8:55) ran 1:57 in the 800, I put him higher in that event than a 1:57 guy would generally go. Things like that. Also, Nacouzi got some extra credit from me as she is clearly a different runner from cross than she was in track last year.

Griffith SRV
Vedovi Mir
Thomas Arr
Olson Nov

Weber Pied
Kellogg Aca
Ortolan CP

Thomas Arr
Olson Nov
Milechman Tam
Zellman Ukiah

Eversole CV
Weekes CV
Perkins Ala
Colaco SRV
Graves SRV

Olson Nov
Byers SR
Eversole CV
Maxwell SM

Gioia Alb
Dowdy Pet
MacDonald RW Chr
Luna Piner

Stewart Logan
Hammitt MV
Berge Aca
Warren Campo

Others: Wide Open

Taylor Casa Grande
McCullough Marin Academy
Andrade Petaluma
Shearer Aca

Cerney Car
Dimits Liv
Curtin MC

Taylor Casa Grande
Nacouzi Mont
Lillig Cal
DeVine Marin Catholic

Verdon Campo
Orders Campo
Santisteban CV

Comments? Additions?

If you would like to take a stab at other events in NCS or other Northern California Sections, email your previews to me at


Anonymous said...

is peter brewer now the coach at Northgate? I thought he was at castro valley coach?

Albert Caruana said...

Brewer is now coaching xc and track and field at Northgate HS. He coached at Castro Valley for around 30 years.

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