Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Catching up with Santa Theresa's Meagan McKee...

Today we chat with the leading returning thrower to CCS competition this coming season, Santa Theresa's junior, Meagan McKee. At CCS last year, Meagan finished in 2nd place (40'8") in the shot and 4th place in the discus (122'2") behind all recently graduated athletes. She is coached by her dad Ronald who is no stranger to the sport and many of the top throwers in U.S. history.

1) How did you get your start in throwing the shot and discus?
I actually started throwing in the 7th grade, but I've always been around it. My dad has competed in the Scottish Highland Games for as long as I can remember. I was always at the meets and any other track and field competition he was in. Throwing seemed like a family business haha.

2) Tell us a little about your dad and some of his accomplishments in the sport?
My dad, Ronald McKee, threw for Camden High School in San Jose, Ca. He was pretty successful, and won CCS his senior year in the shot put. He went to San Jose City College for 2 years and then transfered to Cal State Northridge on scholarship. In 1988 he competed in the Olympic Trials, and I believe he was 10th. Now he throws for fun but is going to try to compete for the Master's Championships.

3) As you were first starting in the sport, who were athletes that you looked upto and/or motivated you to improve?
Of course there was my dad as a huge inspiration. I was always surrounded with throwers in general. I've met many throwers such as, Al Feuerbach, Mac Wilkins, Wolfgang Schimdt, Jay Sylvester, and many others.

4) What other sports have you done besides track and field?
I played pop warner football for 5 years. I was starting guard, and played some defensive end and linebacker. Sophomore year in high school I played on the JV team as starting guard. I decided not to play the rest of the time in high school because my goal this year is to medal at state, and I didn't want to get an injury.

5) What does a typical week look like for you during track in terms of how often do you throw and are in the weight room?
A typical week is throwing almost everyday. Whether it be both the shot put and the discus or just one a day. I'm in the weight room probably 2-3 times a week. One day I'll do squats, powercleans, and some abs. The other day I'll do benches, snatches, and trunk twists. On both days, I'll do discus flys with 5lb dumb bells.

6) Looking back at your past track season, what do you feel was your best performance?
I feel that my best performance was probably at CCS. You only get 3 throws, and then the best 8 girls get another 3 throws. I almost fouled myself out of the trial part, but I got it back together and ended up getting second with a PR of 40'8".

7) Who will be your toughest competition this coming season in the shot and discus in CCS?
In CCS, my biggest competition will probably be one of my good friends Michelle Chung, from Cupertino in the discus and maybe the shot too. But remember, there is always a surprising new competitor every year so we'll just have to wait.

8) As you look ahead to this coming season, what are some of your goals?
My goal is to obviously medal in state. As for marks, I'd like to reach 46'-47' for the shot, and about 145'-150' in the discus. If they go farther, then I would gladly accept them.

9) At a track meet, what do you for your warmup? Do you prefer throwing the discus first or shot?
My warm ups consist of running a little bit, and stretching. I don't stretch so much that my elasticity is gone, but enough that I won't hurt myself. I prefer to throw the discus first, but it's not that big of a deal.

10) What would your advise be for somebody new to throwing the shot and discus?
You have to have dedication for this sport. Most of the season is concentrated on actually learning how to throw, and to sharpen your coordination. Be confident, and stay with it if you know it's something you want to do.

11) What are the meets you are most looking forward to this coming season?
I love the Arcadia meet in April! The atmosphere is so exciting, it's like a state meet before it happens. A lot of the competitors at Arcadia are going to be the same ones at the state meet. It gives you a look at what you're up against.

12) Anything else you would like to add.
Thank you for asking me to fill out these questions, and I hope you have success in your track season. Maybe I'll see you at CCS!

Thank you very much Meagan! AJC

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