Tuesday, June 24, 2008

State meet qualifiers and divisional breakdowns for '08 XC

As I start to put together the pre-season rankings for the Northern California sections, here is what I have in terms of qualifying teams (for the entire state) and divisions for the following sections. If you have any updates to any of these links, please post them in the comment section below.

The teams from each division that qualify from each section will be as follows for 2008:


http://www.cifccs.org/playoffs/cbeds/07-08/07-08%20c-beds%20-9-12%20sb,%20bsb,%20soc.pdf (Division cut-offs not posted yet)

Not posted yet.


Oakland Section Schools are all considered Division I

San Francisco Section Schools
"Since, at least 1994, the San Francisco Section qualifiers (top team and top 5 individual as long as they finish in the top 8) to the state cross country meet do run in their school's division. We do not get any addition teams or individuals but it does allows our athletes to run on a more level playing field. Over the last three years or so, it just happens that are best runners are from Lowell, Lincoln and Galileo (all D1 schools, Gal only the last two years or so). When Bolota Asmeron was at McAteer, he ran in D3. Marc Christensen and I worked on this and as a result our section's basketball teams have followed our lead."
Andy Leong Lowell HS Coach

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