Monday, June 30, 2008

San Ramon Valley Nike Cross Country Clinic Notes

Just some bullet points from the clinic I attended about a week ago at SRVHS:

Pat Tyson
•When starting a program, have to get the numbers first.
•Have to make running fun.
•Have to have benchmarks-Sub 5 for 1600, Sub 18 for 5K, etc.
•Develop a culture. "It's all about the team".
•Get parents to help you. They can help you with some of the dirty work.
•Traveling as a team by bus is a cool thing.
•Victory lap after every meet. It's the little things that add up.
•In cross country you cheer for your teammates when you are done racing.
•Failure is a good thing.
•Don't let a bad day define who you are or what you have done. Get over it.

Danny Green
•You (the coach) are the difference in having a great program.
•When you have a fitness program, that is just above mediocre.
•Bad races are like a bowel movement. Flush it and move on.
•Year round program (all cross country runners run track)
•Volume center (mileage baby mileage)
•Follow hard/easy
•Vigil System
•It's all about the team
Coaching 101
•Be passionate
•Time cannot be a factor
•Be willing to make some sacrifices you ask your kids
•Don't be afraid to change
•We all make mistakes
•Love your kids
•Coach the way you want your children to be coached
•Finally, you are the most important part of the equation of success

Walt Lange
•We need to recruit for our sport (cross country)
•Tools of Communication
a) Team Website
b) Workout schedule on calendar online
c) Google document sharing
•Record their time for each run
•Summer Program
June 16-July 256:30am-7:45am Monday through Friday
• resource for results
•Maps for California on Jesuit website:
•Training course maps
•GPS Visualizer
•Race analysis after each race
•Flip Video (Great way to videotape your races and get them online)

Will post Danny Green's yearly workout schedule next.

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