Sunday, February 03, 2008

Barry Spitz: Want to run in the 2008 Dipsea this summer? Get your registration plan ready

The 98th annual Dipsea race will take place once again this year on June 8th (always on the 2nd Sunday of June). For many local runners who have participated in this race, it is THE RACE. The history of this race includes runners and coaches from the North Coast Section including Marin Academy's Alesandra Roger, her coach Liz Fagan-Gottlieb (she had the fastest female time in 2007) and Casa Grande's Jacque Taylor (was the first high school finisher in 20th place), the black shirts (first 35 runners win the famed black shirts), the Dipsea Demon (the amazing Jack Kirk who ran the race each year from 1930 to 2002) as well as many other legendary runners who have run in this race. If you are interested in running in this race, you better get on the ball now and check out the following links on how to enter which includes the continuous coverage of the race by the Marin Independent Journal's Barry Spitz (Entering the race is NOT EASY):
MIJ Article on how to enter the race

Dipsea Official Website

2008 Application Process

Dipsea Race Course

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