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Northern California Track and Field weekend results...

Results courtesy of and

De La Salle/Carondelet Joe Stocking Super 7 Invitational

PAL Relays at College of San Mateo-will be posted as soon as I get them.

Other NorCal results that I missed, send them to

Finally, great link to athletes in the Redwood Empire that will make an impact in 2010 courtesy of the Santa Rosa Press Democrat.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

More NCS distance data courtesy of Peter Brewer...

Peter Brewer did the work of finding the following data. The sources are noted below.
Digging a little deeper into the data, here are the top prospects for doing well in the distance races in NCS this year. The track lists are courtesy of EPI Sports database, and the cross country lists are courtesy of Cross Country Express.

NCS Distance Boys

2009 Top returning 800 runners (under 2:00)
1 1:53.85 Kevin Griffith 11 San Ramon Vlly NC CIF State Prelims 06/05/09
2 1:55.77 Nick Vedovi 11 Miramonte NC NCS Meet of Champions 05/29/09
3 1:56.5 John Weber 11 Piedmont NC Weekly Duals, 3/22/09 03/22/09
4 1:57.00 Danny Thomas 11 Arroyo NC HAAL League Prelims 05/13/09
5 1:57.32 Tj Rice 11 Fortuna NC Redwood Empire Area Finals 05/23/09
6 1:57.5 Erik Olson 11 Novato NC Weekly Duals, 3/1/09 03/01/09
7 1:57.81 Elliott Killick 11 Monte Vista NC NCS Championship/ Meet o... 05/29/09
8 1:57.98 Anthony Martore 10 Castro Valley NC HAAL Finals 05/16/09
9 1:58.30 Toshi Kellogg 11 Acalanes NC NCS Tri Valley Area Cham... 05/23/09
10 1:58.73 Ryan Hammill 11 San Ramon Vlly NC EBAL Championship 05/13/09
11 1:59.03 Andrew Zellman 11 Ukiah NC Weekly Duals, 5/10/09 05/10/09
12 1:59.19 Anthony Ortolan 10 College Park NC NCS Tri Valley Area Cham... 05/23/09
13 1:59.51 John Butler 11 Concord NC Diablo Valley League Fin... 05/13/09
14 1:59.90 Brett Cantrell 11 Acalanes NC NCS Tri Valley Area Cham... 05/23/09

2009 Top returning 1600 runners (under 4:25.0)
1 4:09.60 ErikOlson 11 Novato NC MCAL Finals 05/14/09
2 4:11.22 Danny Thomas 11 Arroyo NC CIF State Prelims 06/05/09
4 4:19.23 Sean Colaco 11 San Ramon Vlly NC Dan Gabor Distance Sprin... 03/13/09
5 4:19.52 Dan Milechman 10 Tamalpais NC CIF State Prelims 06/05/09
6 4:20.45 Ben Eversole 10 Castro Valley NC NCS Meet of Champions 05/29/09
7 4:21.65 Andrew Zellman 11 Ukiah NC West Valley/Chico Invita... 04/24/09
8 4:21.77 Reesey Byers 11 Santa Rosa NC Woody Wilson Classic 04/17/09
9 4:22.48 Simon Graves 11 San Ramon Vlly NC NCS Meet of Champions 05/29/09
10 4:23.06 Norman Weekes 11 Castro Valley NC NCS Meet of Champions 05/29/09
11 4:24.60c John Webber 11 Piedmont NC Stanford Invitational 03/27/09
12 4:24.65 Josh Macdonald 11 Redwood Chr NC Chabot Distance Festival... 03/27/09

2009 Top returning 3200 runners (under 9:45.0)
1 8:55.06 Erik Olson 11 Novato NC NCS Meet of Champions 05/29/09
2 9:06.93 Reesey Byers 11 SantalRosa NC CIF State Finals 06/06/09
3 9:27.13 Dan Maxwell 11 St. Mary's NC NCS Meet of Champions 05/29/09
4 9:28.28 Alex Summers 11 Granada NC NCS Meet of Champions 05/29/09
5 9:29.28 Chris Gioia 11 Albany NC NCS Meet of Champions 05/29/09
6 9:29.93 Danny Thomas 11 Arroyo NC NCS Bayshore 05/23/09
7 9:32.18 Ben Eversole 10 Castro Valley NC Sacramento Meet of Champ... 05/02/09
8 9:33.96 Ben Rich 11 Washington NC Sacramento Meet of Champ... 05/02/09
9 9:35.30 Paul Johnson 11 DeLaSalle NC NCS Meet of Champions 05/29/09
10 9:35.39 Dan Milechman 10 Tamalpais NC Viking Classic 04/25/09
11 9:37.55 Josh Macdonald 11 Redwood Chr NC Chabot Distance Festival... 03/27/09
12 9:40.39 Hugh Dowdy 11 Petaluma NC Redwood Empire Area Finals 05/23/09
13 9:44.21 Luis Luna 9 Piner NC Redwood Empire Area Finals 05/23/09

top cross country runners at NCS finals, Hayward High (under 15:45)
1 14:49 Erik Olson 12 Novato
2 15:07 Daniel Milechman 11 Tamalpais
3 15:08 Luis Luna 10 Piner
4 15:09 Reesey Byers 12 Santa Rosa
5 15:15 Andrew Zellman 12 Ukiah
6 15:17 Dan Maxwell 12 St. Mary's
7 15:23 Jeff Bickert 11 College Park
8 15:29 Josh MacDonald 12 Redwood Christian
9 15:30 Ben Eversole 11 Castro Valley
10 15:33 Charles Perkins 12 Alameda
11 15:34 Hugh Dowdy 12 Petaluma
12 15:35 Anthony Martore 11 Castro Valley
13 15:35 Forrest Shaffer 11 Petaluma
14 15:38 Jesse Aston 12 Alhambra
15 15:40 Kevin Griffith 12 San Ramon Valley
16 15:41 Paul Johnson 12 De La Salle
17 15:43 Brian King 12 Cardinal Newman
18 15:43 Parker Deuel 10 San Ramon Valley
19 15:43 Will Melton 12 Northgate
20 15:44 Simon Graves 12 San Ramon Valley
21 15:45 Zachary Perkins 12 Alameda
22 15:45 Peter Buscheck 12 Miramonte
23 15:45 Dylan Laucher 11 Campolindo

Top cross country runners at State Meet (under 16:00)
1 15:00 Erik Olson SR Novato
2 15:22 Reesey Byers SR Santa Rosa
3 15:28 Hugh Dowdy SR Petaluma
4 15:33 Jeff Bickert JR College Park
5 15:36 Daniel Milechman JR Tamalpais
6 15:37 Luis Luna SO Piner
7 15:39 Andrew Zellman SR Ukiah
8 15:42 Charles Perkins SR Alameda
9 15:46 Dan Maxwell SR St. Mary's
10 15:49 Ben Eversole JR Castro Valley
11 15:50 Josh MacDonald SR Redwood Christian
12 15:50 Forrest Shaffer JR Petaluma
13 15:53 Paul Johnson SR De La Salle
14 15:55 Brian King SR Cardinal Newman
15 15:56 Will Melton SR Northgate

NCS Distance Girls

2009 Top returning 800 runners (under 2:20.0)
1 2:11.45 Thandi Stewart 11 Logan James NC Arcadia Invitational 04/10/09
2 2:15.93 Mikaela Hammitt 9 Monte Vista NC NCS Meet of Champions 05/29/09
3 2:16.96 Chelsea Schneider 11 Castro Valley NC Sacramento Meet of Champ... 05/02/09
4 2:17.07 Katie Berge 10 Acalanes NC NCS Championship/ Meet o... 05/29/09
5 2:17.58 Olivia Warren 11 Campolindo NC NCS Meet of Champions 05/29/09
6 2:18.77 Lucy;Mccullough 10 Marin Academy NC BAC Championships 05/16/09
7 2:18.87 Gabe Stange 10 Logan James NC NCS Bayshore 05/23/09
8 2:19.15 Emily Shearer 11 Acalanes NC NCS Tri Valley Area Cham... 05/23/09
9 2:19.35 Chizoba Okodogbe 11 Deer Valley NC NCS Tri Valley Area Cham... 05/23/09
10 2:19.5 Jacque Taylor 11 Casa Grande NC Weekly Duals, 3/8/09 03/08/09

2009 Top returning 1600 runners (under 5:10.0)
1 4:50.56 Jacque Taylor 11 Casa Grande NC NCS Meet of Champions 05/29/09
2 4:54.82 Lucy Mccullough 10 Marin Academy NC NCS Meet of Champions 05/29/09
3 4:56.29 Isabel Andrade 11 Petaluma NC NCS Meet of Champions 05/29/09
4 4:59.10 EmilylShearer 11 Acalanes NC NCS Meet of Champions 05/29/09
5 4:59.46 Colleen Lillig 11 California NC Sacramento Meet of Champ... 05/02/09
6 5:02.39 Kelsey Santisteban 10 Castro Valley NC HAAL Finals 05/16/09
7 5:03.83 AlyciaiCridebring 11 College Park NC NCS Meet of Champions 05/29/09
8 5:06.74 Heather Cerney 11 Carondelet NC NCS Meet of Champions 05/29/09
9 5:08.55 Theresa Devine 11 Marin Catholic NC Sacramento Meet of Champ... 05/02/09
10 5:09.25 Natalie Dimits 9 Livermore NC NCS Meet of Champions 05/29/09
11 5:09.57 Carrie Verdon 9 Campolindo NC NCS Tri Valley Area Cham... 05/23/09

2009 Top returning 3200 runners (under 11:20.0)
1 10:42.04 Jacque Taylor 11 Casa Grande NC CIF State Finals 06/06/09
2 10:43.54 Colleen Lillig 11 California NC CIF State Finals 06/06/09
3 10:51.59 Theresa Devine 11 Marin Catholic NC CIF State Finals 06/06/09
4 10:57.27 Kelsey Santisteban 10 Castro Valley NC Arcadia Invitational 04/10/09
5 11:01.85 Carrie Verdon 9 Campolindo NC NCS Meet of Champions 05/29/09
6 11:04.06 Grace Orders 10 Campolindo NC NCS Meet of Champions 05/29/09
7 11:06.47 Isabel Andrade 11 Petaluma NC Redwood Empire Area Finals 05/23/09
8 11:06.51 Elaine Mcvay 10 California NC NCS Meet of Champions 05/29/09
9 11:10.74 Julie Nacouzi 10 Montgomery NC Redwood Empire Area Finals 05/23/09
10 11:12.04 Nicole Aha 11 Monte Vista NC Sacramento Meet of Champ... 05/02/09
11 11:15.12 Suzi Rozga 11 Santa Rosa NC Woody Wilson Classic 04/17/09
12 11:18.86 Elise Wummer 11 Castro Valley NC Dublin Distance Fiesta 03/21/09
13 11:19.86 Natalie Dimits 9 Livermore NC West Coast Relays 04/04/09

top cross country runners at NCS finals, Hayward High (under 18:30)
1 17:02 Julie Nacouzi 11 Montgomery
2 17:18 Jacque Taylor 12 Casa Grande
3 17:30 Colleen Lillig 12 California
4 17:47 Lucy McCullough 11 Marin Academy
5 17:54 Alycia Cridebring 12 College Park
6 18:06 Isabel Andrade 12 Petaluma
7 18:06 Holland Reynolds 10 University
8 18:07 Jennie Callan 9 University
9 18:17 Lauren Curtin 12 Maria Carrillo
10 18:17 Heather Cerney 12 Carondelet
11 18:19 Kelsey Santisteban 11 Castro Valley
12 18:19 Carrie Verdon 10 Campolindo
13 18:23 Elaine McVay 11 California
14 18:25 Natalie Dimits 10 Livermore
15 18:26 Grace Orders 11 Campolindo

Top cross country runners at State Meet (under 19:00)
1 17:29 Jacque Taylor SR Casa Grande
2 17:29 Julie Nacouzi JR Montgomery
3 18:06 Theresa Devine SR Marin Catholic
4 18:11 Colleen Lillig SR California
5 18:12 Heather Cerney SR Carondelet
6 18:17 Lucy McCullough JR Marin Academy
7 18:19 Carrie Verdon SO Campolindo
8 18:23 Elise Wummer SR Castro Valley
9 18:24 Jennie Callan FR University
10 18:25 Elaine McVay JR California
11 18:28 Alycia Cridebring SR College Park
12 18:30 Natalie Dimits SO Livermore
13 18:31 Kelsey Santisteban JR Castro Valley
14 18:37 Isabel Andrade SR Petaluma
15 18:39 Grace Orders JR Campolindo
16 18:41 Alexandra Tate SO Clayton Valley
17 18:42 Holland Reynolds SO University
18 18:55 Sara Mostatabi JR Campolindo
19 18:57 Nicole Aha SR Monte Vista
20 18:57 Liz Hebel SO San Ramon Vall

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Additional NCS previews...

Thanks to Northgate HS Track and Field coach, Peter Brewer...the High Jump

Girls’ High Jump
2009 Champion: Adrienne Johnson, Carondelet 5-07

State At-Large mark: 5-05

Returning State Meet competitiors:
Adrienne Johnson, Carondelet 5-08 1st
Celeste Rietvald, Lievrmore 5-03 13th

Best 2009 Returnees:
Adrienne Johnson, Carondelet (12) 5-08
Celeste Rietvald, LIvermore (11) 5-09 EBAL Finals
Ciarra Brewer, Logan (11) 5-08 MVAL Finals
Luisa McInnis, Montgomery (11) 5-04 Redwood Empire

other 2009 MOC competitors:
Julia Krickl, Maria Carillo (12) 5-02
Clara Davis, Piedmont (12) 5-01

Boys’ High Jump
2009 Champion: Maurice Spikes, St. Mary’s 6-07

State At-Large mark: 6-06

Returning State Meet competitors:
Maurice Spikes, St. Mary’s n.h.

Best 2009 returnees:
Maurice Spikes, St. Mary’s 6-07 NCS MOC
Ryan Healy, Redwood 6-06 MCAL Finals
Jonte Grant, Moreau Catholic 6-04 Logan Top 8
Andre Rawls, California 6-04 St. Francis Invite
Iadarre Coles, Redwood 6-04 Stanford
Spencer Sharpe, Las Lomas 6-03 4/19 Dual

Thanks to Amador Valley HS coach, Jason Oswalt...the Distance Races

These are mostly based on the returning times, so probably won't be much different than anyone else's. Only differences would be in places where someone like Olson (after running 4:09 and 8:55) ran 1:57 in the 800, I put him higher in that event than a 1:57 guy would generally go. Things like that. Also, Nacouzi got some extra credit from me as she is clearly a different runner from cross than she was in track last year.

Griffith SRV
Vedovi Mir
Thomas Arr
Olson Nov

Weber Pied
Kellogg Aca
Ortolan CP

Thomas Arr
Olson Nov
Milechman Tam
Zellman Ukiah

Eversole CV
Weekes CV
Perkins Ala
Colaco SRV
Graves SRV

Olson Nov
Byers SR
Eversole CV
Maxwell SM

Gioia Alb
Dowdy Pet
MacDonald RW Chr
Luna Piner

Stewart Logan
Hammitt MV
Berge Aca
Warren Campo

Others: Wide Open

Taylor Casa Grande
McCullough Marin Academy
Andrade Petaluma
Shearer Aca

Cerney Car
Dimits Liv
Curtin MC

Taylor Casa Grande
Nacouzi Mont
Lillig Cal
DeVine Marin Catholic

Verdon Campo
Orders Campo
Santisteban CV

Comments? Additions?

If you would like to take a stab at other events in NCS or other Northern California Sections, email your previews to me at

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Elite Athletes and Coaches Unite to Create the Bay Area Track Club

San Francisco, CA, February 22, 2010 — A group of elite athletes and coaches residing in the Bay Area have come together to create the Bay Area Track Club (BATC; The group has two main goals: To provide support for Olympic athletes and emerging elites, and to promote running, health, and fitness within the community.

BATC athletes have represented Team USA 19 times, with four athletes competing at the Olympic Games. With the
2012 Olympic Games as their biggest goal, the BATC has gathered the support of world-class coaches and facilities in the Bay Area to help its athletes in their medal quest.

The BATC will also promote running and fitness within the community by taking part in events such as instructional clinics, meet appearances, group fun runs, peer mentoring, motivational seminars, and running camps. These programs will aim to educate and motivate the public, as well as supplement and enrich existing fitness-based organizations.

To read the rest of the press release, go to the following link:

Elite Athletes and Coaches Unite to Create the Bay Area Track Club

Monday, February 22, 2010

NCS Meet of Champions predictions for 800, 1600 and 3200...

The top 4 athletes in each event at the North Coast Section Meet of Champions will automatically qualify for the 2010 California State meet. Any athletes that fail to finish in the top 4 but run faster than the At-Large times listed below will also qualify to the state meet.

The following is a list of the top returning athletes from the '09 NCS MOC as well as athletes who just missed making the MOC finals and/or ran extremely well this past Cross Country season.

Keep in mind that some athletes will not choose their primary event until April/May. Freshmen (especially girls) who will be possible contenders will be added later in the season.


2009 Champion: Lia Rivers Birt Bishop O'Dowd 12 2:14.49

At-Large Time: 2:13.96

Fastest Returning runner from '09 MOC: Mikaela Hammitt Monte Vista 9 2:15.93 (4th place).

Returning State Meet Competitors: Mikaela Hammitt Monte Vista.

Contenders (qualified for '09 MOC finals): Katie Berge Acalanes, Olivia Warren Campolindo, Chelsea Schneider Castro Valley.

Wild cards: Thandi Stewart James Logan, Margaret Wehner University, Dominique Ratto Casa Grande, Kai Wilson College Prep.

2009 Champion: Jacque Taylor Casa Grande 11 4:50.56

At-Large Time: 4:57.44

Fastest Returning runner from '09 MOC: Jacque Taylor Casa Grande 11 4:50.56 (1st place).

Returning State Meet Competitors: Jacque Taylor CG, Lucy McCullough Marin Academy, Isabel Andrade Petaluma.

Contenders (also qualified for '09 MOC finals): Emily Shearer Acalanes, Alycia Cridebring College Park, Heather Cerney Carondelet, Natalie Dimits Livermore, Lauren Curtin Maria Carrillo.
Wild cards: Madison Hirsch Mission San Jose, Holland Reynolds University, Jennie Callan University.

2009 Champion: Colleen Lillig California 11 10:43.95

At-Large Time: 10:45.62

Fastest Returning runner from '09 MOC:Colleen Lillig California 11 10:43.95 (1st place).

Returning State Meet Competitors: Colleen Lillig Cal., Jacque Taylor CG, Theresa Devine Marin Catholic.

Contenders (also qualified for '09 MOC finals and finished top 12): Carrie Verdon Campolindo, Grace Orders Campolindo, Elaine McVay California, Julie Nacouzi Montgomery, Kelsey Santisteban Castro Valley.

Wild Cards: Isabel Andrade Petaluma, Nicole Aha Monte Vista, Holland Reynolds University, Jennie Callan University.


2009 Champion: Nathanael Litwiller Clayton Valley 12 1:53.15

At-Large Time: 1:55.02

Fastest Returning runner from '09 MOC: Kevin Griffith San Ramon Valley 11 1:54.02 (2nd place)

Returning State Meet Competitors: Kevin Griffith SRV, Nick Vedovi Miramonte

Contenders (qualified for '09 MOC finals): John Weber Piedmont.

Wild card: Elliot Killick Monte Vista, Toshi Kellogg Acalanes, Anthony Ortolon College Park.

2009 Champion: Danny Thomas Arroyo 11 4:16.08

At-Large Time: 4:14.49

Fastest Returning runner from '09 MOC:Danny Thomas Arroyo 11 4:16.08 (1st place)

Returning State Meet Competitors: Danny Thomas Arroyo, Dan Milechman Tamalpais.

Contenders (also qualified for '09 MOC finals): Ben Eversole Castro Valley, Sean Colaco San Ramon Valley, Simon Graves San Ramon Valley, Norman Weeks, Castro Valley, Charles Perkins Alameda.

Wild cards: Jeff Bickert College Park, Toshi Kellogg Acalanes, Andrew Zellman Ukiah, Zach Perkins Alamada.

2009 Champion: Erik Olson Novato 11 8:55.06

At-Large Time: 9:10.47

Fastest Returning runner from '09 MOC: Erik Olson Novato 11 8:55.06 (1st place).

Returning State Meet Competitors: Erik Olson Novato, Reesey Byers Santa Rosa.

Contenders (also qualified for '09 MOC finals and finished top 12): Dan Maxwell St. Mary's Berkeley, Alex Summers Granada, Chris Gioia Albany.

Wild Cards: Luis Luna Piner, Hugh Dowdy Petaluma, Josh MacDonald Redwood Christian.

You can find the state wide pre-season previews for most events on at the following link:
2010 Preseason Event Previews

Feel free to mention athletes who you think also belong on the above lists by using the comment section below. Please list the athlete, their school, grade as well as their achievements and what events they will potentially run at the NCS MOC.

Stay tuned for additional NCS previews as well as previews of other NorCal sections.

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Gone fishing...or in this case skiing

Be back in a few days. Feel free to post on the message board until then.

First meet for a lot of teams is coming up shortly. Where is your team participating next week? What are the first big meets in Northern California?

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Dublin Distance Fiesta

Dublin Distance Fiesta

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Dublin High School, Dublin, CA

**Distance racing under the lights with music!**

*What more could you ask for?!*

Hello Coaches,

On Saturday, March 20, 2010, the Dublin High School track and field team will be having its Dublin Distance Fiesta at Dublin High School in Dublin, CA. The meet will feature the distance races of 800, 1600 and 3200 meters as well as an invitational style Distance Medley Relay to cap off the evening. All runners of all skill levels are welcome.

Why you should bring your team – Last year’s meet was a huge success, with nearly 40 schools and over 700 athletes producing six marks that were the top 5 in the state and many other clutch performances across the events garnishing hundreds of personal records! A disc jockey will be provided to play music during the events and will be taking requests from both the athletes and the coaches and we will be running under the lights. This has been a big hit at previous meets over the years – what’s a Fiesta without some music! There is plenty of free parking available on campus as well as easy walking distance from street parking. There will be plenty of warm-up area – on the track infield and on the baseball fields area.

When: Saturday March 20, 2010

Where: Dublin High School

8151 Village Parkway

Dublin, CA

Schedule of events: 1600 Girls Heats

1600 Boys Heats

800 Girls Heats

800 Boys Heats

3200 Girls Heats

3200 Boys Heats

Distance Medley Relay Girls (top 24 entry times)

Distance Medley Relay Boys (top 24 entry times)

*Tentative start time will be 3:00 PM. Final time schedule to be determined by the number of entries. Heat sheets and final schedule will be available Monday, March 15, 2010.*

Awards: T-shirts to the top 2 finishers in each heat for individual events (top 4 in the fast heat). Plaque and t-shirts for DMR winners.

Parking: There is plenty of free parking on campus as well as on the street. The track is easily accessible from the street parking.

Facility: All-weather 8 lane track

Entry Fee: $5 per individual for one event

$8 per individual for two events

$10 per individual for three events

$10 per relay team

Make checks payable to “Dublin High School.” Entry fees are due Friday, March 19, 2010.

Entries: Entry of individual athletes and relay teams to each event will be done on Email for a password. Entries will be closed Saturday, March 13, 2010 at 11:59 PM. Please be honest about your entry times as we would like to have all of the heats be competitive. If you enter an athlete with no entry time, they are subject to be placed in heats by the discretion of the meet director.

Race Seeding: The heats will be seeded by entry times, starting with the slower heats working to the faster heats.

Food/Souvenirs: There will be a snack bar as well as t-shirts available for $15.

Admission: General - $5

Warm-up Area: Warm-ups may be done on the track infield as well as the baseball fields area.

Results: Results for all races will be posted following each race on the “results boards” around the corner from the snack bar as well as at and

Meet Director: Chris Williams

Contact number: (510)917-5473


Come join the Fiesta!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Mission Prep coach Siqueiros honored

Click title link above or copy and paste above url. Find out his connection to Northern California.

Bob Kennedy on the key to his success and controlling emotion right before big races...

To follow up my previous post, here is a great video of Bob Kennedy as he explains some of his keys to success including how to handle pre-race emotions.

Track and Field Videos on Flotrack

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Phys Ed: How Exercising Keeps Your Cells Young

Recently, scientists in Germany gathered several groups of men and women to look at their cells’ life spans. Some of them were young and sedentary, others middle-aged and sedentary. Two other groups were, to put it mildly, active. The first of these consisted of professional runners in their 20s, most of them on the national track-and-field team, training about 45 miles per week. The last were serious, middle-aged longtime runners, with an average age of 51 and a typical training regimen of 50 miles per week, putting those young 45-mile-per-week sluggards to shame.

From the first, the scientists noted one aspect of their older runners. It ‘‘was striking,’’ recalls Dr. Christian Werner, an internal-medicine resident at Saarland University Clinic in Homburg, ‘‘to see in our study that many of the middle-aged athletes looked much younger than sedentary control subjects of the same age.’’

To read the rest of the article, go to the following link:

Phys Ed: How Exercising Keeps Your Cells Young

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

NCS proposal to require movement to higher classification or division passes...

The following proposal has been approved by the NCS Board of Managers. Basically, if a team wins 3 NCS titles in a row, they would move up one classification or division the following season. A team in Division I would stay in that division.

At this moment, the SF University boys' team would move up to Division IV next season since they have won the last three NCS Division V titles. Interesting that according to, they are the pre-season #1 team in Division V.

E. Proposal to require movement to a higher classification or division ACTION

Motion to require any team who participates in the NCS Championship and is declared the NCS champion for three consecutive years will automatically be required to move the next higher classification or division in the following school year of competition.

e) Any school who participates in the NCS Championship contest, finishing first in the respective classification or division, for three years in succession will automatically be moved to the next higher classification or division the following school year of competition. The school may return to the actual classification or division of enrollment after at least one year of competition at the higher classification or division once the school does not participate in the NCS Championship contest, finishing first.


Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Local coach practices what he preaches, wins national title

By MARTY JAMES, Executive Sports Editor

It takes a lot out of a person to do a heptathlon, a combination of seven track and field events over two days.

Just ask Tony Giovannoni of Napa, the winner of the men’s 50-54 age group at the 2010 USA Masters Indoor Heptathlon Championships.

“The throws, sprints and jumps are all about maximum effort, and there’s nothing more taxing on the body,” Giovannoni said after returning home.

“By the end of the hep competition it was starting to look like a MASH hospital with all the wraps and tape and ice on people’s bodies.”

Fortunately for Giovannoni, the owner of HealthQuest Fitness Center of Napa, he not only survived each of the events, but amassed 5,061 points to win a national title and also set personal records in the 60-meter dash and pole vault.

To read the rest of the article, go to the following link:

Monday, February 08, 2010

The 10th Annual San Rafael Twilight Relays: "Where the Stars Come Out to Shine"

The 10th Annual San Rafael Twilight Relays will be on Saturday, March 13, 2010.

We have to limit the meet to about 30 schools and currently have about 10 spots remaining.
Please contact me if your school wants to compete.

The following schools have committed for this year's event:
--Casa Grande
--College Prep
--Crystal Springs Uplands
--Half Moon Bay
--Marin Academy
--Maria Carillo
--St. Patrick-St. Vincent
--San Rafael
--Stuart Hall
--Terra Linda
--Urban High School of SF

Thank you,
Jason Jacobson (SRHS Head TF/XC Coach; Meet Director SRTR).
Meet Info.:

Redwood Empire runners in action...

From the California Indoor Invitational (Fresno) including Reesey Byers (above front)...

Nacouzi big half marathon win in amazing local state park (1000+ elevation gain, mudfest):

Both links and photos courtesy of Santa Rosa Press Democrat and Jim Crowhurst.

Saturday, February 06, 2010

How to qualify to the California State Track and Field meet...

Veterans Memorial Stadium (Buchanan High School), Clovis

June 4th and 5th

How many qualify to the state track and field meet from each Nor-Cal section?
North Coast Section-4 (Date: May 29th)
Central Coast Section-3 (Date: May 28th)
Sac Joaquin Section-3 (Dates: May 27th and 28th)
Northern Section-1 (Date: May 28th)
San Francisco Section-1 (Date: May 29th)
Oakland Section-1 (Date: TBA0

and for the Southern part of the state:
Southern Section=5
San Diego Section=3
Los Angeles Section=3
Central Section=3

Courtesy of the CIF state website:
2010 Track & Field CIF Meet At-Large Standards

Courtesy of the St. Francis (Mt. View) HS team website:
2010 Track & Field CCS Meet At-Large Standards

Courtesy of the Sac Joaquin Section website:
2010 Sac Joaquin Section Track and Field Divisional Meet At Large Standards

Courtesy of the North Coast Section website:
CLASS A At-large Standards for 2010
Area Meets At-large Standards for 2010

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Catching up with 1984 Olympian Ruth Wysocki...

Today we chat with '84 Olympian, Ruth Wysocki (pictured here courtesy of Many of us remember her thrilling victory at the Olympic Trials (1500m) in that same year over Mary Decker, who had swept the 1500 and 3000 in the inaugural World Championships in '83. Ruth was quite a pioneer in our sport considering girl's high school sports were quite sparse in the 70's. Her career also extended to a time when most of her peers had long retired. She still holds the American Record in the 1500 in the 35-39 age division where she ran 4:07.08 as a 38 year old. So without further ado, one of the all time running greats...

1) What sports did you compete in before and during high school?

During high school, I only ran. However, I was very involved in musical activities. I had private lessons in piano and violin, played in the school orchestra and sang in choir for school & church.

2) What was the cross country and track and field scene like during your time in high school?
Things were quite different. I graduated from high school in 1974. There were virtually no high school sports for girls. My running was for a club. For my first 2 years, my dad was my coach and I ran for the So. Cal. Roadrunners. My junior year, I trained with Vince Reel and worked out at the Claremont Colleges. Lots of intervals as he was basically a sprint coach. Ran for the LA Track Club. Then, in my senior year, I ran for my school, but on the boy's team. Lots of stories there. 1973 (Junior year) was the first year for CIF track for girls. This consisted of a CIF meet (what is now the Masters Meet for Southern Section), but no state meet. You could not double in 2 distance events (Boys couldn't, either). So I ran 440 and 880 and won them both with only 15-20 minutes rest in between events. Also won the Arcadia Invitational 880 twice. My senior year was the first year for a state meet for girls, but I wasn't allowed to run because I ran on the boy's team. More stories there as well!

I think probably the biggest difference in high school running then was that only people serious about wanting to compete bothered to go out for the team. Teams were smaller, but there was more intensity. We lived to compete and gave our all and then some. Now, like life in general, it seems to be about participation and making sure everybody feels good. By the way, in those days cross country was 2 miles, not 3.

3) Where did you compete in college and what was your experience like then?
Again, back in the "dark ages" there were few, if any, opportunities for the gals. There was no NCAA for women. They had the AIAW, which was kind of a joke. I went to the University of Redlands for 1 year to run for Vince Reel again, but it proved to be a bad choice of schools for me. I did improve my 880 from 2:10 to 2:07, but then didn't go back after that first year. I got married in 1976 (& divorced in 1982) and went to work full-time for the school district in their purchasing department. I started working with Vince O'Boyle (now at UC Irvine, but then at Citrus Jr. College) and he remained my coach until I quite racing. I ended up running for Citrus for 2 years (1977-1979) because Vince had 4 good gals who wanted to run cross country & track and they needed a 5th runner. So, I worked out at 5:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. and worked for the school district from 8:00-5:00. In 1978, I won AAU Championships for 800 (beating Mary Decker).

4) When did you first realize that you had an opportunity to participate in the Olympics? Besides the '84 Olympic Trials 1500 race, any other races stand out for you?
In 1976 (my first year working with Vince O'Boyle), we set a goal of making it to the Olympic Trials at 800 meters. I improved to 2:03.87 and made it to the finals, where I got dead last. However, I realized at that point that I was among the top 800 meter runners in the US and I was only 19 years old. That's when I realized I had the real potential for something big to happen.

There are a lot of memorable races for me, and for many reasons. Perhaps the best memory was breaking 2:00 for 800 meters for the first time. I come from a family of 800 meter runners (my dad was 4th in the California State Meet in 1946). I have 3 brothers who also competed. I ran the 800 for many years and always had that goal of dipping under 2:00.

5) Reflecting back, what kind of training do you feel worked best for you (high mileage? etc.)? What were some of your key workouts for you?
I was definitely not high mileage. I trained 50-60 miles per week and did 2-a-days to get that. I did one "long" run a week of 1 hour. Most runs were 6 miles, and my morning run (4-5 days a week) was 3 miles. But, I did it year after year after year. Not missing days was key for my psyche as well as my physical fitness and strength. I think some of the key workouts included changing pace. For example, we would run 800's where we would be at 1500 pace for the first 500 and then "go." I loved running 500 meter repeats. When we did shorter stuff, we often started with a hard 1000 meter. We did a lot of cutdowns, where each repeat, or each set got faster.

Each year started with mile repeats, then 1200, 1000, 800, 600, 400. Each of these workouts started with 3 miles of intervals (12 laps). After a number of years, Vince let me skip the miles because I hated doing them and let me start with 1200s. Those weeks would be 1 workout on the track and the other a fartlek on the roads. I think consistency was a real key for me. Staying with the same coach (bless you, Vince!), having familiar checkpoints, not trying to re-invent or jump on the latest craze, but trusting what Vince had me do and doing it again and again.

6) How important was mental preparation for you before races?
Like many other runners, it became more and more important over the years. I did a lot of visualization. I must have broken 2:00 in my head thousands of times before it actually happened!

7) Who was the toughest competitor(s) you faced as a pro?
There were many. In the early season it was just about everybody. I seemed to need to race myself into competitive shape and would often get beat in the early races, like Mt Sac. I wasn't like some gals who would race very sparingly. When I was in top form, I didn't fear many competitors. I knew what I was ready to run and I would set out to do it. If someone could do it better or faster, then that's the way it went. Most of the toughest competitors were the ones in the European races.

8) What is your take on the resurgence of female mid-distance runners? Do you have any favorite current pro runners?
It has been great to see the breakthroughs that have happened of late. I was always quite surprised to see my times hold up so well for so many years. I didn't have a lot of the technical help or training groups. There were many years where I needed to work, sometimes full-time and balance my running. Knowing the way I trained and that I didn't have a whole "team" of people helping (not that I didn't have supporters), I always wondered why people who seemed to put more into it than I did weren't running faster times than they were.

Of the current crop, I think my favorites are Shannon Rowbury and Anna Willard. I know Shannon is in very good hands with Coach Cook. Anna is just so tough and exciting to watch race - and what versatility! She seems to have no fear.

9) What have been some of the changes in the world of professional races?
Much more money!

10) What are your thoughts on PEDs and how can their use be controlled and/or diminished?
I wish I had the magic answer for this one! It has been really discouraging to see some people seemingly get away with cheating. It's difficult, though, to separate the rumors from the truth. Any time someone runs fast or has a big breakthrough, they're immediately accused. I'm glad the internet wasn't so prevalant when I was competing. I've seen articles now about what apparently went on in 1984. We as athletes had very strong suspicions and had heard things. But, even now, HGH isn't tested for. You see some people really physically change and it seems so obvious sometimes. Personally, I don't know how they live with themselves. Especially as a female. You have to live many, many years with what you do to your body, and it just isn't worth it if you ask me. The biggest surprise to me is the Americans who have been caught that didn't even run as fast as I did. Why cheat to run 2:00 and 4:00? It can be done without that.

11) Cross-training and other alternative methods (alter-g, etc.) are more prevalent now; if you were a pro today, how would you incorporate these methods?
In my competitive days, swimming and biking were what you did when you were hurt. It was hard to find pleasure in either activity. Knowing what I know now, I think I would have incorporated more swimming and working out in the water. However, I built my confidence by running, and I know I would have second-guessed whether the other workouts were accomplishing what I needed. I'm very "old school."

12) What would your advice be for high school female runners?
Be consistent. Run every day. Quality is much more important than quantity. I personally don't think any high school girl needs to run more than 40-50 miles per week, but they do need the quality. You can't jog those miles and be successful. You don't want to use it all up in high school, but you want to be ready to step it up to the next level. Remember, your physical peak is not going to come in high school. If you want a future in the sport, it will come in college and beyond. Also, take care of yourself! You need to eat right, get enough sleep and keep your life in balance. Ask yourself, "if the running were taken away tomorrow, what would be left?" If the answer is nothing, you've got a problem. High school is a time to explore, learn and try things. Challenge yourself to watch and learn. Read, watch races, follow someone's career, ask questions.

13) Anything else you would like to add.
I don't know. If I got started, I could probably write a book's worth of stuff! I started running at age 10 (by the way, I didn't even train every day then). I was still competing in my 40's, and that's a long time. Bottom line, I really love to run! It's interesting now to look back and realize I was sort of a pioneer in women's running. I was a part of a lot of different "phases."

Thank you very much for your time Ruth! AJC

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Jacque Taylor of Casa Grande (NCS) to North Carolina...

I chose UNC because I felt so comfortable there! I'm going to be coached by great coaches, and their program is on the rise! Also, I chose UNC because of the team and the campus.

Jacque Taylor :)

Smith Steps Down

From the Los Altos Town Crier:
Smith Steps Down

"Evan Smith last week stepped down as track and field coach at Mountain View High. A search for his replacement is under way (see “Coaching vacancies” entry, below). Smith coached the Spartans to an SCVAL De Anza Division title and perfect dual-meet record last spring. Smith declined to comment on why he is not returning but indicated he plans to return as cross-country coach in the fall."

National Letter of Intent

If you are a student/athlete that signed a National Letter of Intent, please send me your picture of the signature moment and a reason why you chose the college/university you will be attending in the fall.

Send your pictures and brief explanation to

Thank you in advance for your submissions.

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All-Empire Cross Country Teams

Courtesy of Santa Rosa Press Democrat

Boys 2009 All-Empire Cross Country

Girls 2009 All-Empire Cross Country

SR's Reesey Byers built for speed, endurance

1st Annual GryFUN run results (January 31st) hosted by Crystal Springs Uplands School

The distance is posted as a 5k but it was closer to 3 miles.

Winner Michael Reher is a current 12th grader at St. Ignatius. He finished in 5th place this past XC season in the CCS Division III race running 15:46. He also ran 1:57.23 in the 800 last year which should have him as one of the contenders for the state meet this year in the event.

Impressive battle for the women's title as both women finished in top 3 with sub 16:10 efforts. Both women are coached by former Stanford coach Dena Evans who finished 4th in the women's race.

Results can be found here:

More exercise better in long run, study finds

From yesterday's San Francisco Chronicle:

More exercise better in long run, study finds

Monday, February 01, 2010

Catching up with Marin Academy runner, Lucy McCullough...

Today we chat with Marin Academy junior, Lucy McCullough. She completed the past Cross Country season at the Footlocker West Meet by finishing 16th in the seeded race. That race followed her first state championship as she rolled to the Division V crown, running 18:17 on the 5K course at Woodward Park. She is also one of a few runners to record 3 section titles in their first 3 years in XC. During the '09 Track and Field season, McCullough qualified for her first state meet in the 1600 by finishing 4th and running 4:54.82. She will definitely be a runner to watch this coming Track and Field season

1) How did you get your start in running?
I used to win a turkey every Thanksgiving in my elementary school Turkey Trot. I then ran cross country for my middle school during my club soccer season.

2) What was your first success in high school Cross Country? Track and Field?
Winning NCS in Cross Country my freshman year was definitely my first success, and making it to the NCS Meet of Champions in the 800 that spring was my first track success.

3) Who were the runners that you looked up to as a freshmen when you were first starting out in the two sports?
My freshman year I looked up to a senior runner on our cross country team, Alesandra Roger.

4) You have now won 3 NCS titles in XC as well as a state championship in Division V. What do you feel are your strengths in XC?
I feel that my strengths in cross country are my endurance (genetics granted me with that one!), and my kick in the last 800 or so meters of a race. I also feel like I have some mental strength - that feeling that I have a shot to win - that has helped me over the past three years.

5) What does a typical summer look like for you in terms of training and preparation for the season?
My mother always makes me take a month off right after track ends. I compete with my club swim team that I've been with since I was six, until late July, when I reintroduce mileage. I usually have a job as a camp counselor or lifeguard that I have to work my running schedule around.

6) Quick answers: Favorite xc meet? Favorite track meet? Favorite xc workout? Favorite track workout? Favorite competitor(s)? Favorite xc course?
Favorite xc meet is the State Meet in Fresno. Favorite track meet is NCS Meet of Champions or Arcadia. Favorite xc workout is a point-to-point tempo run, where two groups meet in the middle and exchange van keys. Favorite track workout: 200 repeats! I love them!! Favorite Competitors(s): Holland Reynolds and Jennie Callan of University Prep - they're really nice and keep me on my toes! Favorite xc course: Mt. Sac even though my times there are miserable!

7) In terms of your training, what do you feel are the keys to your success in either sport?

Speed and core workouts.

8) Who are your coaches for xc and track and how have they helped you develop as a runner and person?

My cross country coaches are Liz Gottlieb and Ken Ellingboe, and they have been the best coaches I could ask for. They are so supportive of me, and always lighten my mood before a race. They have shown me the most amazing trails in Marin, and are accomplished roadrunners themselves. My dearest mother, Theresa Gschwind McCullough, is Marin Academy's distance track coach. My mom knows how to get the work in that I need and is great at racing strategy.

9) What are your current personal records on the track for 400? 800? 1600? 3200?

400: 60ish (unofficially from a relay)
800: 2:18
1600: 4:54
3200: 11:20

10) How would you convince a freshman at your school to run either xc and track and field?

That's funny, because I do a whole lot of recruiting at my school - and it worked because we had 50 kids go out for xc this fall (sch. pop. 400)! I corner them in the hallway... actually, I tell them that we get to run on some of the most beautiful trails in the country.

11) You qualified for the state meet last year in the 1600 as well as won the state championship this year in xc. How much of a big deal were those accomplishments at MA?
I got a ton of congratulations from classmates and faculty after both of those accomplishments, however my school is FULL of extremely talented people - my classmates have songs on iTunes, their own radio shows, and they play on national junior sports teams.... It keeps things in perspective.

Thank you very much for your time Lucy! AJC

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