Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Catching up with Petaluma runner, Isabel Andrade...

Today we chat with Petaluma senior runner, Isabel Andrade. This past Saturday, she made it 2 for 2 when it comes to NCS individual titles as she repeated as NCS Division III cross country champion in her 2nd year in the sport. She will also be joined by her teammates as the Petaluma girls qualified for their first state meet as a team. Andrade also qualified for the CA State Track and Field last year as she finished 5th at the NCS Meet of Champions but dipped under the At-Large mark with a time of 4:56.29.

1. Who inspired you to get started in running and when did you start running?
I guess I would have to say my dad in some ways because I always want to make him proud, and he loves to run. He ran with me ever since I was little for fun.

I ran in seventh grade as a sprinter, and then started running distance in track my freshman year. I started xc my junior year.

My best friend Andie also inspires me to run everyday because of her amazing dedication and heart!
2. What sports have you participated in besides cross country and track and field?
I played soccer from first to sixth grade, it was a lot of fun. I played tennis with my dad some, and football with "the guys" in elementary and volleyball whenever I get a chance, but I don't know if that counts. haha

3. When did you first realize that xc and track could be the two sports for you?
It's to say. I think I realized it in bits and pieces, I don't think there was one defining moment for me. I just started liking it more and more.

4. What was your first success you achieved in running at the high school level?
To me, my first success was when I felt like our team this year had an amazing season. Not just as athletes, but as a group of girls who all cared for each other and had a blast at practice (or wherever we went). At our awards night we were all crying like babies (probably mostly me, haha) looking back on the season, it was an amazing moment, I hadn't really realized how much I'd had impact on them.

5. What are your proudest achievements in xc/track in the past four years?
I would probably say all of the good times I have had. I also really liked MOC last year when I broke my mile time of 5.07 to 4.56. It was so cool, I couldn't believe it.

6. Favorite xc race? Favorite xc course? Favorite competitor (s)? Favorite workout? Favorite run?
-They are all pretty great in their own ways. I really like the races with lots of people though, because of all the adrenaline. -Ed Sias, I loooove finale hill! It is so great. -I don't really know if I could pick out one person, but I do like it when my assistant coach paces me on some workouts for fun. -I love this one hill workout we do at Putnam (our home course) where we just get to charge up this hill repeatedly. It's amazing. -My favorite runs are medium length ones, and in the rain!!:)

7. What do you feel are your key workouts for you during xc that let you know that you are fit and ready to achieve great things?
Tempo and thousands. :)
8. Tell us a little about Coach Lynch and what he has meant to you as a person and athlete.
It's a good thins you put "a little" because I could really go on forever about what an amazing coach he has been. As a person he has been inspirational because he has lead such a great life. He has focus and dedication, and his passion for the sport is visible everyday at practice. He cares so much about us and it makes us all want to do our best not only for ourselves, but for our amazing coach. :)

9. Do you feel like the success for the boys helped inspire the girls to reach their first state meet as a team?
Yes! Seeing their hard work and dedication all pay off really made us want that too! We are so glad we get to go state as a team!

10. How close are you to making your college choice and how much will running influence that decision?
I am still torn at the moment, but running is definitely a big part as far as a great coach and team go! I am so excited for college!

11. What would be your advice for a young runner who has aspirations to improve their running and be successful in xc and track?
Well I would say they are already off to a great start! If they are into running and have aspirations to do well, then they definitely will! I would tell them that the beauty of running lies in how simple it is. You get out of it what you put into it. So run hard!
(also, summer running and winter training are a mustt. don't forget your shoes at practice, get a watch, and HAVE FUN!!!!) hahaha

12. Anything else you would like to add.
I am so glad that I started to run and I would encourage anyone who doesn't feel like they are good enough or are afraid of racing to remember that these things take time. You get better and less nervous the more you run!
God bless, and Happy Thanksgiving!!! :)

Thank you very much Isabel! AJC

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She seems like a nice girl, I wish her the best of luck with the rest of her season.

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