Friday, December 12, 2008

Catching up with Petaluma's Sterling Lockert...

Today we chat with the front runner for the Petaluma cross country team, senior Sterling Lockert. During his time on the Petaluma team, Sterling has led the team to 2 NCS championships ('06 and '07), 2 podium finishes ('07 and '08) and many outstanding efforts at many cross country invitationals. Sterling has also been a state meet qualifier on the track in the 3200 (as a sophomore) and in the 1600 (as a junior). For those of you that don't know, Sterling also has a twin brother (Devin) who has also been a big part of Petaluma's success in cross country and in track and field in his favorite event, the 800m.

1) How did you and your brother get your start in distance running?
I did Club XC when I was in fifth grade and lived in Washington. I was the worst runner there, even got last a few of the races. I didn't run again until the summer of my freshmen year. I got my dad race entries to the Angle Island 12k. I ran with him a few times before that. And went out to a few of the high school summer training runs. Other than that i didn't do anything. I went to the race and did pretty well. So I decided to run instead of play soccer.

2) What other sports have you played?
Played soccer for six year. My friends mom (I had played soccer with him for 2 years) was the one that gave me to contact information to get a hold of Jim to figure out summer running and get on the team.

3) When did you turn your focus solely to running?
The summer going into my Junior year was when I fully dedicated myself to running. Ran everyday. Paid more attention to how late I was staying up.

4) Looking back at this past season, what do you consider your best race?
I think Clovis was a really good race for me. But I didn't feel that this year I had a performance that was obviously my best race. I feel like I ran how I was expected but never really exceeded that.

5) Favorite course? Favorite invitational? Favorite runner(s) to race?
Favorite course is either Woodward, Spring Lake, or the Mariner course. My favorite invite is either Stanford or Clovis cause I love the atmosphere of all the runners. I love looking around and seeing the best teams in the state. I like Clovis because it's fun to get to run on that state course without any pressure to preform well. I sort of like racing my brother. Other than that I don't really have a kid that I get excited to race.

6) Tell us a little about the state meet race. What was your strategy going into the race?
Well, with it being my senior year I wanted to make sure I left nothing out there. The 4:32 (or something like that) made sure I didn't do that. I mainly wanted to run with the leaders and try and move at the mile. My only strategy was to run with guts and heart, I might have done better if I'd ran with some brains, but that wasn't what that race was about for me.

7) What was your favorite workout during cross country? How long was your longest run?
I love long runs. I think hill repeats are probably my favorite workout. Or maybe track work...I have no idea what my favorite is. I like it all. My favorite workout is running. Longest run I think was 16 miles. That was over the summer. My most memorable run was a 14 mile Bjorn, Cole, Cody and I did out at Pt. Reyes.

8) Looking ahead to the track and field season, what is your favorite distance in track? Favorite relay event? Favorite invitational in track?
I like all the distances. My favorite is probably the 3200. I like that extended pain. It also is long enough where my kick doesn't get sucked out. Favorite relay is the DMR. As for invites over the track season, I really like night meets. I enjoy Stanford a lot. Skyline distance fiesta was really, really fun with the music and night running.

9) What runners inspired you when you were first starting out in the sport? How about now?
The usual inspired me as runner. Pre and Alan Webb are the first ones to come to mind. Chris Schwartz is pretty inspiring as well as Mac Fleet. They are both really nice kids and, obviously, amazing runners. German Fernandez also inspires me. Finally, my team. They're the biggest inspiration.

10) Looking back at your four years of Petaluma cross country, what do you feel was the best accomplishment by your team?
I think that our best accomplishment was Nike Team Nationals. I know that as a team, that was the most fun we have ever had. It's also something that we did well at. Of all my running memories that one is the one I'll remember most vividly.

11) I have seen this question before but where do you see yourself in ten years?
I really have no idea. I definitely see myself continuing running. Hopefully in a multi-million dollar home. Turning down million dollar offers right before going on Ellen. :-D

12) Anything else you would like to add.
Thanks for taking the time to send this. Thanks for keeping up with the running world. Thanks Jim for being such and outstanding coach. Thanks Carla for coming out and helping us become nice and flexible. Thanks Mrs. Teeter for giving up time to run our practices. Thanks to Courtney Raffaelli for inspiring me. Thanks to our amazing girls team who are the most supportive girls team ever. And thanks for all the guys on the team (Brandon, Devin, Cody Forest, Hugh, and Ben) for giving up so much to the team. *que academy awards music* And thanks to everyone that's made Cross Country such an amazing experience.

Thank you very much Sterling. AJC


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on a great high school XC career. Good luck during the track season.

Sterling Lockert said...

Thank you very much. i'm really excited for this track season.

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