Saturday, December 20, 2008

All-CCS Cross Country Teams

Boys' All-CCS Team

First Team
Tyre Johnson 12 Palma
Garrett Rowe 11 Mt.View
Ian Myjer 11 Mt.View
Nohe Lema 12 Willow Glen
Philip MacQuitty 11 Palo Alto
Brennan Lynch 12 Santa Cruz
Parker Schuh 10 Mt.View

Second Team
Rylan Hunt 12 Aptos
Peter Birsinger 12 St.Ignatius
Mitch Moriarity 11 Aptos
Daniel Filipcik 12 Woodside
Ethan Scardina 10 Carlmont
Lawrence Smith 12 Bellarmine
Paul Summers 11 Gunn

Honorable Mention
Greg Innes 12 St.Ignatius
Jake Arveson 12 Monterey
Dayne Gradone 12 Aptos
David Perez 11 Salinas
Kevin Liao 12 Evergreen Val
Robt McLauchlan 12 Mt.View
Lance Wolfsmith 12 Sobrato
Nick Oliver 12 Homestead
Luca Signore 11 Lynbrook
Skyler Cummins 12 Palo Alto

Runner of the Year- Tyre Johnson (Palma)
Senior of the Year- Tyre Johnson (Palma)
Junior of the Year- Garrett Rowe (Mt.View)
Soph of the Year- Parker Schuh (Mt.View)
Frosh of the Year- Michael McCabe (WG)

Girls' All-CCS Team
First Team
Jennifer Bergman 12 Leland
Justine Fedronic 12 Carlmont
Jessie Petersen 10 Carlmont
Rachel Hinds 10 St.Ignatius
Katy Daly 12 St.Ignatius
Mary Reynolds 12 Mt.View
Marissa Ferrante 11 Aptos

Second Team
Stephanie Barnett 12 Leland
Alex Westbrook 12 Mt.View
Kathleen Miller 12 Gilroy
Courtney Allen 12 San Benito
Lisa Fawcett 11 Gunn
Samantha Hamilton 11 HMB
Cindy Huang 10 Lynbrook

Honorable Mention
Claudia Barnett 11 Leland
Jean Feng 12 Monta Vista
Allegra Mayer 12 Gunn
Zoe Pappas 11 Mt.View
Kristine Talbot 12 Mt.View
Katie Nast 12 Saratoga
Rachel Stump 12 Los Gatos
Katie Castro 10 Los Gatos
Bita Manesh 12 Santa Clara
Melissa Hopper 11 Leigh

Runner of the Year- Jennifer Bergman (Valley Chr)
Senior of the Year- Jennifer Bergman (Valley Chr)
Junior of the Year- Marissa Ferrante (Aptos)
Soph of the Year- Jessie Petersen (Carlmont)
Frosh of the Year- Abbey Blake (Westmont)


Anonymous said...

tyre johnson over garrett rowe? k..

Anonymous said...

agree not even close. did u consider state and postseason?

Anonymous said...

Makes no sense. Rowe came back from an early season injury to be #2 in all divisions at state in a blazing fast time. Johnson was #43 in CA, 30 seconds behind. Rowe follows up with a great run at Nike Nationals while Johnson was two places from dead last at Footlocker Nationals.

No disrespect to Johnson who is excellent but Rowe had the best year of any CCS runner in a long time.

Albert Caruana said...

The All-CCS teams were chosen by a panel of coaches. The whole season was used as basis for the selections following the state meet and before the Nxn and Footlocker races.

Anonymous said...

On the contrary, I think Tyre Johnson very much deserved to be first. He consistently ran better than Rowe all throughout the season. At CCS he ran 1 second faster than Rowe but was running in conditions that were almost 20 degrees hotter.

At the state meet, Rowe ran in the best early morning weather.. Johnson ran when it was much hotter and was also just "going for the win". Keep in mind he ran something like 15:15 at Clovis Invitational a while back, where he also beat Rowe in that race.

Finally yes he had a bad race at Footlocker, but you have to account for things like that (look at Allegra Mayer who is on the Honorable Mention even after running almost 23 minutes at CCS).

Johnson consistently ran better than Rowe all season. Hard to compare Johnson's state time because it was in hotter conditions and like said befor, he was just "going for the win."

Anonymous said...

Another thing is that Katie Nast ran something like 25 minutes at the state meet, but she's still on the honorable mention. You have to take into consideration ALL of the races of the year, not just one or two bad ones.

Anonymous said...

The CCS award is a judgment call. Your HS career will ultimately be judged by how fast you ran, and how you did in big races like state. Nobody will care even 2 years from now how hot it was at CCS when comparing guys separated by one second, who didn't even race one another, and who may not have been going full out.

You should celebrate Johnson's state D4 title AND the fact that another CCS kid, Garrett Rowe ran a historically fast time at Woodward. Don’t fret for Rowe because he will probably get Junior Runner of the Year on the all-state team which is plenty of recognition and more prestigious anyway.

Rowe's PRs are already way faster than Johnson’s at the two courses CCS people and the record books care about most, Crystal and Woodward. If he feels slighted, he can extend the margin even further over Johnson next year.

Anonymous said...

Don't agree with any point of view here especially JP for three reasons

#1 Rowe's 14:56 at CC to win the toughest league in CCS

#2 15:03 at Woodward. Fastest CCS run in many years and by a wide margin (like 20 seconds) over famous graduates like Sitler and Abdalah.

#3 13th place at Nike Nationals in a time under the prior course record.

Three runs in one season well beyond anything Johnson did this season or in his career. When has Johnson made it on any all-time lists? Rowe's on Crystal, Woodward, and now Portland Meadows all in one season. Fast races in the biggest events. No disrespect to the coaches poll or Johnson but Rowe had a way better season and it wasn't even close.

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