Tuesday, March 12, 2024

Dublin Distance Fiesta Week!

The Dublin Distance Fiesta will take place this Friday and Saturday and this will be the largest Fiesta to date. You can check out all the info at the following links. I will also post a preview by this Friday. In the meantime, feel free to comment below on any of the races that you feel will be FIRE!

Meet Program HERE

Meet Schedule HERE


Chad said...

Looking forward to it. Should be fun and fast competition. I'll be there for many hours on Saturday and loving just about every minute of it. My 2 cents (take it or leave it), they should move ALL of one of the events to Friday. That would give us coaches some idea of what we are signing up for. I signed my team up to double the 1600 and 800 thinking they could get them both in on Saturday. But now some of them only get to run the 800 because some of the 1600s got moved to Friday and we aren't going that day. Just a thought.

Albert Caruana said...

This is the first year that some of the 1600s are also on Friday. I think that was a result of the record number of entries. I thought I would never go to the Friday portion but I will be there for both days and it should be another awesome DDF.

Anonymous said...

CSUS Boosters have to be paying hotel for 4x State Championship Coach🤣

Albert Caruana said...

Funny but I will drive back and forth both days. Will also drive to and from Arcadia although I always regret not flying after.

Chad said...

I'll probably break down and find a way to go to the Friday portion next year. It's not so much me but having the athletes there two days is another step in the process, as you know. I am with you about regretting not flying to Arcadia, that's always my thought on the drive back. But I will be in a hotel for a couple of days there so it's not too bad. It's like a "coaches' vacation".

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