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NorCal Cross Country and Track and Field College Commitments

If you have other additions, please email me at or post below.

Grant Morgenfeld
Palo Alto (CCS) Wake Forest
Renae Searls Alhambra (NCS) California Polytechnic State University (Cal Poly SLO)
Jasleen Sidhu Los Altos (CCS) Air Force Academy
Tatum Olesen Menlo Atherton (CCS) University of Virginia
Cora Haggarty Burlingame (CCS) University of Michigan
Ashlyn Boothby Scotts Valley (CCS) Stanford University
Josh Chu Ponderosa (SJS) UCLA
Karissa Chamberlain Whitney (SJS) BYU
Asher Patel Miramonte (NCS) Cornell
Olivia Williams Acalanes (NCS) University of Pennsylvania
Shea Volkmer Campolindo (NCS) Colorado State
Juliana Roberson Whitney (SJS) UNLV
Lucas Cohen Albany (NCS) Yale University
Jathiyah Muhammad San Jose Track Club (Unat.) University of Arizona
Luke Moore Sacred Heart Cathedral (CCS) University of Chicago
Talia Green College Prep (NCS) Harvey Mudd, Claremont Mudd Scripps
Angeline Gutierrez Del Oro (SJS) Sonoma State University
Aidan Doherty Menlo Atherton (CCS) St. Mary's (Moraga)
Cleo Rehkopf Menlo Atherton (CCS) Colby College (Maine)
Annie Pflaum Menlo Atherton (CCS), Dartmouth (NH)
Landon Pretre Menlo School (CCS), Wake Forrest
Will Hauser Menlo School (CCS), Wake Forest
Peyton Dolan Monte Vista (NCS), University of Miami
Ava Kopec Whitney (SJS), University of California Berkeley
Grace Scott Whitney (SJS), San Jose State University
Anjali Yella Harker (CCS), Yale University
Samantha Patel Los Altos (CCS), Cal Poly SLO
Silas Bernadino Sacred Heart Cathedral, Concordia (Wisconsin)
Ryan Joyce Sacred Heart Cathedral, Carnegie Mellon
Scarlett Riddle Franklin EG, Sonoma State
Jenna Calvert Franklin EG, UC Davis
Grace Dunham St. Francis of Sacramento (SJS), UC Davis
Kayla Towne St. Francis of Sacramento (SJS), UC Davis
Pamela Vargas St. Francis of Sacramento (SJS), Stan State
Ryann Strawn St. Francis of Sacramento (SJS), UC Santa Barbara
Liana Lee Dougherty Valley (NCS), UC Irvine


John Maloney said...

Because I am very old and in honor of Mark Conover who coached at Cal Poly SLO (1978,1979 NCAA Men's XC Team Champion, 10 Time Women's XC Team Champion), ran for what is now Cal Poly Humboldt (1980 NCAA Men's XC Team Champion), and raced against Cal Poly Pomona (1983 NCAA Men's XC Team Champion), I would love to know what NCAA Championship Cal Poly school Renae Searls is committed.

Albert Caruana said...

There you go, John.

Anonymous said...

Joshua Grenade

Anonymous said...

Karissa Chamberlain (Whitney-SJS) BYU

Anonymous said...

Asher Patel (Miramonte) Cornell

Anonymous said...


Mark Snow said...

Juliana Roberson-(Whitney, SJS) UNLV

Anonymous said...

Talia Green (College Prep, NC) Harvey Mudd [Claremont-Mudd-Scripps]

Anonymous said...

Lucas Cohen (Albany, NCS)--Yale

Anonymous said...

Angeline Gutierrez- (Del Oro-SJS) Sonoma State University

Elmo said...

Crazy how many California kids leave the state these days :(

Anonymous said...

Lillian Kaelber (St Francis - CCS) - Brown University

Anonymous said...

Samantha Patel (Los Altos - Ccs) Cal Poly SLO

jclemons13 said...

Scarlett Riddle (Franklin EG) - Sonoma State
Jenna Calvert (Franklin EG) - UC Davis

Chad said...

Grace Dunham (St. Francis of Sacramento, SJS) UC Davis
Kayla Towne (St. Francis of Sacramento, SJS) UC Davis
Pamela Vargas (St. Francis of Sacramento, SJS) Stan State
Ryann Strawn (St. Francis of Sacramento, SJS) UC Santa Barbara

R Gowen said...

Liana Lee, Dougherty Valley UC Irvine

Anonymous said...

Olaf Dietz (Berkeley High - NCS) Johns Hopkins
Mason Mullen (Berkeley High - NCS) CSU Chico
Sara Teitelbaum (Berkeley High - NCS) UC Santa Cruz

Anonymous said...

Jordan Robinson (Hillsdale - CCS) UC Santa Cruz

Anonymous said...

Omar Alsaidi (Oakdale-SJ) Syracuse University
Jackson Oliveira (Oakdale-SJ) Stanislaus State
Mason Oliveira (Oakdale-SJ) Stanislaus State

bhc3 said...

Malcolm Oakes (Convent & Stuart Hall) Williams College
Deirdre Kenny (Convent & Stuart Hall) George Washington University

Knights said...

Andrew Baxter (Las Lomas) Chico State Wildcats

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