Thursday, January 27, 2022

NorCal Best at every event for upcoming Track and Field season

Just to be clear, I used last year's performances as a starting point. Some events have clear favorites (both boy's hurdles for example) and some have not so clear favorites. In those instances, I picked the more consistent performer. It's tough to just pick out one athlete in some events but that was my task. Feel free to continue the discussion in the comment section below.

100m-Nathan Kent Rocklin (SJS)
200m-Nathan Kent Rocklin (SJS)
400m-Nathan Kent Rocklin (SJS)
800m-Yutaka Roberts El Camino (CCS)
1600m-Jeremy Kain Scotts Valley (CCS)
3200m-Alex Mader Lick-Wilmerding (NCS)
110m Hurdles-Jadyn Marshall Lincoln, Stockton (SJS)
300m Hurdles-Jadyn Marshall Lincoln, Stockton (SJS)
Long Jump-Andrew Fu Harker (CCS)
Triple Jump-Sean Huckleberry University (NCS)
High Jump-Ray Oldham Davis (SJS)
Pole Vault-Ian Strode Turlock (SJS)
Shot Put-Jacob Kiesman Valley Christian SJ (CCS)
Discus-Matteo Mitchell Clayton Valley Charter (NCS)

100m-Kylee Redman Turlock (SJS)
200m-Nairobi Smith International (NCS)
400m-Cate Peters Monte Vista (NCS)
800m-Samira Kennedy Castilleja (CCS)
1600m-Riley Chamberlain Del Oro (SJS)
3200m-Sophia Nordenholz Albany (NCS)
100m Hurdles-Y'Vette Harris Lincoln, Stockton (SJS)
300m Hurdles-Alison Tjoe Lynbrook (CCS)
Long Jump-Julia Alexander St. Mary's, Berkeley (NCS)
Triple Jump-Anela Thomas St. Mary's, Berkeley (NCS)
High Jump-Mara Lampsas California (NCS)
Pole Vault-Lily Mulligan Maria Carrillo (NCS)
Shot Put-Galadriel Mellion Weston Ranch (SJS)
Discus-Galadriel Mellion Weston Ranch (SJS)


BVtrack said...

Isabella Chilcutt - girls high jump - 5-06.00 in dual with Vista Del Lago (Folsom) -

Jim Crowhurst said...

Another HJer at 5-6 is
5-6 Alexis Hunt, 10, Maria Carrillo, 5/15/21 Granda Sprint & Distance Festival

Daniel James said...

Braden King ran a 8:56.89 3,200 at Arcadia.

Albert Caruana said...

Thanks for the above comments. In regards to the high jump, I picked the jumper that had multiple jumps at 5'6". As for Braden King, yes he did run a faster 3200 than Alex Mader in track but Mader had the better XC season as far as times. I think it's a coin flip between those two but there will be others that will be considered as well.

Daniel James said...

I posted King's time in the 3,200 because I thought the list was based on fastest PRs in the event. If I were to guess who would end up being the highest NorCal finisher in that event at state, my pre-season pick would probably be Zachary Ayers of Davis. He got healthy and fit in the cross country season, broke up the Newbury Park juggernaut at state and I would also expect to see Caden Carney and Sean Morello in the sub-9 group this season. Some incredible talent coming out of NorCal, can't wait for the upcoming track season.

Albert Caruana said...

Those are three definite possible names that could have excellent seasons and may end up as being the best in NorCal. I am also certain that somebody else may break out to join that list as well. Should be another fun season.

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