Tuesday, August 24, 2021

Show your support for the Crystal Springs course

Wednesday evening, the Board of Trustees for the San Mateo County Community College District will be meeting to discuss specifics regarding the reopening of the Crystal Spring Cross Country Course.  

PLEASE take 5 minutes before Wednesday afternoon to write a short message explaining how important the course is to you and if you gave up your time on a recent Saturday to work on getting the course to a race-able condition.

Here are the email addresses for the Board members:

A few things we suggest when you write your message:
  1. BCC all addresses.
  2. Be very polite and professional.
  3. Give a proper heading, such as "Dear San Mateo County Community College District".
  4. Keep your message short and to the point.
  5. Include a subject line such as "Crystal Springs Cross Country Course", or "Keep Crystal Springs Open to Racing".
  6. Make sure to tell your relationship to the course.
  7. Sign your name at the end.

Share this with your teammates and family who can also write messages.  The more support they see, the more they will realize how important this course is to the greater community.

If you would like to virtually attend the meeting Wednesday evening at 6:00 pm (support with numbers is always a good thing), here is the link to the agenda that has the Zoom link (while the agenda item for Crystal Springs is not specifically scheduled right at 6, it could be moved up from where it has been placed because of the increased attendance at the meeting having to do with this: 

Thank you again for your help with the course.  After not hosting racing for nearly 2 years, the course looks to be back in very good shape (other than being very dry).  Best of luck on the upcoming season and I hope to see you at a meet soon!


EM said...

Thanks for such specific recommendations for how to reach out to the committee to show our support for continued use of the course for racing. I'll pass on the details to our team. We just sent an email from our family to the members.
Hope the local schools can continue to use it- the course is so valuable to the local schools!

Jeff Benford said...

Thank you! I just hit "send" a moment ago. It might be hard for people outside of the cross country community to understand the value of Crystal Springs. Think of some of the legends who have run here... 3-time Olympian Shannon Rowbury. Nikki Hiltz. Sara Hall (she was from the NCS but if I'm not mistaken would have competed in the invitational at some point). Anyone else I missed?
Many of today's students athletes can share a common experience with some of their parents and coaches who ran here before them. And it's the only course in the region that is unique to cross country (i.e., isn't a golf course or improvised on some other recreational land). These are among the points I urged the committee to consider. Praying for the best now...

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