Wednesday, January 22, 2020

2020 Track and Field Season

It seems like Cross County just ended but the truth is that we are just a few short weeks from the start of the upcoming Track and Field season. 

As always, I am open to suggestions on what you would like to see on this site that you would find helpful and informational. I would also like to hear if there is something that I have posted before that you have enjoyed as well.

Thank you in advance for your feedback.


Anonymous said...

Would love to hear opinions on what the big meets are this year, and what you will be attending. Also some earlier season predictions would be fun (that we can always Monday morning quarterback later)

Albert Caruana said...

I will be at the Dublin Distance Fiesta, Stanford, Arcadia and CCS Top 8 meet. SAC MOC is another possibility.

Early season predictions? This is more about athletes to watch. Let's see what Scott Toney can do this year in the pole vault after clearing 17'4" indoors already. The Marshall brothers (Jamar and Jadyn) out of St. Mary's Stockton. Alexandra Klos from Vista del Lago in her first Track and Field season. Samantha Wallenstrom and Charlotte Tomkinson in the 800. Del Oro's Ryan Mulholland in the sprints. Colin Peattie and Nolan Topper from Bellarmine. Those are all of the top of my head.

Who else?

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