Thursday, January 18, 2018

2018 SJS Distance State Meet Contenders

As with NCS and CCS, 3 qualify for the CA state Track and Field meet unless you surpass the 2018 At-Large Time Standards.  It's very possible I could have missed an athlete or two so please chime in below on those athletes.  Additional comments?

Girls 800m.
The favorite: Cathilyn McIntosh Del Oro (2-time defending Section Champion)
Threats: Jaxin Woodward Vacaville (State Meet Qualifier), Anitha Graves Woodcreek (State Meet Qualifier), Briseida Garcia Gregori
Wildcards: Sophie DeBenedetti St. Francis, Clara Harman Atwater, Jane McLoughlin Napa, Noelle Lynch St. Francis

Boys 800m.
The favorites: Nixon McKenzie Armijo (State Meet Qualifier)
Threats: Abraham Maldonado Atwater, Quenton Alexander Vanden
Wildcards: Karl Winter St. Mary's Stockton, David Vincent Jesuit, Patrick Wiseman Christian Brothers

Girls 1600m.
The favorite: Maddy Denner Oak Ridge (Defending Section and State Champion)
Threats: Olivia O'Keeffe Davis (State Meet Qualifier), Amber Jackson Forest Lake Christian, Cassi Land Sonora
Wildcards: Clarissa Nowag-Nelson McClatchy, Alize Hartke Oakmont, Gabriela Hernandez Vacaville, Isabella Fauria St. Francis, Sac, Sophia Karperos Rio Americano

Boys 1600m.
The favorite: Karl Winter St. Mary's Stockton (Top Returning Underclassman)
Threats: Santiago Ruiz Gregori, Austin Shields Whitney, Rubin Garcia Monterey Trail
Wildcards: Joshua Kling Whitney, Jeremy Lanthier Del Campo, Jesus Reyes Placer, Collin Ullrich Liberty Ranch, Matt Strangio Jesuit

Girls 3200m.
The favorites: Maddy and Elena Denner Oak Ridge (State Meet Qualifiers)
Threats: Sydney Vandegrift St. Francis, Sac, Alize Hartke Oakmont
Wildcards: Sophia Lodigiani Davis, Clarissa Nowag-Nelson McClatchy, Olivia O'Keeffe Davis, Isabella Fauria St. Francis, Sac, Cassi Land Sonora, Gabriela Hernandez Vacaville, Kaela Dishion Bret Harte

Boys 3200m.
The favorite: Matt Strangio Jesuit
Threats: Collin Ullrich Liberty Ranch, Santiago Ruiz Gregori, Jonah Weiner-Brodkay McClatchy, Garrett Gough Nevada Union
Wildcards: Mason Reeves Gregori, Sergio Lopez Del Campo, Drew Spencer Oak Ridge, Damian King Bella Vista, Jesus Reyes Placer, Justin Ferraro Rocklin, Conner Ryan Placer

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Anonymous said...

I noticed that you literally copied the masters race results sheets from 2017 to your "contenders list for 2018". Any other factors go into your reasoning for these contenders, wild cards, etc other than that? A lot of these runners were not contenders until they ran their PR at masters last year, many were huge prs, and some were child phenoms from many years ago. Isabella Fauria for example, has not raced in nearly 1 year and will likely not be a contender due to injury, she only ran one or two races last year as well, so top contender or wildcard, highly doubtful. My thoughts on rankings, maybe 60% of those mentioned will be contenders or wildcards, 100% of those listed as top state contenders will win (in my opinion).

Albert Caruana said...

There are several factors that went into selecting the above contenders. One, as you noted, is results from last year's section meet. Another factor is success in the just-completed cross country season. I don't think there is anything wrong with adding Isabella Fauria to the wildcard lists. If she is able to return from her injury issues, I would think that she would be a runner to reckon with in any event she chooses during the spring.

If you have other runners that you feel should have been added as well, feel free to mention in the comment section below.

Anonymous said...

I have been a teacher for 28 years. I have had numerous interactions with amazing kids over the years. I can't think of a better group than is listed here. The Denners have achieved incredible success in the last year. Olivia O'Keeffe ran a phenomenal race at state in 2016. Cassi Land and Kaela Dishion have had tremendous races in in D 4 for years. Alize Hartke was incredible last fall. We have had the privilege of seeing them on the podium at the biggest meets. They all keep getting better. They all have tremendous character. As for the outliers, they work hard too. My daughter partially tore her mcl in a State Cup soccer final two weeks before Masters. She had her knee drained two days before Masters, her knee was gruesome. I think the rest helped her. If you do a search for Amber Jackson you will find she is training with U S soccer. She is an amazing athlete. These girls get beaten up in soccer and then they try to compete in a 5k or mile. Sometimes it goes well. I wish all of them good health and success this year. I will look forward to watching their best performances this spring.

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