Saturday, January 26, 2008

Running in the Rain

If you want to see what the weather looks like for the next week and beyond, check out From my experience, the site is usually right on and most of the time, they are remarkably accurate down to the hour.

Unless you can run between the rain drops, you are going to get wet the next week or so. You can choose to wear rain gear during your run which will protect you from the elements. You can also go with your regular outfit of running shorts and a shirt and that works out just as well. The human body does a remarkable job of warming up after a few minutes and the rain is usually a welcome addition to most runs.

Lastly, following your run, you should immediately change to dry clothes. Do NOT put your shoes in the dryer. The hot air dryer will speed up the breakdown of the shoes’ material, and you’ll be wearing them out soon enough. The best advice is to stuff the shoes with newspapers and by morning, your shoes should be mostly dry. Some runners choose to alternate between two shoes which gives one pair of shoes a longer period to dry. Another benefit of alternating your shoes is that it takes up to 48 hours for them to rebound to their original shape after a run.

Any other helpful hints out there?

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