Sunday, October 08, 2006

N.C.S. Division III Mid-Season Rankings

What the Bay Area Conference is to Division V, the DFAL is to Division III. The winning teams and state meet qualifiers usually come from the who’s who in the DFAL. This year a familiar foe returns to the Division III battles as Maria Carrillo drops down from Division II. MC definitely has the runners to compete with anybody in this division in both races. Dan Aldridge made a name for himself as an outstanding runner and now is in charge of one of the best combined programs in NCS.

The boys' division winners will have to go through Acalanes once again this year. They return the most ammunition from last year's 2nd place finisher but that does not always lead to an NCS title. At this point they are ranked 2nd in state and first in NCS based on their performance from last year and their impressive run in the DFAL this year. Time will tell whether they deserve their #1 ranking here.

The top individual in this division has been Joey Kochlacs of Campolindo who has proved himself against many of the top runners in the state. James Attarian of Dublin finished a close 4th behind Kochlacs' 3rd place finish at Stanford. Acalanes teammates Nate Beach and Connor Mooney will challenge for the individual crown. Greg Drosky of Las Lomas claimed 1st place at Clovis and should be not be forgotten.

Maria Carrillo's girls seem to be the team to beat at this point after defeating Campolindo in a head to head battle at Stanford. Las Lomas has impressed early with a very young and talented team. Close behind those three teams will be Miramonte who won the Lowell Invitational and have been known to peak well come November. Las Lomas got the upper hand over Miramonte as the Matadors will now have to regroup without their injured #1 runner. Should make for a very exciting and competitive race.

With Alexi Pappas of Bishop O'Dowd not running this year and with Miramonte's Elaine Tansky's season apparently over, the early favorite for the girls is Laurie Finnegan of Campolindo after her impressive run at Stanford. She will battle with Jenny Bergren from Miramonte as well as senior Kristen Sanzari of Maria Carrillo. Watch out for Campolindo's Murrillo at the end of year who always runs well comes championship time.

Division III Boys (Top 4 Advance to state)
1) Acalanes-Top 4 return to win first crown.
2) Maria Carrillo-Deep, competitive team that could upset.
3) Campolindo-Kochlacs has been impressive early.
4) Las Lomas-Young talented team.
5) Bishop O’Dowd-In a battle to hold this spot.
On the bubble: Miramonte, Redwood H.S.

Top 5 Individuals based on season so far:
Joey Kochlacs (12) Campolindo
James Attarian (11) Dublin
Greg Drosky (11) Las Lomas
Nate Beach (11) Acalanes
Calvin Thigpen (12) Maria Carrillo

Division III Girls (Top 4 Advance to state)
1) Maria Carrillo-Ready to battle best of DFAL.
2) Campolindo-Return strongest lineup to defend crown.
3) Las LomasImpressive victory at Clovis.
4) Miramonte-Not to be overlooked in this division.
5) Bishop O’Dowd-Tough sledding without Pappas.
One the bubble: Albany

Top 5 Individuals based on season so far:
Laurie Finnegan (11) Campolindo
Elaine Tanski (10) Miramonte (Could be done this year.)
Jenny Bergren (12) Miramonte
Kristen Sanzari (12) Maria Carrillo
Alia Gray (12) Maria Carrillo

Division II will will be posted shortly. Feel free to comment on above rankings.


Anonymous said...

its true, Elaine is completely done for a year, her knee is way messed up.

Nate said...

Hi, this is Nate Cox from Campolindo. I think you made a typo. It's Nate Beach and Joey Thomas from Acalanes, not Joey Beach and Nate Mooney.

Albert Caruana said...

The link to Sanzari's pic has been fixed. Thanks for catching that.

Individual rankings can be tough because a lot of the runners haven't faced each other yet. I tried to take into account as many races as possible and then rank them based on their competitiveness at big meets and compare common opponents.

Albert Caruana said...

In the last state rankings, Acalanes was ranked 2nd in Division III. They have run well in their league and are currently undefeated. We will find out how good they really are when they face Campolindo on October 25th.

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