Wednesday, August 02, 2006

XC Boys' State Podium Teams

Looking at the boys' list, the top 3 teams have combined for 23 state championships. While McFarland and Nordhoff continue onward without the architects of those dominant programs (Jim White and Ken Reeves respectively), Jesuit's run of titles seems to have no end. Going into this year, the Jesuit boys enter the season as the favorites for the state Division II championship. Based on their past history, it's hard to count them out in their quest to tie McFarland's 9 state titles.

While San Lorenzo Valley seems to be the most consistent team for the girls this decade with 3 titles and 2 second place finishes, it appears that several boys' teams are in the midst of their own dynasties. Joining Jesuit and Barstow with their 3 titles this decade, Royal appears to be a team destined for more success with 2 titles and 2 second place finishes in the past five years. Flintridge Prep's run of plaques could be the state's biggest WHOA! as the Rebels have collected a plaque for 9 consecutuve seasons (1997-2005).

You can find a complete list of all the boys' podium teams here. Please keep in mind that Division IV was added to the State Meet in 1990 and Division V was added in 1996. The opportunity for plaques definitely increased for many teams with the additional divisions.

Heres the breakdown of plaques.
The team that has won the most plaques is:
McFarland with 11 plaques.

The team that has won the most 1st place plaques is:
McFarland with 9 plaques.

The team that has won the most plaques without winning a state title is:
Morro Bay with 6 plaques.
How close was Morro Bay to winning a state title?
1993-Division IV 1) McFarland 61 2) Morro Bay 63
1994-Division IV 1) McFarland 62 2) Morro Bay 62
1995-Division IV 1) Nordhoff 40 2) Morro Bay 103

The team that has won the most 2nd place plaques is:
Flintridge Prep with 4 plaques.

The team that has won the most 3rd place plaques is:
San Francisco University with 4 plaques.

The team that has won the Los Angeles Section's lone plaque is:
Belmont with a 3rd place finish in Division I during the 1997 season.

The team that had the longest span of time between it's 1st and last plaque:
Jesuit with 17 years (1988-2005)

The team that has won the most plaques (boys and girls combined):
Nordhoff with 19 plaques!!! (10 for the boys and 9 for the girls)

The following is a section breakdown for teams that have won at least 1 plaque:
(1) Southern Section-62
(2) Central Coast Section-12
(3) San Diego Section-11
(4) North Coast Section-9
(4) San Joaquin Section-5
(6) Central Section-4
(7) Northern Section-3
(8)Los Angeles City Section-1
Oakland Section-0
San Francisco Section-0

I open to ideas for my next post. If you spot any errors or have any ideas, please let me know.


Anonymous said...

Correction on the Woodcrest Christian Boys team. They have won the state championship twice. In 2001 and 2005. They took 2nd in 2004

Albert Caruana said...

Correct you are. Fixed.

cary nerelli said...

You missed one. In 1993 when our guys got nipped by McFarland 61-63, our girls took 3rd narrowly missing out to Lassen (92), Temescal Canyon (94). We came in with 95. Tough day at the office!

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