Friday, October 09, 2009

SJS Boys Division 1-3 Mid-Season Rankings by Jason Jimenez

Division 1

1 Davis

2 Oak Ridge

3 Grace Davis

4 Lincoln - Stockton

5 Franklin

Early season match-ups between Oak Ridge and Davis never really materialized as both squads suffered through

some illness and injuries. Both teams will probably hold back slightly at Frogtown in early November so hold your

breath for the Section championships - both teams will be forced to lock horns so to speak and any sub-par performance

could result in a lost banner.

Division 2

1 Del Campo

2 Jesuit

3 Woodcreek

4 Rocklin

5 Vacaville

All the King's Men at Del Campo have been solid throughout the season. Traveling to Woodbridge and Kenny-Staub

and faring well. Jesuit has yet to really show their cards. An easy win in the DRL showed their depth is a serious weapon.

Woodcreek and Rocklin are waging a battle of their own at the SFL. Woodcreek might have the edge with a superior front


Division 3

1 El Camino

2 Placer

3 Woodland

4 Sonora

5 Sierra

My first question is where is Del Oro? El Camino did better than expected at Stanford without their usual #5 man. They

have inched their way closer to Del Campo at CAL and even though they stumbled a bit at Yolo County they still beat

likely 2nd best team Placer.


JRJ said...

As soon as I did these rankings, of course, Clovis comes and shows me something different.

In Division 1, Lincoln-Stockton looks really strong and Nevada Union bested Grace Davis at Clovis.

In Division 2, Fairfield is coming around taking down Woodcreek and Rocklin.

Division 3 stays pretty much the same.

Anonymous said...

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