Sunday, October 25, 2009

Norcal Rankings Individuals

Look for some adjustments following the Mt. SAC Invitational. There were definitely some movers and shakers from the meet. Appreciate any help with who should move up or down or is missing from the lists below.

Erik Olson Novato NCS
Garrett Rowe Mt. View CCS
Philip MacQuitty Palo Alto CCS
Corey Coates Davis Sr. SJS
Paul Summers Gunn CCS
Kurt Ruegg Napa SJS-added
Luca Signore Lynbrook CCS
Reesey Byers Santa Rosa NCS
Trevor Halstead Davis Sr. SJS
Dan Milechman Tamalpais NCS
Hugh Dowdy Petaluma NCS
Parker Schuh Mt. View CCS
Weston Strum Pioneer CCS
Luis Luna Piner NCS NCS
Mitch Moriarity Aptos CCS-added
Charlie Perkins Alameda NCS-added
Roberto Rosas Grace Davis SJS-added
Dominic D'Acquisto Enterprise NS-added
Adam Kelly Strong Jesuit SJS
Chris Kigar El Camino SJS

Julie Nacouzi Montgomery NCS
Jacque Taylor Casa Grande NCS
Jessie Petersen Carlmont CCS
Brooke Holt Granite Bay SJS
Colleen Lillig California NCS
Marissa Ferrante Aptos CCS
Hayley Scott Oak Ridge SJS
Erin Robinson Gunn CCS
Courtney Crosta Woodcreek SJS
Karlie Garcia Oakmont SJS-added
Christine Bowlus Davis SJS
Isabel Andrade Petaluma NCS
Carrie Verdon Campolindo NCS
Breanna Lewis Sheldon SJS-added
Heather Cerney Carondelet NCS-added
Alycia Cridebring College Park NCS-added
Allison Sturges Mt. View CCS-added
Martina DeGeus Mt. View CCS-added
Rachel Hinds St. Ignatius CCS-added
Theresa Devine Marin Catholic NCS
Lucy McCullough Marin Academy NCS
Holland Reynolds University NCS
Corin Soelberg Carlmont CCS-added
Erin Hicks Los Altos CCS-added

You see the top 15 names above. I will add 5 more runners as long as you give data for them such as, hey, so and so beat so and so above at the following two races. How come, he or she is not ranked? Thank you in advance for your contributions.


JRJ said...

Roberto Rosas Grace Davis (SJS) won at Clovis in like 15:29? Kurt Ruegg Napa (SJS) won at Stanford in 15:30ish.

Brad Rowe said...

Albert, excellent team and indiv rankings, thanks!

Only writing this because I heard you crave criticism! :-) I think Paul Summers is a little low and Luca Signore is way too low. 15:01/15:07 at Crystal by Paul/Luca is worth about 15:11/15:17 at Woodward IMO. The popular course converter under-rates Crystal vs Woodward and the real delta is more like 10 sec, rather than 15 sec for elites. Plus Paul beat Halstead by 27 seconds head-head at Stanford...may be my CCS bias or some factor I'm unaware of but that's a huge gap.

Here's a free prediction for your next set of NorCal rankings in two weeks...Ian Myjer top 4.

Albert Caruana said...


Hopefully the changes I made reflect your input.

The Crystal Springs Invitational has been great in getting top runners from other sections to give the Crystal Springs course a try.

Here are a few of the runners that are listed on the list and their CS times for the '09 season:
Paul Summers 15:01
Luca Signore 15:06
Dan Milechman 15:07
Mitch Moriarty 15:09
Luis Luna 15:13
Weston Strum 15:15

Anonymous said...

Why is Allison Sturges not ranked?

Albert Caruana said...

Had to go back and check on a couple of results. She's on there now.

a1k said...

If Allison Sturges is up there, I think Rachel Hinds should be up there too.

18:20 at Crystal Springs so far.

Albert Caruana said...

Rachel Hinds is added. She is by far the best runner in the WCAL.

a1k said...

Oh nevermind, it wasn't at Crystal... but she has still put some great marks up this season.

Evan Smith said...

Erin Hicks from Los Altos just beat Marissa Ferrante today at Crystal 18:39 to 18:50. Those are both good times.

Anonymous said...

Hey Albert..
Just because some CCS comrades suggest adding a runner to the rankings doesn't mean that you have to. You have basically disregarded the Stanford results and used Crystal Springs as the main course.You had the rankings right on after Stanford but these..........You have forgotten:Karlie Garcia/oakmont/18:29.2,Breanna Mitchell/Bear River/18:38.5,Alicia Cridebring/College Park/18:43.5,Grace Orders/Campolindo/18:54.7.These times are all from Stanford.The Stanford times of the runners that you added: Sturges 18:58.8,Hicks 19:24.8,and Hinds 19:51.2.Other times to remember from Stanford:Ferrante 20:42,Peterson 19:18,Scott 18.59.8,Crosta 19:08.9,Bowlus 19:10.3,Andrade 19:08.2,Devine 19:03.6, and McCullough 19:04.9.
You can argue that Nacouzi is #1 but Taylor beat her the only time that they raced head to head(11:09 Taylor,11:22Nacouzi)Holt beat Lillig by 1 sec at Stanford but Lillig beat her by 14 sec at Clovis.Advantage Lillig.Your top 4 should be Taylor,Nacouzi,Lillig,and Holt.Not sure about the rest.Will send when I figure them out.

Anonymous said...

If you're counting Northern Section, you simply cannot forget about Domenic D'Acquisto from Enterprise. He finished 4th overall with a time of 14:17 at the Woodbridge meet down south against many of the premier teams in the state. He also had a gigantic lead on Mitch Moriarty last weekend at the Monterrey Bay invite before collapsing with heat exhaustion just before the finish line. D'Acquisto is one of the best in the state.

Albert Caruana said...

Yes, there are definitely a few girls that I left off the list that do belong. I will fix that. Same goes for Domenic D'Acquisto.

I will stick with Julie Nacouzi as the #1 girl right now. Overall, she has had the most consistent season so far out of all the Northern CA girls.

Anonymous said...

I believe Hugh Dowdy, Petaluma, senior is ranked to low. Only loss this year is to Erik Olson.

2009 Season

9/4 Rancho Cotate Invitational broke Old Meet Record was 15:11 Sterling Lockert, Petaluma 2008, beat 15:20 Reesey Byers, Santa Rosa, senior

9/12 Ed Sias XC Invitational 2nd to Erik Olson 9:46 to 9:56. Beat Dan Milechman. Faster than Byers who won another division.

9/19 DLS/CHS Nike Cross Country Invitational won over Alex Summers, Granada 15:23-15:35.

9/26 Stanford Won Division III in 15:37 over Weston Strum, CCS PIONEER 15:42

10/10 Clovis Won race #10 in 15:48 over Bryan Jordan, Galena 15:58

10/21 won league tri-meet

Albert Caruana said...

So where do you think Hugh Dowdy belongs then? Seems like he should move up but to what spot?

Anonymous said...

How about Ukiah's Andrew Zellman which went undefeated in league duals/tri's beating both Byers and Luna. He should be on the list somewhere.

Anonymous said...

Watch out for Bryan Crook of Mountain View (same time as Chris Kigar at Mt. SAC).

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