Sunday, October 25, 2009

NCS Rankings #4

Boys (Updated)
1) San Ramon Valley
2) Castro Valley
3) De La Salle
4) Petaluma
5) College Park
6) Las Lomas
7) Amador Valley
8) Campolindo
9) Monte Vista
10) Northgate
10) Alameda

1) Castro Valley
2) Campolindo
3) Monte Vista
4) Casa Grande
4) San Ramon Valley
6) Acalanes
7) Amador Valley
8) College Park
9) Carondelet
10) Livermore


1) Erik Olson Novato
2) Hugh Dowdy Petaluma
3) Reesey Byers Santa Rosa
4) Dan Milechman Tamalpais
5) Luis Luna Piner
6) Josh MacDonald Redwood Christian
7) Charlie Perkins Alameda
8) Paul Johnson De La Salle
9) Andrew Zellman Ukiah
10) Ben Eversole Castro Valley

1) Julie Nacouzi Montgomery
2) Jacque Taylor Casa Grande
3) Colleen Lillig California
4) Alycia Cridebring College Park
5) Kelsey Santisteban Castro Valley
6) Theresa Devine Marin Catholic
7) Lucy McCullough Marin Academy
8) Carrie Verdon Campolindo
9) Grace Orders Campolindo
10) Holland Reynolds University



Anonymous said...

Looks like Northgate beat Alameda at Mt. Sac.

Anonymous said...

Hey Albert,

You got the top 4 girls correct but as Keith Conning reported Santisteban was behind Cerney and McVay at Mt Sac.Your #5 should be Reynolds(she beat Verdon and Orders at the Nike Inv).#6 Verdon,#7Andrade,#8 Orders,#9 McVay(Stan 19:00.3) #10 Devine(Stan 19:03.6)

Peter Brewer said...

For what it's worth, Northgate also beat Monte Vista at Mt.SAC as well. I wouldn't put too much stock in one race though...some consistency at this level needs to be established.

Peter Brewer

Albert Caruana said...

Thanks for the input. I will update the lists when I get a moment later. At this point, I just want to make sure the runners and teams that belong on the lists are there.

Anonymous said...

Hey Albert,
Last Saturday Luna beat Zellman at Ukiah Harvest Invite (16:19 v 16:40). Wednesday Zellman came back to beat Luna setting a new UHS record (16:16 v 16:20). (BTW Zellman topped MacDonald at recent Mariner (16:45 v 16:54).)

Both NBL and SCL contain several very good runners peaking at the right time. (No let down even with the Lockert & McLeod moving on...

I am looking for to NCS meet!

Anonymous said...

Nov. 4th
Petaluma Boys team outstanding at Helen Putnam meet today. Top four runners under 18 min. for this tough 5k course with 5th place finisher at 18:04. Hugh Dowdy smashed the course record running the first sub 17 min. time finishing at 16:49. Second place Petaluma runner only 2 seconds over the old course record. Jacque Taylor ran a close to course record at 19:23.

Gregory said...

Jacque Taylor held the course record last year, and she broke her time by 20 she does have the course record for Petaluma's course.

Anonymous said...

Based on NBL and SCL league results on Spring Lake, I would rank these runners/teams relative to each other right now...

Zellman > Beyers > Dowdy (not pushed in SCL race)> Luna

Taylor > Nacouzzi (but close)

Girls Teams:
Maria Carrillo > Casa Grande

Anonymous said...

I've watched both Jacque Taylor and Julie Narcouzi run several times in the past month. As much as Julie has improved this year, I still have to give the slight nod to Jacque. They have raced together only two times this fall with Jacque winning both (Rancho Cotate & Viking Opener). They both won their League Championships this past week at Spring Lake. Jacque's time was 17:14 (she ran a 17:07 at Spr. Lk. last Year). Julie's times have greatly improved at Spring Lake but her best is still 17:24.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree Zellman needs to be rated higher. He is having a great season and is running with lots of confidence. He may be NCS champion for D2.

Also I agree that Jacque Taylor should be rated higher than Julie Narcouzi.

Albert Caruana said...

Agreed on both points. Zellman should be moved up in the overall rankings of boys runners in NCS and I think at this point, Taylor has reclaimed the unofficial title of best female runner in NCS.

Anonymous said...

Hey Albert,
Just a few days until NCS.
It would be such fun, (for me the spectator), to see the top runners across all five divisions face off! (Zellman, Beyers, Dowdy, Luna never get to meet head to head during the same race. BTW, I thought Luna's time was faster than Dowdy at Spring Lake (and Luna ran in the mud...)
Perhaps a NorCal invite / fun run that could happen between XC and track seasons. More of a BBQ social that anything too serious.
Oh well, cya Saturday.

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