Sunday, October 25, 2009

Mid-Season Norcal Rankings

Please feel free to comment on the rankings below. Updated following Mt. SAC Invitational. Castro Valley had an impressive effort on the boys' side. Anybody else should be considered to move up either list?

1) Mt. View CCS Division II
2) Davis Sr. SJS Division I
3) San Ramon Valley NCS Division I
4) Oak Ridge SJS Division I
5) Bellarmine CCS Division I
6) Gunn CCS Division II
7) Castro Valley NCS Division I
8) Carlmont CCS Division I
9) Petaluma NCS Division III
10) Del Campo SJS Division II

Honorable Mention (15 teams in alphabetical order)
Alameda NCS Division II
Amador Valley NCS Division I
Aptos CCS Division III
Campolindo NCS Division III
College Park NCS Division II
De La Salle NCS Division I
El Camino SJS Division III
Enterprise NS Division IV
Fairfield SJS Division II
Jesuit SJS Division II
Las Lomas NCS Division III
Livermore NCS Division I
Miramonte NCS Division III
Monte Vista NCS Division I
Northgate NCS Division III
Palo Alto CCS Division II
Salinas CCS Division I
St. Mary's Berkeley NCS Division IV

1) Oak Ridge SJS Division I
2) Campolindo NCS Division III
3) Aptos CCS Division III
4) Gunn CCS Division I
5) Davis Sr. SJS Division I
6) Mt. View CCS Division II
7) Carlmont CCS Division I
8) Castro Valley NCS Division I
9) Casa Grande NCS Division II
10) Monte Vista NCS Division I

Honorable Mention (15 teams in alphabetical order)
Acalanes NCS Division III
College Park NCS Division II
Del Oro SJS Division III
Evergreen Valley CCS Division I
Gilroy CCS Division I
Granite Bay SJS Division II
Leigh CCS Division II
Livermore NCS Division I
Los Gatos CCS Division II
Maria Carrillo NCS Division III
Mitty CCS Division II
Presentation CCS Division II
St. Francis, Sacramento SJS Division II
St. Ignatius CCS Division III
University HS NCS Division V
Woodcreek SJS Division II

Again, comments are welcome. I want to make the above list as accurate as possible before we head into the league, section and eventually, the state meet.


Evan Smith said...

The Mtn. View boys have yet to beat the Davis boys, so I think Davis should be #1.

The Gunn girls are better than their rank.

Evan Smith said...

I thought Mitty and Presentation were D2?

And thanks for the rankings ... I appreciate the time that you put into them Albert.

St3phan said...

De La Salle has beat Jesuit in combined results at Stanford and Clovis, so I think DLS should be #10.

Albert Caruana said...


Thanks for the feedback. I will adjust the rankings accordingly.

I will also double check about Mitty and Presentation. I believe I got those rankings from the SJ Mercury News rankings on Hank's site.

Albert Caruana said...

Presentation and Mitty are indeed Division II. Thanks for catching that.

DLS moved up to #10. Seems only fair.

Any others?

Anonymous said...

Are you putting up individual rankings?

Albert Caruana said...

Individual rankings will be up in the next two days.

St3phan said...

Thanks, Al.

Evan Smith said...

I think the Lynbrook girls are better than Leigh, Los Gatos, Mitty, and Presentation.

Craig said...

CCS Girls (based on races to date):
Gunn - Have all the pieces. Would have been very competitive in D2 at State...
Aptos - Only six, so an injury and a bad day drops them far
Mt. View - Their #4 through #10 runners are interchangeable.
Carlmont - Excellent top three... Need #4 & #5 to come through at CCS.
Leigh - Not clear how they get in the top 25. They have two top runners, but the rest of the team has yet to perform at a level that could get them in the top 6 at CCS D2.
Lynbrook - Better than Leigh, but not Los Gatos, Mitty, Presentation, or St. Francis (MV) [Sorry Coach...] They'll have to pull one out of the hat to get to State.
St. Ignatius - Besides Hinds? I rank Scotts Valley and ND Salinas above SI.

Anonymous said...

College Park has continuously beat De La Salle this year so why do they keep getting ranked ahead?

Albert Caruana said...

Not that this is the end all but De La Salle had a team time of 81:07 and College Park had a team time of 81:26 at Mt. SAC. Two very evenly matched teams it seems.

Anonymous said...

Mountain View boys are easily the best team in N Cal. Good to see Myjer run solid. how much faster can he get after some racing? SAw Rowe vid and he was sick at Mt Sac which makes sense. team will challange all at state when these two are finaly healthy

Evan Smith said...

Don't forget, Davis did not run their #1 guy at Mt. Sac. But thanks for the Mt. View props Mr. Anonymous (how do you find the time to post so often, anyway?). I too am excited to see what Mountain View does in the next month. They have been working quite hard.

Evan Smith said...

Carlmont girls beat Mountain View and Davis yesterday at Mt. Sac. They have definitely found their 4/5/6 girls. I would rank them about 4 spots higher than #7.

Turns out the new coach is quite good. At the same time, I still miss the old one. Thanks for the well wishes Gilkey. I hope we can deliver ...

Anonymous said...

MV showing life and I doubt Davis is the target. Such a slow start, can they peak for November? I doubt anyone in CA will be 20 sec ahead of rowe at state when he's healthy and ready. myjer and others may be the key. is myjer getting healthy?

Peter Brewer said...


Not wishing to toot my own horn too terribly much, but the Northgate boys did run a team time of 82:52 in the D-I race # 54 at Mt. SAC. Not bad for a D-III NCS team.

I just though that might put us on the bubble.


Anonymous said...

I agree that on the girls side Scotts Valley and ND Salinas should rank above SI. SV's top 4 are super solid and they have 5 - 7 runners that can hold up the deal...

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