Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Most of you are familiar with Dana Carvey, one of the most famous ex. Saturday Night Live performers. But what many of you don't know is that Dana is also a former local high school runner who ran in high school at Carlmont HS along with his older brother Scott for the legendary coach, Loren Lansberry.

Here is a result link for both of them when they ran in high school. Scott ran in the Varsity race finishing 4th while younger brother Dana won the Sophomore race.

Carlmont Meet - 10/05/70

Scott is still involved in the running community and has a great website you can check out. It's full of great advice mixed in with humor. Go to

Trivia Question: What other famous comedian ran the 800m. at Redwood HS?


Anonymous said...

Robin Williams

Albert Caruana said...

You are correct. I read somewhere that he ran 1:58.2 for 880 yards which is about 1:57.5 for 800 meters. He was also a team member of a 3:19 mile relay team.

More trivia questions on the way.

Anonymous said...

It was indeed an interesting period of time to be part of the Carlmont team... and the comment about Robin is correct.

I was with the team from 72-76. (1:59 for 880 yards)

Jim Taylor

Albert Caruana said...

Any good Lansberry stories?

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