Saturday, November 22, 2008

Individual winners from today's NCS Meet

NCS Results courtesy of the NCS Website and Peter Guerrini (

Division I Boys - Mike Roderick (Monte Vista)
Division I Boys Results
Division I Girls - Colleen Lillig (California)
Division I Girls Results
Divisioin II Boys - Wyatt Landrum (Liberty)
Division II Boys Results
Division II Girls - Jacque Taylor (Casa Grande)
Division II Girls Results
Division III Boys - Sterling Lockert (Petaluma)
Division III Boys Results
Division III Girls - Isabel Andrade (Petaluma)
Division III Girls Results
Division IV Boys - Dan Milechman (Tamalpais)
Division IV Boys Results
Division IV Girls - Theresa Devine (Marin Catholic)
Division IV Girls Results
Division V Boys - Steven Iglehart (Branson)
Division V Boys Results
Division V Girls - Lucy McCullough (Marin Academy)
Division V Girls Results


Fast Runner said...

Steven Iglehart celebrates as he wins his first major race. Should be interesting to see what he will do at State.

Former D.V runner said...

He will need to run much faster if he wants to challenge woodcrest's Jake for the D.V title though. Great job to all you D.V runners.

Fast Runner said...

I agree that Jake Jeason is tough to beat, but Iglehart will definitely be challenging him for the state title. 15:37 was an easy race for him.

Anonymous said...

Most impressive performance of the day:

Luis Luna, 16th in DIII @ 15:58 (Individual State Meet Qualifier) in a totally stacked race (2 top ten teams and three top ten individuals).

He is a FRESHMAN. Has any other frosh ever broken 16?

By comparison:

S. Lockert: 16:29
E. Olson: 16:49
Litwiller: 17:29

Albert Caruana said...

That is very impressive for Luna. I saw him run at the Crystal Springs course earlier this year and he ran 15:58 on that course as well. That is a very impressive time for a freshman.

I will post the times based on grades once I get them from Peter Guerrini. It will be fun to compare.

Anonymous said...

Answering my own question: Jake Schmitt, 15:59 in 2001, which won that year.

Albert Caruana said...

Fastest 9th graders the past two years:

Jeff Bickert College Park 16:13 '07

Brian King Cardinal Newman 16:28 '06

Sterling, as you mentioned, was the fastest freshman in '05 in 16:29

Anonymous said...

Also impressive: Soph Dan Milechman of Tamalpais winning D-IV in 15:18. He got 20th as a frosh in 16:20 and didn't run track.

By comparison:

S. Lockert: 15:54
E. Olson: 15:37
N. Litwiller: 16:00

Fast Runner said...

Agreed about Dan Milechman. That kid is another amazing MCAL runner (seriously, this is one of the best leagues in the NCS).

Milechman has been improving every race this season. He was "only" 6th in the MCAL at Stinson but improved to 3rd by MCALs and was only 7 seconds behind super runner Steven Iglehart. Today he was only 6 seconds slower than Erik Olson. Pretty amazing he did this with no track though he did run a 17:04 5k in May last year.

Anonymous said...

I must say that Campolindo and Petaluma looked quite impressive. That was quite the showdown. It was quite a good individual race as well with Robert Pulford, Sterling Lockert and Erik Olson all battleing it out until the final 400 meters of the race. It was quite the day overal, great job to evryone who compeated.

Anonymous said...

There were alot of fast indivdual times to day. Anyone have any thoughts or predictions on how these people might do at state?

Wyatt Landrum- 14:47

Sterling Lockert- 15:04

Robert Pulford- 15:10

Nathanel Litwiller- 15:10

Erik Olson- 15:12

Oh, and Rick James I must concer with you that Sterling Lockert looks like quite a frog when he run. As you would say, he looks like "a super freak...he's a super freak" when he runs.

Anonymous said...

Guys stop picking on Sterling, Im...I mean he is a stight up stud who was ballen out of contraol today. Sterling is the best runner in the NCS along with Mike Roderick and Erick Olson and Nathanel Littwiller and Wyatt Landrum and Jeff Brickert and Steven Iglehart and Dan Maxwell and Hughe Dowudy and the rest of Petuluma. Those guys are all studs, they ran so fast today. Go Sterling Lockert you are the man good luck at state.

Albert Caruana said...

All inappropriate posts have been deleted. Let's focus on the great competition please.

Anonymous said...

Tough day for Petaluma... There number 4 runner had off day and finished 7th for them and 30th overall. I would not bet against them next week. Good shot for Petaluma or Campo to win this division.

Victor Ho said...

It will be interesting to see how Steven Iglehart fares against the seemingly "on-fire" Jake Jeanson. I am so excited. I just wish I could still be part of the action. Btw, Happy Birthday Coach Caruana!

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