Saturday, November 29, 2008

Top 20 NorCal Teams based on Team Time...

1 Livermore(NCS) (18:57.07 94:45.35)
2 Mountain View(CCS) (19:01.96 95:09.82)
3 Oak Ridge (SJS) (19:05.76 95:28.80)
4 Carlmont (CCS) (19:09.45 95:47.29)
5 Maria Carrillo (NCS) (19:13.06 96:05.34)
6 Carondelet (NCS) (19:19.47 96:37.38)
7 Davis Sr. (SJS) (19:27.34 97:16.74)
8 College Park (NCS) (19:29.40 97:27.02)
9 Folsom (SJS) (19:30.58 97:32.94)
10 Gunn (CCS) (19:32.26 97:41.33)
11 Campolindo (NCS) (19:32.99 97:44.95)
12 Woodcreek (SJS (19:33.44 97:47.24)
13 Aptos (CCS) (19:35.35 97:56.79)
14 Gilroy (CCS) (19:36.34 98:01.74)
15 St. Ignatius (CCS) (19:36.90 98:04.54)
16 Castro Valley (NCS) (19:40.42 98:22.12)
17 Casa Grande (NCS) (19:40.49 98:22.45)
18 St. Mary's (NCS) (19:41.66 98:28.30)
19 Ponderosa (SJS) (19:44.08 98:40.40)
20 Galt (SJS) (19:49.21 99:06.07)

1 Mountain View (CCS) (15:55.02 79:35.13)
2 Campolindo (NCS) (15:56.67 79:43.39)
3 Petaluma (NCS) (15:58.21 79:51.06)
4 Willow Glen (CCS) (16:12.80 81:04.03)
5 Davis Sr. (SJS) (16:13.23 81:06.19)
6 Palo Alto (CCS) (16:14.91 81:14.56)
7 Amador Valley (NCS) (16:15.59 81:17.97)
8 De La Salle 9NCS) (16:21.88 81:49.40)
9 Aptos (CCS) (16:21.92 81:49.61)
10 Jesuit (SJS) (16:23.14 81:55.72)
11 College Park (NCS) (16:26.59 82:12.96)
12 Bellarmine (CCS) (16:26.90 82:14.53)
13 Del Campo (SJS) (16:27.27 82:16.37)
14 Carlmont (CCS) (16:32.81 82:44.06)
15 St. Ignatius (CCS) (16:33.36 82:46.84)
16 Gunn (CCS) (16:33.63 82:48.19)
17 Fairfield (SJS) (16:35.10 82:55.51)
18 Acalanes (NCS) (16:38.54 83:12.72)
19 SF Univ Hs (NCS) (16:39.59 83:17.95)
20 Santa Rosa (NCS) (16:39.68 83:18.42)
*Podium teams in Red

All NorCal Girls under 19 minutes...

Runners in red finished in the top 10 in their division.

6 585 NCS Jacque Taylor JR Casa Grande 17:40 5:42
10 240 CCS Jennifer Bergman SR Valley Christian 17:46 5:43
13 39 CCS Justine Fedronic SR Carlmont 17:50 5:45
17 1309 SJS Maria Malone SR Folsom 17:55 5:46
20 681 NCS Diana George SR Livermore 18:01 5:48
21 38 CCS Jessie Petersen SO Carlmont 18:01 5:48
34 576 NCS Heather Cerney JR Carondelet 18:12 5:52
38 719 NCS Isabel Andrade JR Petaluma 18:15 5:53
40 560 NCS Colleen Lillig JR California 18:16 5:53
45 1198 SJS Sarah Tusting SR Benicia 18:19 5:54
47 562 NCS Carrie Verdon FR Campolindo 18:19 5:54
57 154 CCS Mary Reynolds SR Mountain View 18:26 5:56
58 602 NCS Alycia Cridebring JR College Park 18:26 5:56
60 862 NS Tiffany Heflin SO Lassen 18:27 5:57
62 1328 SJS Brooke Holt SO Granite Bay 18:27 5:57
65 699 NCS Theresa Devine JR Marin Catholic 18:28 5:57
66 542 NCS Rachel Mitchell SR American 18:28 5:57
67 557 NCS Damajeria Dubose SR Bishop O'dowd 18:28 5:57
72 222 CCS Rachel Hinds SO St. Ignatius 18:31 5:58
74 1386 SJS Nicole Mendoza SR St. Francis (sac) 18:33 5:58
76 1320 SJS Lauren Petersen SR Galt 18:35 5:59
78 12 CCS Marissa Ferrante JR Aptos 18:35 5:59
80 907 NS Michelle Johnson SR West Valley 18:36 6:00
82 225 CCS Katy Daly SR St. Ignatius 18:37 6:00
88 581 NCS Kellie Houser SR Carondelet 18:38 6:00
91 92 CCS Kathleen Miller SR Gilroy 18:40 6:01
92 130 CCS Stephanie Barnett SR Leland 18:40 6:01
94 1348 SJS Hayley Scott JR Oak Ridge 18:40 6:01
100 156 CCS Alex Westbrook SR Mountain View 18:44 6:02
102 684 NCS Lauren Curtin JR Maria Carrillo 18:47 6:03
106 677 NCS Natalie Dimits FR Livermore 18:48 6:03
111 1396 SJS Stephanie Romo SO Woodcreek 18:51 6:04
113 682 NCS Abigail Gregg SR Livermore 18:51 6:04
116 136 CCS Rachel Stump SR Los Gatos 18:52 6:05
121 1393 SJS Courtney Crosta JR Woodcreek 18:55 6:06
125 718 NCS Francesca Honey FR Petaluma 18:56 6:06
126 706 NCS Julie Nacouzi SO Montgomery 18:56 6:06
127 906 NS Corissa Storms SO West Valley 18:56 6:06
135 203 CCS Coutrney Allen SR San Benito 18:59 6:07

Also finished top 10 in state:
147 695 NCS Lucy McCullough SO Marin Academy 19:02 6:08
274 833 NS Morgan Schell SO Durham 19:34 6:18
307 744 NCS Holland Reynolds FR San Francisco Univ Hs 19:42 6:21

All NorCal Boys under 16 minutes...

Runners in red finished in the top 10 in their division.

2 159 CCS Garrett Rowe JR Mountain View 15:03 4:51
7 668 NCS Wyatt Landrum SR Liberty 15:12 4:54
12 180 CCS Phil MacQuitty JR Palo Alto 15:14 4:54
15 600 NCS Nathanael Litwiller SR Clayton Valley 15:15 4:55
19 1256 SJS Matt Petersen SR Davis Sr. 15:17 4:56
20 717 NCS Erik Olson JR Novato 15:17 4:56
32 1264 SJS Dan Mitchell SR Del Campo 15:27 4:59
37 770 NCS Rory McLeod SR Santa Rosa 15:30 5:00
40 724 NCS Sterling Lockert SR Petaluma 15:31 5:00
43 177 CCS Tyre Johnson SR Palma 15:32 5:00
49 1340 SJS Chris Haworth SR Kennedy (sac) 15:34 5:01
52 1405 SJS Garrett Seawell SR Woodcreek 15:35 5:01
55 246 CCS Nohe Lema SR Willow Glen 15:36 5:02
57 212 CCS Brennan Lynch SR Santa Cruz 15:36 5:02
58 250 CCS Daniel Filipcik SR Woodside 15:37 5:02
60 790 NCS Dan Milechman SO Tamalpais 15:37 5:02
61 1323 SJS Roberto Rosas JR Grace Davis 15:37 5:02
63 19 CCS Mitch Moriarty JR Aptos 15:38 5:02
64 161 CCS Parker Schuh SO Mountain View 15:38 5:02
68 1345 SJS Kurt Ruegg JR Napa 15:40 5:03
70 23 CCS Rylan Hunt SR Aptos 15:41 5:03
71 574 NCS Robert Pulford SR Campolindo 15:41 5:03
72 543 NCS Danny Thomas JR Arroyo 15:42 5:03
79 230 CCS Peter Birsinger SR St. Ignatius 15:45 5:04
80 782 NCS Dan Maxwell JR St. Mary's College Hs 15:45 5:04
81 1353 SJS Amjed Aboukhadijeh JR Oak Ridge 15:46 5:05
82 572 NCS Ross Geiger SR Campolindo 15:46 5:05
85 1298 SJS Jared Lester JR Fairfield 15:47 5:05
88 705 NCS Mike Roderick SR Monte Vista 15:48 5:05
96 609 NCS Jeff Bickert SO College Park 15:51 5:06
102 559 NCS Steven Iglehart SR Branson 15:53 5:07
106 851 NS Domenic D'Acquisto SO Enterprise 15:55 5:08
109 798 NCS Ben Rich JR Washington 15:55 5:08
111 725 NCS Devin Lockert SR Petaluma 15:56 5:08
114 2 CCS Lance Wolfsmith SR Ann Sobrato 15:56 5:08
117 573 NCS Colby Pines SR Campolindo 15:57 5:08
123 642 NCS Drew Callen SR Granada 15:59 5:09
124 1331 SJS Adam Kelly-Strong JR Jesuit 15:59 5:09
126 105 CCS Paul Summers JR Gunn 15:59 5:09

Also making top 10 in state:
191 737 NCS Josh MacDonald JR Redwood Christian 16:11 5:13
203 755 NCS Weishen Mead SR San Francisco Univ Hs 16:13 5:14

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Northern California Rankings Pre-State Meet...

Boys ...........................................................Girls
1) Mt. View CCS........................................1) Mt. View CCS
2) Campolindo NCS..................................2) Livermore NCS
3) Petaluma NCS......................................3) St. Ignatius CCS
4) Davis Sr. SJS........................................4) Maria Carrillo NCS
5) Aptos CCS.............................................5) Gunn CCS
6) Carlmont CCS.......................................6) Woodcreek SJS
7) College Park NCS.................................7) Oak Ridge SJS
8) Amador Valley NCS.............................8) Carondelet NCS
9) Bellarmine CCS.....................................9) Castro Valley NCS
10) Woodcreek SJS................................10) St. Mary's Berkeley NCS

Honorable Mention (10 teams in alphabetical order)
Castro Valley NCS........................................Aptos CCS
De La Salle NCS..........................................Campolindo NCS
Del Campo SJS...........................................College Park NCS
El Camino SJS..................................................Carlmont CCS
Gunn CCS........................................Davis Sr. SJS
Las Lomas NCS......................................Del Oro SJS
Palo Alto CCS.............................................Los Gatos CCS
Salinas CCS.................................................Monte Vista NCS
St. Ignatius CCS..........................................Ponderosa SJS
Willow Glen CCS.........................................St. Francis, Mt. View CCS

Boys' Individuals
1) Wyatt Landrum (12) Liberty NCS
2) Matt Peterson (12) Davis SJS
Garrett Seawell (12) Woodcreek SJS
4) Garrett Rowe (11) Mt. View CCS
5) Nohe Lema (12) Willow Glen CCS
6) Sterling Lockert (12) Petaluma NCS
7) Ian Myjer (11) Mt. View CCS
8) Robert Pulford (12) Campolindo NCS
9) Nathanael Litwiller (12) Clayton Valley NCS
10) Tyre Johnson (12) Palma CCS

On the bubble:
Steven Iglehart (12) Branson NCS
Brennan Lynch (12) Santa Cruz CCS,
Mike Roderick (12) Monte Vista NCS
Philip MacQuitty (11) Palo Alto CCS
Chris Haworth (12) Kennedy SJS
Erik Olson (11) Novato NCS

Girls' Individual
1) Jennifer Bergman (12) Valley Christian, SJ CCS
2) Jacque Taylor (11) Casa Grande NCS
3) Justine Fedronic (12) Carlmont CCS
4) Katy Daly (12) St. Ignatius CCS
5) Heather Cerney (11) Carondelet NCS
6) Colleen Lillig (11) California NCS
7) Rachel Hinds (10) St. Ignatius CCS
8) Stephanie Barnett (12) Leland CCS
9) Diana George (12) Livermore NCS
10) Isabel Andrade (11) Petaluma NCS

On the bubble:
Alycia Cridebring (11) College Park NCS
Damajeria DuBose (12) Bishop O'Dowd NCS
Marrissa Ferrante (11) Aptos CCS
Brooke Holt (10) Granite Bay SJS
Maria Malone (12) Folsom SJS
Jessie Petterson (10) Carlmont CCS
Mary Reynolds (12) Mt. View CCS

Feel free to comment on the above rankings. I thought it would be interesting to rank the teams and individuals before Saturday's state meet. I based the rankings off the performances at the section meets (CCS, SJS, NCS, NS, OAK and SF). If you feel, like I left runners and/or teams off the list, please let me know. We can compare this list to what actually happens at the state meet following this Saturday.

Best of luck to all Northern California teams and athletes.

Northern California Newspaper Coverage...

Liberty-Brentwood's gutty cross country champ
(SF Chronicle)

Thunder runners prepare for state meet (Placer Herald)

Runners St. Francis, Weiss, King make state prep cross country meets
(Sonoma News)

Carrillo's 'other' team does pretty well at NCS, too
(Press Democrat)

SF Chronicle Athletes of the Week (Jacque Taylor and many more NCS runners)

Prep athletes of the week: Fortuna's Johnson and Ozard (Times Standard)

Around the horn (Berryessa Sun)

Time to give thanks, sports fans (Gilroy Dispatch)

More to come in the next couple of days as newspapers do their state meet previews. If you have any links, forward them to me at and I will add them to this list.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Catching up with Mt. View's Garrett Rowe...

Today we chat with junior runner Garrett Rowe who is the lead runner for the best boys' team in Northern California, Mt. View HS. Garrett won the CCS Division II individual title on November 15th at Toro Park after a incredibly close 2nd his sophomore year. His sophomore track season came to a sudden end with an injury but after a slow start in xc, Garrett is on a definite roll heading into the state meet this coming Saturday.

1) How did you get your start in distance running?
I first started running a little bit in seventh grade when I started burning out on club soccer. I finally gave up soccer my freshman year. My parents were very supportive of my transition into running and that helped me come to love the sport.

2) I believe your dad had some success in running as well. What were some of his accomplishments and times?
In high school my dad was two-time Indiana state champ for XC amd two time state champ at 2 miles. He was All-American his junior and senior years. He was the captain of the Princeton XC team in the early 80's. He still holds the record for the 1000m indoors at Princeton and won 3 consecutive Heps titles indoors at that distance. After college, he ran a 3:40 for 1500m.

3) What was your experience like during your freshman year in cross country? What runners did you look upto as you were getting started?
Freshman year was a little scary for me in cross country because it was a step-up, but the seniors on the team were great guys, and I looked up to them when I was getting started. They were always supportive of everyone on the team and I think that most of us looked up to them for that reason.

4) Where do you feel like you made the transition to the runner you are today?
I'm not exactly sure if I made any sudden transitions into who I am, but I think that the accumulation of experience through my first three years of high school has shaped me as a runner. Some successes and some tough times, like getting injured last spring with a stress fracture in my heel.

5) You experienced some injuries last year during track season. What did you learn from dealing with those injuries?
I learned that I have to be careful about how much racing I do, because there are only so many times that a runner can handle the stress of a race. With the great weather we have in California, it's easy to get carried away with running too many races over a very long season in XC and track.

6) Tell us a little about your coach Even Smith and what he has meant to the Mt. View Cross Country and Track and Field teams.
Coach Smith is the backbone of our team. In believe Smith's biggest asset is that he encourages the strong runners and the up and coming runners equally. The JV and frosh-soph teams that back up our varsity squads are incredible both in talent, hard work and enthusiasm. Smith screams and cheers as hard for JV and frosh-soph as he does for varsity. Motivation runs up and down the roster and it's all because of the way Smith focuses on every individual regardless of talent. I love being on this team and so does everybody else.

7) What did you do differently this summer in terms of training?
The main difference between this summer and last summer was the quality of the mileage. I only stepped up my mileage a tiny bit from last year (50 to 55), but I made most of my runs faster. I also did alot of my summer running at altitude in Tahoe. I have a good friend who lives in Incline and he took me on some death runs that went up to 9,000 feet.

8) What do you consider to be the most important parts of the training program at Mt. View and what workouts give you the most confidence going into the races?
I think the best parts of the program are the interval workouts, because while they usually consist of difficult, fast mile or two mile repeats, they are targeted at maintaining a high level of threshold fitness. These workouts have also been important to sustain peaking until later in the season.

9) Most runners of your ability do not have teammates that can run with them during practice. That is not the case for you in that you have Ian Myjer. What has he meant to your running success?
Ian and I have been friends since third grade. He's tough as nails, not to mention the most supportive teammate I could ask for. I admire his enhanced dedication to running over the past year and it's great to have friendly competition with him. We're both team-oriented and want to do whatever we can to help Mountain View win.

10) Who are the teams that Mt. View will be battling with at the state meet?
I think our main competitors in DII are Loyola and Thousand Oaks, though I'm not saying I would count out any other team. We'll fight it out to the end, and I think it's going to be a very tight race.

11) From this season so far: Favorite course? Favorite race? Favorite competitor? Your best race?
So far, my favorite course has been Mt. Sac, though we didn't get to run there this year, so I've only run the course once as a soph. Crystal Springs would be a close second. I feel my best race was CCS at Toro Park, even though the time wasn't very fast because it was hot. My favorite race was probably Leagues at Crystal, because it was a lot of fun to run with Ian the whole way. Finally, Ian's my favorite competitor because he's the only guy I don't get mad at when he beats me!

12) Anything else you would like to add.
I get asked alot why I always race with Oakley M-Frames on. I want to set the record straight that I wear contacts and my eyes are sensitive to dust and bright light. I even carry a doctor's note in my bag because I've been hassled by officials at the starting line. I'm not trying to look like Jeremy Wariner, but I wish I had his 400m speed...Thanks Mr. Caruana!

Thank you very much Garrett! AJC

More NCS '08 Pictures

Wyatt Landrum's journey to fastest time of the day!
Jacque Taylor on her way to fastest time of the day for the girls

College Park huddle before the start of the Division I boys' race
2nd and 3rd Place Division V Girls/Lean at the line gets the nod
3rd Place Division IV Boys - San Rafael
2nd Place Division IV Boys - St. Mary's Berkeley
2nd Place Division I Girls - College Park
2nd Place Division I Boys - Amador Valley
2nd Place Division II Boys - Washington

2nd Batch of Newspaper Articles and NCS Data...

Liberty's Landrum blazes to first NCS cross country title (Inside Bay Area)

C.V., Washington punch tickets to the state meet (Inside Bay Area)

Roderick masters MOC
(Inside Bay Area)

St. Mary's strolls to second straight NCS Division IV crown (Conta Costa Times)

Data courtesy of Peter Guerrini and
Boys' 1st team All-NCS
Wyatt Landrum (12) Liberty #1 14:47 4:55
Sterling Lockert (12) Petaluma #1 15:04 5:01
Nathanael Litwiller (12) Clayton Valley #1 15:10 5:03
Robert Pulford (12) Campolindo #1 15:10 5:03
Erik Olson (11) Novato #1 15:12 5:04
Dan Milechman (10) Tamalpais #1 15:18 5:06
Mike Roderick (12) Monte Vista #1 15:19 5:06

Boys' 2nd team All-NCS
Rory McLeod (12) Santa Rosa #1 15:23 5:07
Jeff Bickert (10) College Park #1 15:27 5:09
Ross Geiger (12) Campolindo #2 15:28 5:09
Danny Thomas (11) Arroyo #1 15:34 5:11
Hugh Dowdy (11) Petaluma #2 15:34 5:11
Michael Jamieson (12) Las Lomas #1 15:37 5:12
Devin Lockert (12) Petaluma #3 15:37 5:12*Steven Iglehart (12) Branson #1 15:37 5:12*
*Tie for 7th spot

Boys' 3rd team All-NCS
Bisrat Zerehaimanot (12) Hayward #1 15:39 5:13
Colby Pines (12) Campolindo #3 15:39 5:13
Spencer Sheaff (12) De La Salle #1 15:40 5:13
Alex Summers (11) Granada #1 15:41 5:13
Ben Eversole (10) Castro Valley #1 15:41 5:13
Drew Callen (12) Granada #2 15:43 5:14
Reesey Byers (11) Santa Rosa #2 15:44 5:14

Honorable Mention
Garrett Ward (12) Amador Valley #1 15:45 5:15
Andrew Zellman (11) Ukiah #1 15:45 5:15
Aria Kiani (11) Montgomery #1 15:45 5:15
Michael Brondello (12) Campolindo #4 15:45 5:15
Peter Kissin (12) Redwood #1 15:46 5:15
Ben Rich (11) Washington #1 15:47 5:15
Benjamin Stern (12) Petaluma #4 15:47 5:15

Girls' 1st team All-NCS
Jacque Taylor (11) Casa Grande #1 17:17 5:45
Heather Cerney (11) Carondelet #1 17:30 5:50
Colleen Lillig (11) California #1 17:38 5:52
Diana George (12) Livermore #1 17:43 5:54
Isabel Andrade (11) Petaluma #1 17:47 5:55
Damajeria DuBose (12) Bishop O'Dowd #1 17:51 5:57
Alycia Cridebring (11) College Park #1 17:56 5:58

Girls' 2nd team All-NCS
Carrie Verdon (9) Campolindo #1 18:03 6:01
Kelsey Santisteban (10) Castro Valley #1 18:10 6:03
Julie Nacouzi (10) Montgomery #1 18:10 6:03
Lauren Curtin (11) Maria Carrillo #1 18:14 6:04
Theresa Devine (11) Marin Catholic #1 18:14 6:04
Celeste Berg (12) Montgomery #2 18:16 6:05
Abigail Gregg (12) Livermore #2 18:19 6:06

Girls' 3rd team All-NCS
Rachel Mitchell (12) American #1 18:20 6:06
Francesca Honey (9) Petaluma #2 18:22 6:07
Kellie Houser (12) Carondelet #2 18:24 6:08
Hayley Swanson (12) Granada #1 18:31 6:10
Suzi Rozga (11) Santa Rosa #1 18:31 6:10
Jennifer Goldstein (10) Foothill #1 18:32 6:10
Natalie Dimits (9) Livermore #3 18:34 6:11

Honorable Mention
Lucy McCullough (10) Marin Academy #1 18:35 6:11
Cara Curtin (11) Maria Carrillo #2 18:39 6:13
Rosie Smith (12) College Park #2 18:42 6:14
Amber Piersol (9) Windsor #1 18:42 6:14
Jordan Davis (12) Maria Carrillo #3 18:43 6:14
Marisa Martines (10) Castro Valley #2 18:44 6:14
Nicole Rumore (12) Carondelet #3 18:46 6:15

Combined boys (teams and individuals)
Combined girls (teams and individuals)

All 12th graders combined
All 11th graders combined
All 10th graders combined
All 9th graders combined

All 12th graders combined
All 11th graders combined
All 10th graders combined
All 9th graders combined

Fastest boys' team times at Hayward from 1999, 2001, '02, '04, '05, '06, '07 and '08
1) Camplindo '08 77:55
2) Petaluma '08 78:02
3) Petaluma '07 78:52
4) Monte Vista '07 78:59
5) College Park '08 79:25
6) Amador Valley '08 79:35
7) De La Salle '05 79:36
8) Campolindo '04 79:41
9) De La Salle '07 79:43
10) Amador Valley '07 79:46

Fastest girs' team times at Hayward from 1999, 2001, '02, '04, '05, '06, '07 and '08
1) Carondelet '06 91:47
2) Carondelet '07 92:14
3) Maria Carrillo '04 92:42
4) Bishop O'Dowd '04 92:46
5) Livermore '08 92:54
6) Montgomery '02 93:19
7) College Park '02 93:26
8) Miramonte '05 93:28
9) Carondelet '08 92:32
10) Maria Carrillo '08 93:45
10) Campolindo '07 93:45

Saturday, November 22, 2008

First batch of Newspaper Articles and NCS Data...

Prep cross country: Marin runners strike gold at NCS championships (Marin IJ)

Cross country: North Bay dominates NCS
(SF Chronicle)

Redwood Empire runners and teams (Press Democrat)

Fastest #1 Runner

Wyatt Landrum (12) Liberty #1 14:47

Fastest #2 Runner
Ross Geiger (12) Campolindo #2 15:28

Fastest #3 Runner
Devin Lockert (12) Petaluma #3 15:37

Fastest #4 Runner
Michael Brondello (12) Campolindo #4 15:45

Fastest #5 Runner
Nate Cox (12) Campolindo #5 15:53

Fastest #6 Runner
Paul Jackson (11) Campolindo #6 16:04

Fastest #7 Runner
Brandon Felipe (12) Petaluma #7 16:06

Fastest #1 Runner

Jacque Taylor (11) Casa Grande #1 17:17

Fastest #2 Runner
Celeste Berg (12) Montgomery #2 18:16

Fastest #3 Runner
Natalie Dimits (9) Livermore #3 18:34

Fastest #4 Runner
Kelly O'Leary (12) Maria Carrillo #4 18:58
Robin Roque (12) Livermore #4 18:58
Fastest #5 Runner
Sarah DiRado (12) Maria Carrillo #5 19:11

Fastest #6 Runner
Gabrielle White (10) Castro Valley #6 19:21

Fastest #7 Runner
Michaela Alamillo (10) Carondelet #7 19:41
Teams Qualifying Both Boys and Girls Teams to State MeetCollege Park (Div. I)
Campolindo (Div. III)
Las Lomas (Div. III)
St. Mary's Berkeley (Div. IV)
San Francisco University (Div. V)
College Prep (Div. V)

1st, 2nd, 3rd and Honorable Mention All-NCS teams will be posted tomorrow.

Individual winners from today's NCS Meet

NCS Results courtesy of the NCS Website and Peter Guerrini (

Division I Boys - Mike Roderick (Monte Vista)
Division I Boys Results
Division I Girls - Colleen Lillig (California)
Division I Girls Results
Divisioin II Boys - Wyatt Landrum (Liberty)
Division II Boys Results
Division II Girls - Jacque Taylor (Casa Grande)
Division II Girls Results
Division III Boys - Sterling Lockert (Petaluma)
Division III Boys Results
Division III Girls - Isabel Andrade (Petaluma)
Division III Girls Results
Division IV Boys - Dan Milechman (Tamalpais)
Division IV Boys Results
Division IV Girls - Theresa Devine (Marin Catholic)
Division IV Girls Results
Division V Boys - Steven Iglehart (Branson)
Division V Boys Results
Division V Girls - Lucy McCullough (Marin Academy)
Division V Girls Results

Pictures of team champions from today's NCS Meet

Division I Boys - College Park
Division I Girls - Castro Valley
Division II Boys - De La Salle
Division II Girls - Livermore
Division III Boys - Campolindo
Division III Girls - Maria Carrillo
Division IV Boys - Tamalpais
Division IV Girls - St. Mary's Berkeley
Division V Boys - University
Division V Girls - Marin Academy
Lots of NCS Data on the way including combined individuals and teams as well as top seniors, juniors, sophomores and freshmen.

If you have any other data you might be interested in, please let me know.

Individual winner pictures will be up next.

Thank you all for your continued support of this blog.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

NCS Predictions by Peter Brewer

Race Predictions:
(in collaboration with Albert Caruana and Harry Skandara)

Division I
1. Amador Valley -- clear winners in EBAL very tough this year.
2. College Park -- soph Jeff Bickert leads aggressive squad -- dominated the BVAL
3. Monte Vista -- Mustangs have Mike Roderick show up front , but stumbled a bit at EBAL finals
4. Granada -- lost #3 man to injury, but still have strong cluster
5. Castro Valley -- nipped by Bishop O’Dowd at HAAL finals; look to regroup

1. Castro Valley -- Trojans able to group under a minute in HAAL win
2. College Park -- Falcons swamp DVAL competition; Alycia Cridenbring leads strong group
3. California -- Colleen Lilllig continues to roll; the Grizzlies took third in tough EBAL
4. Granada -- Matadors were barely edged by California in EBAL
5. Monte Vista -- placed 5th on home course in EBAL but have very good 1-2 punch

Division II
1) De La Salle -- tough Spartans 1st at Stanford, top NCS time at Mt. SAC but 2nd in EBAL
2) Santa Rosa -- Rory MacLeod and Panthers dominated NBL
3) Washington -- Huskies rampaged through the MVAL
4) Montgomery -- Vikings were 3rd in NBL behind Santa Rosa and Maria Carrillo
5) Alameda -- Hornets are power in ACCAL

1) Livermore -- Diana George and crew are legitimate; beat Carondelet easily at EBAL
2) Carondelet -- Cougars have had up-and-down performances but are among state’s best
3) Casa Grande -- Jacque Taylor leads solid crew; the best of the SCL
4) Montgomery -- gave Maria Carrillo a scare in NBL finals
5) Santa Rosa -- 3rd in NBL behind Maria Carrillo and Montgomery

Division III
1) Petaluma -- Coach Jim Lynch has crew more than ready for post-season; swept SCL 1-6
2) Campolindo -- the Cougars are top-notch squad themselves
3) Las Lomas -- The Knights were the only DFAL team in sight of Campolindo
4) Maria Carrillo -- the Pumas chased Santa Rosa in the SCL finals
5) Redwood -- perennial power out of MCAL

1) Maria Carrillo -- even with Curtin twins subpar easily took NBL
2) Campolindo -- in a roll with frosh Carrie Verdon leading pack
3) Petaluma -- Trojans only team to keep Casa Grande honest in SCL
4) Alhambra -- Jewelz Andrew led Bulldogs to upset 2nd in DFAL
5) Las Lomas -- Knights 3rd in DFAL

Division IV

1) St. Mary's Berkeley -- took a one-point loss to Albany in BSAL final -- will be hungry
2) San Rafael -- 2nd in MCAL behind Redwood
3) Tamalpais -- 3rd in MCAL behind Redwood
4) Justin-Siena -- 5th in MCAL behind Redwood
5) Moreau Catholic -- 4th in HAAL

1) St. Mary's Berkeley -- one of the state’s best
2) Piedmont -- 2nd behind St. Mary’s in BSAL
3) Terra Linda -- 3rd in MCAL
4) Moreau Catholic -- 3rd in HAAL
5) Arcata -- depleted team took 2nd in HDNL; will be at full strength

Division V
1) University -- simply the best this year
2) Berean Christian -- 2nd in DVAL
3) Redwood Christian -- 1st in BCL East
4) College Prep -- 2nd in BCL Est
5) St. Joseph Notre Dame -- 4th in BSAL

1) University -- Red Devils still strong
2) College Prep -- class of BCL East
3) Marin Academy -- chased University well
4) Head Royce -- 2nd in BCL East
5) Lick Wilmerding -- 3rd in BCL West

Awesome Cross Country Picture from CCS Meet!

I found this picture in the Hollister Free Lance. It's Anzar's Aaron Hsia-Coron, winner of the Division V race at the CCS race this past Saturday. I thought it was a pretty cool shot.

Northern California Cross Country Newspaper Coverage...

Mtn. View boys, girls cross-country teams claim CCS titles (Los Altos Town Crier)

NCS next challenge for Petaluma, Casa Grande cross country runners (Petaluma 360)

Boys' cross country advances to states for first time in 16 years (Paly Voice)

Running away with CCS (SJ Mercury News)

SJ Mercury News Athlete of the Week (Garrett Rowe, Mt. View HS)

San Benito sends 2 to state (Hollister Free Lance)

Stump, Geiken are Los Gatos cross-country leaders at CCS (Los Gatos)

Anzar's Hsia-Coron nabs CCS title (Hollister Free Lance)

Woodcreek girls take section cross country crown (Roseville Press Tribune)

West Valley hosts cross country championships (Anderson Valley Post)

Riverbank Sends Two Runners To State Meet
(The Riverbank News)

Prep Athlete of the Week: Early decision change proves right for Carrillo (

End of the road (Tracy Press)

NCS Predictions will be posted later today. Looks like it's going to be a nice day at Hayward HS this Saturday but thankfully nothing like CCS last week.

As always, if you have any newspaper article links that I didn't post, please send them to

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Catching up with Moreau Catholic coach Phil Wilder...

Today we chat with Moreau Catholic coach Phil Wilder who has one of the better Division IV teams in the North Coast Section. Phil's teams are usually quite large and especially impressive considering he coaches in the 2nd smallest division. He also hosts one of the more popular invitationals in the East Bay which includes a motivational speaker the night before. Last year, the speaker was none other than the only American Olympic gold medalist in the 10000m., Billy Mills.

1) How did you get involved in the sports
of cross country and track and field?

I first got involved in track and field at Louis Pasteur
Junior High School in Los Angeles. Track and field was very popular
in the late 1960s! I went to Hamilton High School (grades 10-12) and
first played football and then ran track. I gave up on the football
and started running cross country my second year. I came up to UC
Berkeley in 1972 and started running in road races. I did my student
teaching at Richmond High School and helped with cross country and
track and field. I also worked with the Richmond Recreation Department
and coached the Richmond Roadrunners, and helped put on all comer
meets, road races, and clinics.

2) How long have you been coaching at Moreau Catholic?
I started teaching at Moreau back in the fall of 1981. I had been teaching
and coaching at Salesian High School since the fall of 1978 and had
coached cross country at El Cerrito and Pinole Valley High Schools.
What do you teach at the school?
I am currently teaching A.P. American History and American Government.

3) Who were your coaching mentors when you were starting in the sport?
There have been so many! I was fortunate to learn from Bruce
Jones (El Cerrito), Vern Hall (DeAnza), Marcel Hetu and Bob Maguire
(Cal State Hayward), Ron Staszkow was the coach of Rich Kimball at DeLa
Salle and his kids came to Moreau and ran cross country. He shared a
great deal on training and taught us the meaning of "imua" which we
still use as a pre-reace cheer. I have know Helen-Lehman Winters for a
long time and learned a lot form her when she was at El Cerrito and
then Carondelet. I was fortunate enough to work with Runner's
Workshop and ha the opportunity to learn a lot from Bob Messina who
Coached Polly Plumer at University High School (Irvine) and UCLA. I
also received great ideas on training and building a program from Jack
Marden, Sr. Mission San Jose. Sharing ideas and learning is an
ongoing and life long process.

4) What are your expectations for your runners during the summer?
We encourage the runners to be active and build a base. We use time and
not miles for our training. There are fun runs at local parks during the
summer. We have had runners keep logs with varying degrees of success.

5) Your teams are rather large especially considering that your school is in Division IV. How do you attract so many runners to your team?
Boy, that is a great question! When I first started at Moreau there were
about 1400 students and we had about 50 runners on the team. The last 4-5
years we have had over 120+ runners with the school enrollment at about
900. I think the best recruiters are the great coaches and returning
runners on the team. We have 8 coaches for the team who are incredible!
Don Feria (alum), Audrey Schroeder (foreign language teacher/coach), James
Hannon (Theology teacher/coach and alum), Enrique Henriquez (Science
teacher/coach), Rene Sanchez (Theology teach/coach), Rondy Lazaro (alum) Joanne Couling (Science teacher/coach) and Liam Foley (alum) are all fantastic with the runners! The p.e.
department is very supportive of the program and allows for presentations
to all their classes. We do lots of activities to try and promote team
spirit and pride.

6) Describe the training area around your school. Positives? Negatives?
There is plenty of concrete around the school, but we are
very lucky to have great trails at the end of an half-mile uphill
road. We can take these trails all the way to Garin Park. We also
are lucky enough to be able to take a bus to practice once a week to
some great training sites that offer plenty of hilly trails.

7) What do you consider some of your key workouts that
you do throughout the season?

We have started to do more core exercises and
drills in recent years that have been good! We have some challenge
runs that we name after places like Mt. Fujii and Mt. Kilimanjaro that
are favorites. We do fartlek workouts in the beginning of the season
that increase in duration each week. Owen Anderson of Running
Research has also provided ideas for great workouts. We also work on
race simulations. Last year we were fortunate to have Sergio Segura
from the JFK Sports Psychology masters program work with the runners.
The mental "workouts" were very positive!

8) Reflecting back through your coaching career, can you
identify a few highlights?

We have a lot be thankful for and appreciate. My
experience has been that the "great" teams are the very close ones. We
really encourage team building and synergy! There have been some very
special teams and individuals over the years that would fill up pages.
Every year we start off with an alumni run-an idea from Coach Joe King
from Encinal that is always a highlight! The opportunity to work with
former runners who have come back to make the program better, these
have included Marc Puppo, Brian Henderson (great Miramonte coach!),
Erich Ackermann, Bob Canalas, Marisa Wilson (Boyce), Rob Butner, Ryan
Preston along with current ones mentioned above. Every year we are
fortunate to be able to take an overnight trip for an invitational and
have taken some very special trips over the years! This year we went
to Rhode Island for the Ocean State Invitational. What a great meet and
memorable experience for the team as we were housed by North Kingston
High School cross country coaches and runners! Last year we went to
Oregon and had the chance to meet with Alberto Salazar that was It was
an incredible experience. We have gone to Japan and raced in an Ekiden
with our sister school in Funabashi and then witnessed their national
championships in Kyoto! After so many years there are so many
highlights! The support of my wife Jessica and daughters Hayley (a
senior on this year's team) and Kayla! In the end, it is the people:
the runners, parents, coaches who make it all special.

9) From when you started coaching to now, what are the biggest
changes that you have seen in the sport of cross country?

One thing stands out: the technology! With the advent of the internet the world
has gotten smaller and with sites such as yours, we can all learn more
the sport and get results instantaneously. For the Mariner-Saucony
Invitational Doug Padilla brings his RunnerCard finish line program! I
think it is the best thing for the sport since dirt! Every runner gets
the card when they cross the line and his scoreboard scrolls the
results as the runners exit the chute! However, the real essence of
cross country has remained the same.

10) What inspired you to start the Mariner Invitational and the
dinner the night before the event?

We are always trying to find ways to promote the program and the sport
and thought it would be great toput on an invitational. It just so happened
that a meet that used to
be held on the 3rd Saturday in October was not going to be run anymore
and so we chose that weekend back in 1984. As for the dinner, I had run
a marathon down in San Diego and they had a pasta dinner and speaker
named Bill Bowerman. I thought that it would be great to one day be
able to get runners and coaches together the night before a race to
share pasta and ideas. We have also had our families host runners from
outside the area to help make the trip! Last year you know we had
Billy Mills! We have had some incredible speakers! Olympians, Brain
Abshire, Mark Conover, Brad Hauser, PattiSue Plumer, Regina Jacobs,
Matt Giusto, Doug Padilla, Jeff Atkinson. This year Saucony and
TranSports brought so many prizes! Every year our parents feed , on
an average, 300 runners and coaches!

11) What advice would you give to young coaches just starting out?
Make it fun! Recruit great people who love working with kids to help
coach. We are so fortunate to have a parent, Laura Zaro, who communicate
to the more than 120 families on the team all of the plans and needs of
the team! Recruit students to help as stats. It takes more than a village
to make a successful program. Don't be afraid to ask-I have always found
that the people who call "peak performers"-like many of those listed above
are always willing to share and give back to the sport!

12) Anything else you would like to add.
Thanks for all you do to promote the runners and the sport! Congrats and many thanks to Chris
Puppione! I have learned a great deal from him! Good luck to everyone the remainder of the season!

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