Wednesday, October 14, 2020

2019 California State Meet Results: Reality vs Fantasy

An additional article on MileSplit California posted today:


Anonymous said...

We are now under 2 months away. Youth and HS competition and practice is still not allowed. We are stuck in 12:1 conditioning if that is even allowed at all (I know for many it is not). You would think there would be a transition to larger conditioning groups, allowing use of equipment, allowing indoor sports inside. But there has been zero movement. I don’t see the state going from zero to full speed on one day but I hope I’m wrong. The closer we get to the start I’m less hopeful. While CA is seeing a slight increase in cases the rest of the country is seeing a resurgence. We aren’t far behind I fear.

John Pelster said...

I think Coach Lange has done a great job if illustrating the way the state meet should be. Thank you for publishing these numbers.

Anonymous said...

Riverside County back into the purple tier. RIP Great Oak.

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